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GAMU WAS SPEECHLESS. So were 3 million people!

Ok, so I love Gamu. I am not ashamed to say it one bit. I like Cher too but I honestly think Gamu deserved it more than she does. For one, being able to pull it together and DELIVER is a test in itself. A test which Cher and Katie failed at miserably. Yet, CHERyl Cole decided  these two were to be preferred over Gamu. I spent the night fuming. I was MAD at Cheryl. Apparently, I am not alone.


Different people have come up with different reasons why Mrs Cole made such a silly, unwise and in fact barking mad decision. What on earth was she thinking?!!! A few think the malaria prescription might have adversely affected her. Others believe that since Ashley decided to cheat on her, she now hates black people. Whilst these are tempting to believe, I’m afraid they are not plausible reasons. I am seriously hoping that it is just a bad joke and by next week, the judges will scream  ‘HAHA’, laughing at us for ever believing for one nano second that the amazing girl from Scotland would not go through!

I read something today which gave me a thread of hope to hang on to. Apparently, there are like hundreds of facebook groups decrying Cheryl’s crazy decision to put Katie and Gamu (I am a member of one of them by the way hehehe).

I used to like her. Now I feel there’s a bit of favouritism going on!

Ok, so there is supposedly a twist, a wild card of some sorts which means each judge will put one extra person through to the live finals. Next week’s show is expected to reveal that X Factor head honcho Simon Cowell will allow each judge a FOURTH choice to go through to the live finals. So let’s pray Cheryl made the right decision this time.

That’s all folks (for now).



  1. like has been said over n over again how on earth can someone who does two rubbish auditions get throught to the live final??
    Katie shoudn’t still be given the opportunity to prove herself when she forgot her words and completely cracked under pressure twice.
    There are much deserving people who did amazing at the ‘judge’s house’.
    Cheryl has made a huge mistake in not sending Gamu through, and please don’t start me on Cher……..

  2. I was sooooo shocked to see Katie go through! In my opinion, she should not even have gone as far as the judges’ houses. As for Cheryl, the woman either needs serious help or this is simply a mechanism by Simon Cowell to ensure the ratings for X factor go and stay up.

  3. Please I think Gamu is waaaayyyy over-rated. Granted she is great but so was Alexandra Burke in 2007 and she didn’t make it to the live finals.

  4. As I was sayn before my earlier comment decided to send itself lol, Alex came back after one year, I think and she ended up winning in 08 so I think if Gamu is resilient, she should come back next year and maybe, just maybe, she will win in 2011.

  5. I understand what you r on about G, but it is clear that Gamu was robbed. She was strong and yet those who broke down got through. Is X factor about talent or about tantrums?

    1. I think it is all about tantrums dear. Katie blatantly forgot her lyrics and claimed she was ’emotional’. Cheryl was just being a cow. Either that or Simon is just using her as a puppet for the sake of ratings and all. Either way, I m definitely not watching X factor if Gamu is not reinstated.

  6. Gamu deserved to go through far more than cher and katie! as for katie she cracked under pressure in her inntial audition and at the judges houses! whats to say she wont in the llive finals! Cheryl should of taken that in to considderation as there is going to be far more pressure for katie in the live shows!
    Gamu ws one of the most talented auditionees this year and i feel that Cheryl will regret this decision! as i believe it is the biggest mistake the show has made to not put Gamu through!
    As for Cherly i have never liked her! shes a tw*t and ever deserved to be a judge on the show!! shes not even a truely good artist herself!!

    1. Hi Tash, thanks for ur comment…I sadly heard that Gamu is NOT Cheryl’s wild card. Something about visa issues. Why did they let her go this far id they were going to bring it up later on. They could have axed her right from the beginning!!!

  7. Gamu has visa issues and that is why the X factor bosses have decided to give her the boot. Shame they didnt come out straight. Now they all look so bad!

  8. Isn’t it rather ironic that at her first audition, she said she “just want to give something back to my mum, she works so hard”…
    Now, her publicity is basically giving the family (especially the mum) grief with this whole benefit story..

    I do feel sorry for them…I wish the British public/press (the most two-faced of them all) will just leave the family in peace….

  9. I hate Katie and Cher, they dont deserve to be on the show what so ever!! ive heard that Gamu has been deported as they wouldnt renew her visa! but i dont know if this is true or just hearsay!

    1. I hear that Simon has released his lawyers to her and that he is really in support. They are basically fighting the Home Office’s decision. So so sad. Cher was awful yesterday and yet the judges kept saying she was great…kmt

  10. Gamu has already said that she would never have participated on X-Factor if she knew it was going to be like this.She only wanted to support her mother.The whole issue has cost her mum’s job and one of the reasons why her mum was denied a work permit is because she had ”broken the rules” by attending this show.But I heard the British Prime Minister has intervened into the matter and Gamu may not be deported.Even if she doesn’t get deported,she should not return to X-Factor.She is way above X-Fakes and all its rubbish.

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