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Hi people! How are you all doing? Hope you had a lovely weekend. I’ve been blog-stalking these days, it is so crazy. Last week Saturday night/Sunday morning, I spent odidin 4 hours reading blogs!!! I recently added more blogs to my blogroll.’Fomz introduced me to one blog a  few days ago and I’ve been stalking the poor girl since then. Here it is—> Chichi’s blog. I also enjoyed reading (my usual) Naija mom’s blog post where she wondered whether wisdom comes from age and experience. Very real bloggers, I must say.

Anyway, on to the matter at issue…

I was having a random convo with my girl, Sope (the fine geh on top who looks like she’s lost musing) the other day. We were talking about my recent post and before I could say ‘Rose of Sharon’, this babe was giving me some insights into the Word in a way that I found new and interesting. I had to ask her to permit me to blog about it and share it with you guys. It was from 2 Kings 5-the story of Naaman the leper. I’ll give a brief introduction before I go into Sope’s nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!

Naaman was a big boy in those days. I mean, he was like a general and had won loads of wars. He was fit (in every sense of the word). He was strong. But/shugbon/however, he was a leper. Being leprous in those days was bad mehn. Lol, not like it’s any better now but then, they used to chase lepers out of the land. Naaman still being in the land and being so close to the king is proof that he was one of the cream people in the land. His leprosy was his only problem and it was a big one.

Slave girl advises them


His house girl from Israel who knew wassup told him to go and see Elisha in Samaria. Elisha tells him in verse 10, ‘Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean’. Naaman was burnt. He was livid. Why dirty Jordan? Why not the springy clean rivers in Damascus like Abana and Pharpa? He was not having it! Anyways, he finally did it and became whole again upon his servants’ advice.

Naaman is made whole!


Sope noted that Naaman wanted wonderous signs and miracles before he could believe and this is akin to our miracle searching Christianity these days. She said that we are quick to believe that a ‘movie star’ man of God would heal us than for us to call to work the power that is within. We search for miracles without realising that the miracle is already complete and all we really have to do now we is to tap into it.  We come so far, like Naaman, to our place of deliverance only to get there and our faith would fail us.

She emphasised the importance of that prayer ‘Lord, help my unbelief”. It is  ‘sooooo key!’, she exclaimed. Despite the fact that ‘Naaman lived in a time when God saved Israel from destruction through a stammering man with a wooden staff, he could not believe enough to baff inside river’. Now, that had me lolling =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

To Naaman, it was foolishness to obey Elisha’s instructions. But, God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise 1 Corinthians 1: 27. Guess that’s why the Bible in 1 Corinthians 3: 19 says that our wisdom is like foolishness in the sight of God.

‘Sope served up the truth of the Word with so much humour, it was refreshing. There are some parts that I can never do justice to so I’ll just go ahead and let y’all read the conversation.

Faithville =>, ‘sope

No more crumbs…: But thank God as always for wise counsel
No more crumbs…: Showing that it can come from the most unlikely sources
Faithville =>: Trueeee
No more crumbs…: The spirit at work is still what allowed Naaman (Captain of the guards) to listen to his servant who told him
No more crumbs…: O boy, e pay u make u enter that water
Faithville =>: Lolzzzzz
Faithville =>: Sope oh!
No more crumbs…: This Elisha guy is a big stuvs oh
No more crumbs…: If e no work, e no work be that but at least u tried
Faithville =>: I’m feeling you!
No more crumbs…: Its not easy for Naaman to have heeded the voice of the servant now
No more crumbs…: So make we open ear well well


God had mercy on Naaman. The lord who stood by the king’s side who doubted Elisha’s prophesy that flour would sell for a shekel and two measures of Barley, for a shekel was not so lucky  (2 Kings 7:1-16). Speaking based on his understanding, he answered Elisha thus, ‘Look, even if the LORD should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?’ ‘You will see it with your own eyes, but you will not eat any of it!’, was the pronouncement Elisha made on him straightaway.

The lord in the land was feeling like an economist and spoke  but he forgot that the Lord of lords does not operate by the laws of this world. He hadn’t particularly said anything that was soooooo bad like that like that. Sope asked, ‘What did he say that Naaman didn’t say?’ But he was not so lucky. He died at the gate with just enough time to see the promise but not experience it. Like God has said in His Word, ‘I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy’, Exodus 33:19. She went on to compare it with Gehazi who decided to collect presents from Naaman after Elisha had refused them:

No more crumbs…: On another note, Elisha’s servant that went to collect silver- ha ha ha
Faithville =>: Lol
Faithville =>: Lol
No more crumbs…: They just used Leprosy to ba aye e je (to destroy his life)
No more crumbs…: As in- were u deaf when Oga said that oga Naaman shld go je je
No more crumbs…: Before u ran after him
Faithville =>: Hmm
No more crumbs…: Quite cruel of Elisha tho- as in… A good telling off would have sufficed
Faithville =>: Ahh
No more crumbs…: Which one be leprosy in there
Faithville =>: His spiritual daddy, Elijah did worse!
Faithville =>: Na fire e for call
No more crumbs…: abi oh
No more crumbs…: Guess he learnt from the best
No more crumbs…: Ha ha
Faithville =>: Hehehe
No more crumbs…: Guess the moral there was – not collect a price for ur anointing
No more crumbs…: Elisha understood that
No more crumbs…: Servant did not
Faithville =>: True
Faithville =>: Thanks so much Sope real insightsss
No more crumbs…: Anytime
No more crumbs…: Reading Oseremi and Onose’s story now
No more crumbs…: Lol


I learned from this brief conversation  I had with Sope that God cannot be understood. He will work as He pleases so no use trying to put him in a box. His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). I also learned that the way God will appear to us is not always in the manner we are expecting. For example, 1. The information about where Naaman could find healing came through an unlikely source- a slave girl, 2.  He was asked to wash himself in a very dirty water.

