8 random things I wish someone could explain to me

Hi people!!! It is 3 am this Saturday morning and I am blogging. Well it is because there are certain things I just don’t understand. They puzzle me. So I thought to muse on them 🙂

1. Men who (think they) cook well

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay if a man can boil egg, make indomie or even make rice and stew. But when a man starts questioning my egusi soup making technique or sharing yam porridge tips with me, I feel a bit worried.

I’m all about being depended upon in that department and must be honest, I would love that, ‘Oh I’ve been waiting on you’ look. Some people warn me, ‘Temi, you might like it now but it will eventually irritate you’ but that’s a risk I’m willing to take :p.

2. Women who cannot cook

I really don’t get the concept behind this. I’ve seen some women proclaim that, ‘I can’t cook’ as though it were something to be proud of. Whilst I do not hold the view that a woman’s abode is in the kitchen, every woman should be able to hold her own there (in my opinion).

3. The ‘Go Compare’ advert

I don’t get this commercial. I just don’t. That man is more than a bit annoying with his loud singing. The most annoying version was the when he did his little dance with some female dancers, I just kent!!! Here it is…

4. Girls who are snobbish especially to other girls

Why oh why?

5. (Fat) Men wearing skinny jeans

Men in skinny jeans amuse me enough not to speak of when they are big men. I don’t think it’s a good look for them. This picture doesn’t really explain my point well enough but I’m sure you catch my drift.

6. Overly long weave coming down your waist

I have seen some where the girl actually sits on her hair! I just don’t gerrit.

7. Faking  fone to a fellow Naija person

Some people think faking fone to anyone is crime enough but actually doing this to a fellow Naija is the height! It is especially amusing when for instance, you both finished Secondary School in Naija together but after 2 years in England, you can’t understand a word they speak anymore, lol. It cracks me up especially when it is mixed with their native accent!

8. Tribalism

One Nigeria?

This really puzzles me. It has eaten deep into so many people without them knowing. The first question people ask as soon as they hear you are Nigerian is, ‘where are you from?’ Is it not enough that I am Nigerian??? Even the most innocent of us has traits of being tribalistic. The idea of sticking to your own (especially in marriage) does my head in. If we can be so tribalistic then we have no right to blame those who are racist. Selah.

Just thought to share a piece of my random mind before going to bed this early Saturday morning.

God bless you all,



  1. My flatmate tells me everyday that she can’t cook! A couple days ago I saw her in the kitchen making spaghetti….maybe she’s tired of take out! About girls being snobbish to girls, please let me know when you have the answer to that one….I think it’s in the blood!
    Finally, I like a man who can cook o! I’m brilliant in that department but it’s a great plus for my man to cook, and well too!!

  2. I actually think a man that can cook is a big turn-on. It makes you realize that you have to up your game lolz. Plus u don’t have to do the cooking all the time, your man would help you out. Some men are so clueless in the kitchen lolz. Ladies that cannot cook and are proud to say it need to cover their face in shame. A woman must know how to cook! You don’t have to be a chef but you should be able to cook meals that your husband and kids will enjoy.
    I thought I was the only one that had a problem with men in skinny pants. It is so ridiculous. The pic you posted does not really illustrate this point.
    As regards, the fone thingy, I find it so funny as well. It’s only in Nigeria that we fake accents. I don’t know why we aren’t proud of our accent. Have you ever heard a french man faking his accent or even a south-african dude.
    What is important is that you speak good english.

    I find wearing sunglasses at night so raze lolz. It is only acceptable if you have conjuctivitis or you are a comedian. Lolz

  3. lol i agree with you about 1 o…. but i think i like a guy that can coook, for the occassional breakfasts in bed in the future :p or surprise dinners.

    As for girls who can’t cook, I just kiss my teeth! NA dem sabi.

    go compare advert geeezz they tried to hard to do something like compare the meerkats and failed! Have u seen the one with the guy in the tomb and a mommy :s annooooying!

    Men in skinnies!!! I dont like it.. even though my younger brother wears skinnies and it suits him cos he is slim but still i tell him i dont like it lol.

