How could she?!

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Segun had been on my case for at least 2 years.

I met him one hot Saturday as I was waiting for a taxi on Grogner Street in Iwaya, Onike. He pulled over and  asked where I was headed. I don’t ever talk to people on the road but this day, the look of the mist on the window of his air conditioned car made it difficult to ignore him given the extreme heat I was exposed to.

I stepped into his car, grateful for the ride, yet determined to let him know I was no cheap girl that jumps into available cars.

“Thank you so much, Sir, for the ride. I normally wouldn’t do this but I have been standing outside in the sun for at least 30 minutes. The cabs come in trickles and are either taken or too expensive. No one is interested in going my way”

“Where might that be?” He asked, totally ignoring every other thing I had said.

“I’m going to Ikota but I’ll drop off once we get to any major road where I can find a cab”.

“You’re in luck. I’m actually going to VGC but I need to get to Surulere first. So I can either drop you off at a taxi park or you accompany me to Surulere and then I drop you off at your doorstep.”

Inasmuch as I was so eager not to overuse help being rendered, I opted for the latter option. I was in no hurry whatsoever to go my empty home. Mom and dad were on their way to Ikene for a week long engagement and my younger siblings were all in school. My best friend, Mololu had kindly volunteered to spend the week with me but she would not be  getting to mine until Sunday night so that meant I’d be spending Saturday night by myself with only Larry, the dog and Mustafa, the gate man, for company.

I looked at my wristwatch, with its recently cracked screen and declared,

“Well, it’s just 1.00 and I’m not in a hurry so I’ll go with you”.

I got to meet him properly. His name is Segun, a businessman who was into the oil and gas sector. He had been working for himself in Libya before moving to Nigeria  earlier that year. The Nigerian side of his business was only just growing and was already facing major challenges but a meeting he had in Abuja two weeks from our meeting would determine if a major stumbling block would be removed and his license would be granted.  He saw an RCCG band on my wrist and asked me to pray along with him. I promised to.

As he dropped me off at about 4pm that Saturday evening, I felt like I knew him already. Segun was very chatty, divulging a lot so quickly. During those hours we spent together, I also found out that he has a 5 year old daughter by a white French girl he dated all through his university years in France. The lady had gone on to marry another Nigerian and they lived in Port Harcourt with his daughter, Amélie. His dad was long gone and his mom had raised him and his siblings by herself. I did what I do not ever do. I gave him my phone numbers and my pin and from there, we became friends.

The problem with Segun was with his way of showing concern and love. My primary love language is Quality Time and I’m not really the type to get all mushy too early. So it came as a bit of a rude shock to me when I received my first “love you baby”, 2 weeks from the day we met. I really didn’t know what to make of the message and it abruptly ended our chat as I did not respond. To be fair to him, I assumed he was simply overjoyed as he was granted all necessary permits we prayed for, that he spoke out of turn.

About four hours after, at 1 am, I got another message from him telling me how much he’s so into me and how he feels like he has finally found what he had been looking for and if I would be okay being a second mom to his daughter and how he wants me to meet his mom. I read it and responded with a “BRB”. Later in the day, we met up for a meal and then I explained how, though I appreciate his feelings, it was all too soon for me and I would appreciate if I am given a bit more time to be on that kind of level with him. In the meanwhile, I suggested that we remain friends. He looked a bit disappointed but accepted and declared that he was in no hurry and would wait for me however long it took me to realise my feelings for him or develop them.

Segun was extremely generous to me, almost worryingly so. Once he travelled and brought me an orange Hermès’ Birkin 40cm bag which retails for about $2000. I was shocked and despite loving nice stuff, I didn’t want to take it from him initially but I eventually did mentioning it to him that he really didn’t need to spend that much on me and he should focus more on growing his business.

Mololu usually saw one Harrods or Neiman Marcus shopping bag or the other and was always encouraging me to “stop fronting and say yes to Segun before a sharp girl does”. I guess because of the manner in which he approached me, it made me a bit overly cautious since this his asking out was more like a proposal and he seemed so sure of his feelings for me. I slowed things down a lot and outrightly refused to meet his mom for the first three months. I didn’t want to get carried away at all and kept praying and taking things slow. Despite our living so close to each other, I hardly went to his and since I come from a relatively strict home, his visits were sparing as well (of my doing).

