2 months in…

Like joke, like joke, I’ve been in Bwari for 2 months o and gradually, Bar Part 1 is drawing to a conclusion. I’m enjoying the experience but terribly looking forward to its end. I am alive and well, thank God. Armed with loads ofmovies, I’m hardlyever  bored. Anyway, this has to be my shortest post ever. I m dropping in to say hi and let you all know who to blame my silence here on: NLS. It takes up all my thinking 🙁 but you can rest assured that I shall be back…soon.

Have a blessed weekend,



  1. Hi temi, havent read ur blog in a while. I actually just finished my bar part II program in august n i was @ bwari too which means you were around b4 i left. Ouch, would so love to have met you. I thot i was terrible to let my blog suffer d way it did during bar finals so it does feel good to know a chief blogger like you can also get distracted by NLS drama. It is well. I hope your stay there is awesome.

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