Meet Temi

Who is Temi?

I am a thirty something year old lawyer, writer, wife and mom (in no particular order). I began blogging because I am always filled with opinions and thoughts and I believe writing would be a great outlet and method of expressing myself, sharing my views and helping others who might be going through the same issues.

What is about?

On my blog, I aim to:

– help the young woman struggling with relationship issues by sharing my struggles as a young lady and how I overcame them;

-help the young wife navigating the long road called marriage by sharing tales from my own experience and lessons I have learned and those that I am still learning along the way;

-help the young mom who is wondering how to raise good children in this age by sharing the concerns and successes of my motherhood journey; and

-help the career woman who wants to excel at everything and wondering, can I really have it all?

How will this be achieved?

I pass across many of my messages through storytelling and sometimes, where I feel like it, I come out straight and share my personal experiences.

Why do I care?

I am passionate about many things some of which include raising godly children who will lead their lives according to God’s will; building a happy and loving home; excelling in my career and helping others to achieve these same goals. I clamour for gender parity but I also believe the husband is the head of his own personal home. I might appear self contradictory but if you look closely, it will all make sense.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you do enjoy being here and linger…

Please feel free to share your thoughts anytime!