Also, I can see humility as a theme running through here. If Naaman was absolutely stuck up and full of himself, there is NO way he would have received his healing. We never know which avenue God will use to bless us. Ladies, don’t look down on that guy because  he is not bunz enough and appears swagless. The swagless and unbunz of today maybe the hawrie of tomorrow who will propel you to your divine destiny.

I just pray that God will increase our faith and our humility and teach us the right path to tow and that we too will follow His leading.

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On my usual random note, ANTM Cycle 15 is almost over and Ann whom I went on and on about in  this and this past blog posts of mine, made it to Final Two!!! I hope she wins though it would be a pleasant shocker giving that dreckitude runway walk of hers. I love Ann to bits but the girl can’t walk to save her life!

Here she is as photographed by Matthew Rolston


Here’s the latest Episode which was basically a recap of the entire Cycle so far…

That’s all folks (for now)



  1. Temi, many, many thanks…
    For highlighting my post and for this piece.
    I must say that the way you told the story makes it real and alive – the way Christainity is supposed to be. Well done girl…You have wisdom and common-sense (and that is a rare combination these days) *smile*
    Two things I will take away from this – ‘God cannot be understood’ and the ‘Importance of humility’.
    So far, in my life journey, the people I least expected to help me (those I hardly knew) have blessed me.
    Again, I have been deeply hurt by those I expected to protect / love me!
    Basically, I have learnt that one should be kind and respectful to everyone as you never know who your ‘servant girl’ will be!

  2. Impressive stuff here, well done!

    One thing I learnt from Namaan’s stry which you alluded to is that ‘God cannot be put in a box!

    He’ll keep surprising and almost embarrass us till we get it. When we pray ‘let your will be done’, listen to yourself. You’re praying to someone who doesn’t have a formula but ‘Faith. Faith is the common theme, past that, just let Him him do His own. Was it not Elijah(I may be wrong) that was looking out for God in thunders, cloud etc and what did creator of heaven and earth do? He came in a still small voice.

    Just like in Namaan’s times, there will be seemingly foolish things that He will ask us to do when we pray-important thing is to know you’re hearing God’s voice, afterwhich, just go! And do as He commanded!

    Our God is awesome and that’s why me I love Him and continue to serve and find out more bout Him.

    God bless Tems!


  3. as usual temi great insight into the word!
    Lol @ ‘the unbunz and swagless’ although there is so much truth in it…. May God give us the spirit of humility so that we don’t lose out on what he has in store for us. Amen!
    Stay blessed sis!

  4. Naaman’s story has always intrigued me. Ive read it severally but yet find it interesting to see it being served like this. Keep it up ladies. Well done Msope. You are very funny btw . lol

  5. We need the word of God to grow. Remember, ‘read your bible pray every day if you want to grow?’The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.Thanks for giving the word so much flavour Sope. Well done. Nice photo too.

    Will send you an email. Have a story share…wen I get the boldness…

  6. Totally loved this. Humility is definitely the theme here. No matter what God has done for us, or how He’s given us the grace to rise to higher ranks (which means nothing to God), we must always remember that it’s only by His grace. God can give us any instruction He pleases, and we must be faithful enough to carry it out.

    I laughed hard when I read this line: “His house girl from Israel who knew wassup told him to go and see Elisha in Samaria.” LOLLLL…

    Love your laid-back writing style 🙂

  7. Nice photo Mosope! You loook good. Down to the koko, this post has got me thinking o. You and Temi are making me pick my bible more, lol. I’m inspired

  8. Hmm. Same thing my Pastor taught on last wednesday. I’ll have to relax and think through what HE wants to tell me. Thanks for this

  9. i love the twist to the blog. rily kool.
    Ish 55:8-9 clearly says it all. Dont expect the miraculous to happen your way or the regular ( laying on of hands). God can use anything to glorify his name. How on earth would you believe that Jesus would use a spit mixture to heal the blind man. John 9:1-15, or a simple instruction to the Noble man for his son — john 4 :46-54.
    Be sensitive enough and learn to know when God speaks, how he speaks, who he uses….. cos most of the time, when we dont, we miss the timing.
    God is faithful.

  10. OO my we never know who God sends to us, he works in mysterious.. I heard this story in sunday school in R.C.C.G Glory worship centre Yaba like wayyy back; I think I was 7 then. Hey, you left out “oju kokoro” (greedy) Gehazi though that went to collect the gifts that Elisha refused. He sure got his reward big time!

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