    The rest are equally amazing but those 3 caught my attention the most.. lol xx

  4. I actually like men who can cook. That is I DO NOT like my hubby criticising my cooking – becase he wont cook – and that means he hasnt earned the right to criticise anything a frantic moi can pull together. 🙂

    Re: ‘Girls who are snobbish especially to other girls’….In my experience it’s all to do with insecurity. Girls are actually nicer to girls they dont feel threatened by i.e. less fashionable or less good looking! mmh

    Re: ‘(Fat) Men wearing skinny jeans’….Well, na u call them ‘fat’. When d ‘fat’ bobo looks in the mirror, his ‘selective sight’ only sees a toned body.

    Re: ‘Faking fone’….Apologies to my Eastern peeps, but the worst is Igbo and fake UK/ US accent. Ouch! *ears bleed*

    Re: ‘Tribalism’…..Without sounding too reactionary, Nigeria is a British creation. If the Scottish, English and Irish in the UK can regard each other with suspicion; the Aborigines still suffer racism in Australia and Obama is disrespected by US racists – then what hope is there for a country with over 300 languages?

    There! My two kobo posted. Phew!!

  5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, temi , i can only laugh this , i love Shanday’s comments on the guy that can cook, that alone can make my toes curl, lol.
    about the women that can’t cook, haba , that is bad and ridiculous, such a lady should be beaten and be given compulsory tutorials in the kitchen , am not such a great fan of cooking , but at least i can cook.
    About the fat guys wearing jeans , it is just disgusting and pathetic to see men trapped in not manly attires.
    About the faking of accents , am a proud Ijesha woman and anywhere I go , the accent shows and I can speak good English too , faking accents just make people look silly and highly irresponsible.
    Temi, well done

  6. @ Tolu, I’ve bin trying to comment on ur latest post bout joy from my bb but it’s not going through. I was so pained lolz. After pouring out my heart he he he, anyways hope u’re gud. Am lovin ur blog.
    D skinny jeans thingy is more like falling into the category of ‘cus something is in vogue, I must wear it regardless of my figure’. I remember trying to get the perfect pair of harem trousers. I tried so many pairs until I realized that they may be in, but they don’t flatter my figure lolz. I got a pair tho that I just wear around the house cus it’s very comfy.

    1. @shanday , this morning when i received your new post on my bb, i was only able to view it , it was when i got to my office that i commented on it, only God knows why. am good . pass on your bb pin, we can always chat.
      p.s: sorry temi , for turning your homepage to a chatting room , lol. hope you don’t mind.

  7. i do know how to cook for sure, but i must admit i’m not a fan of guys that can cook. cos they’d always want to assess or criticize ur food then u’d always be extra careful cookin for them. i prefer guys that just don’t know their left from right in the kitchen so when u cook somehting they’d just wolf it down gratefully. fat guys on skinny jeans?? don’t really matter to me. snobbish girls?? won’t even acknowlege them..

  8. Don’t blame guys who can cook, it’s probably because their mothers thought them by force so that ‘a woman won’t do shakara for you’. I don’t know if that ‘s a correct philosophy. As for women who cannot cook, they get away with it because modern soceity has told us to be tolerant of anyone regardless of what their failings are. Just accept them the way they are. Again I don’t know if that is correct philosophy. When u get the answer to the Go Compare advert, pls let me know. Concerning fone to fellow naija person, I must admit (head bowed) that I have been a culprit. But it was for the benefit of a target audience, (the naija people were unintended recipients of that behaviour) in order to achieve specific aims. Suffice it to say it worked. (I don’t do it anymore though). Tribalism is just wrong simple!

  9. “‘Oh I’ve been waiting on you’ look.” hmmm, an expression i may never give. Oops, yep. However, that expression you find clearly on me when someone (i can converse with in depth and thot) comes round.

    Food (or cooking) nil…… Depth (or intelligent/ stimulating) all the way.

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  12. What are you Nigerian? From where? XD
    (I’m laughing because I thought you were asian when I saw your avatar lol, oh I don’t know why, don’t worry you look pretty Nigerian I guess, it’s just me :D)

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