About six months after we met, work commitments took him away from Nigeria for a long while. During that period, he would come to Nigeria at least once a month, bombarding me with all manners of gifts. Even when he was not around, he’d randomly have flowers delivered to my office.

He would send handwritten letters by DHL and whenever anyone was travelling to Nigeria, he would have them deliver something to me, however small. There was a time he sent me a bottle of Lucozade because I had lamented that the Nigerian one tasted different. When it came to giving, Segun was without fault. But in my opinion, there was more to consider than how generous a man is.

Sometime, five months ago, Mololu was sent to England for a training to last 3 weeks and she used the opportunity to shop and ended up having 2 extra boxes. She complained over the phone to me telling me the airline was overcharging her and then, partly because I felt it right to help and partly because I had ordered somethings which she was bringing for me, I decided to ask Segun if he could help out since I know he always travelled light and never uses the extra allowance granted to him. He accepted to help bring the extra boxes and I gave her his hotel address to drop them off a day before her flight. He was due in Nigeria a week and half after.

My suspicion was first roused when, upon his arrival, he took the bags to Mololu’s in Ogudu, instead of as I expected, bringing it to me and having us sort ourselves out. I asked for the favour. I mentioned to him that my stuff was included in the box so it came as a surprise to me when he drove all the way to hers the next day to drop the boxes off. When I asked him why he did that, he said the boxes were quite heavy and that he was going that way and decided to drop them off. I had more questions but felt since I was not his girlfriend, there is a limit to the questions I can pose without looking funny. My pride got in the way and I decided not to mention it anymore.

The calls reduced. The texts were shorter. The usual “love you” closing went missing. ‘Mololu too reduced her communication with me. Then one day, she drove to mine and after lunch asked the most random question, ‘Are you and Segun in a relationship?”. She looked like she had struggled to ask that question but at the same time,  as though that was her aim for coming to mine.

“Why do you ask?”

“Nothing at all o. Just wondering ’cause you have known him for a while and you said you were praying a while back for direction and was wondering if maybe God said no since you are not dating him”, she mumbled.

“Omololu, did I say we are not dating?”

“Oh sorry. But I kinda know you are not”

At this stage, I know she and Segun must have spoken about our relationship status and so I decided to cut to the chase.

“Did Segun mention it to you himself?”

She looked down and playing with her perfectly manicured nails, said yes. I had noticed she brought a brand new car to mine with a new plate number. She had the black of my Hermes bag too. Wow! I didn’t want to believe what I know just had to be the truth. It was written all over her face. I don’t know where I got the strength but I said not a word after that. Awkwardly, she picked up her bag and car keys. I noticed then it was a Hyundai. It must be the Sonata she always wanted ever since it was released last year. She would always point at every 2011 Sonata she saw on the road and say she’d one day, get it.

To cut the very long tale short, my best friend Omololu and my 2 year old toaster are now together. Segun drove to mine 2 weeks after Omololu did and said somethings to me. He first of all apologised. He said he was not sorry for moving on but sorry that it had to be someone I knew simply because of the sake of his consideration of my feelings and not because it was wrong. He said, as I never for once, declared any form of feelings for him during our almost 2 year friendship, he does not feel he had wronged me in any way. He said he would always be grateful for meeting me as, through me, a door of everlasting joy had been opened to him and he would like my blessing as he walks into it. I was weak.

To be honest, I’m not hundred percent certain which hurts more, the fact that I’m losing a really nice and eligible suitor, that I lost him to a ‘friend’, the sneaky way it happened or the fact that I almost executed the deed for them by creating an enabling environment.

I really wanted to know how it all happened and so I demanded the tale, not from Mololu, but from Segun himself. He told me that the week before he travelled, when he saw her at mine, they had got talking whilst I was in the bathroom and she had mentioned she would be off on training and that she would be doing crazy shopping for her new apartment. They had a few ‘moments’ that day but they did not exchange numbers. It was the day she brought the bags to his hotel that the sparks went flying. She had gotten to his hotel at about 12 noon and they went to out together and he dropped her off at her hotel at about 9pm. Early the next morning,  at about 5 am, he drove down to her hotel to take her to the airport himself and from their journey, they got even closer. According to him, he knew that morning that he was ‘home’. That conversation sounded painfully familiar and I couldn’t help my grimace. At that juncture, I held up my hands and told him I was satisfied with the information he furnished and that they both have my blessing. He hugged me and left.

That evening, Omololu updated her status with these words “Those that wait on the Lord will rejoice. I rejoice. Behold, my Boaz!”. His picture was her DP. I remember that picture. I took it with his iPhone whilst trying out an app. Each day, a new picture of him would be put on display. There was even one of herself, Segun and his daughter. She had firmly ingrained herself in his life.

Due to how serious I know Segun is, it came as no shock to me when she told me they were getting married and she really wanted me to be her chief bridesmaid though if I felt I could not do it, she would understand. According to her, she was doing that for the friendship we once shared which she hoped we could revive. I refused. But not before letting her know that I could be counted on if she needed any assistance.

At about 12 midnight, I got this email from her,

“Sweetheart, I love you. God knows I do. I apologise for how I might have hurt you but despite all, I would be a liar to say I would or could elect to do things differently if given a second chance.

Oluwasegun has brought me the type of joy I thought was only for the fairy tales. But through him, I have my very own fairy tale. I love him with all my being. I know I might come across as insensitive and selfish. I am sorry. But please, try and find a place in your kind heart to let go of any hurt you might be experiencing and enter into a place of happiness for me, Omololu, your sister and best friend since our Corona days. It should not be heard that we are fighting over a man and remember, my darling, you never were in a relationship with Segun.

You never took the plunge, you shielded your heart from hurt and refused to commit to anything. I know you babes. When you truly love a man, you have no time for such long due diligence exercises. If you want to be sincere with yourself, you would admit that Segun never did anything to your heart. Your heart did not skip beats with the sound of his voice. Your body never quivered with the touch of his hands. I understand you two never even kissed. You clearly never felt love for him.

However, I cannot discount the friendship you shared. Till date, he still goes on and on about how you are the only friend whose loss moved him to his core. I can testify too of your level of regard of your friendship and respect for him. But my dear, friendship and respect are not solid foundation enough upon which to construct a marriage. You knew this and this is why you stalled. What did not grow in 2 years would most likely never grow.

I hope you understand that the aim of this email is not to throw in your face the fact that Oluwasegun and yourself never had anything concrete but to let you take a proper, honest and dispassionate look at goings on. If you do, forgiving me would come, naturally.

I can’t stop loving you dear. I am sad that the vow we made to each other 16 years ago to be each others’ maids of honour even if one got married first would not be fulfilled. Please, re-examine your heart and find a place in it to forgive me.

Yours now and always,


The tears came pouring down. I couldn’t say exactly why and they were not asking. I felt sorry for myself. I felt sad because I really wasn’t crazy about Segun but we could have made it work, I guess. Omololu now was benefitting from all the prayers I invested in Segun, all the fasting. That, more than anything hurt me. I would have married Segun. I just needed him to pass one more test and voila, I’d have said yes to him. I never thought he’d stop loving me. I never though I’d lose him and certainly not to my friend, my supposed best friend.


I eventually decided to be her Chief Bridesmaid and muster strength to be happy for her. There was no faking the look of intense joy on her face when I told her I changed my mind. She jumped on me in her usual boisterous fashion, laughing and crying at the same time.

God has been helping me. It has been hard. Especially when I see the look on Segun’s face as he looks at her. He never looked at me that way, I must confess.

His business has been doing greatly and he is sparing nothing for his wedding. His daughter, upon Omololu’s request, will be both the little bride and the flower girl. Omololu’s nephew will be the ringbearer. Her Eli Saab dress is absolutely beautiful. Segun flew us both to England to get it. She asked for a size bigger and I suspect she is pregnant.

With each day, the feeling of hurt and betrayal gets slowly taken over by happiness for her and hope for my own future. I still haven’t met anyone worth reporting on and despite this, I have joy. Not happiness, but joy; joy that all will turn out well. But for now, I still can’t help from asking myself each time I look at Omololu, ‘How could she?!


Ok, MCLA readers, what are your views on this situation?

-Would you accuse Omololu of being a conniving, scheming friend? Or would you blame the writer for being a slow person who forgot that time waits for no man and who possibly had started taking Segun for granted? Or should we lay the blame at Segun’s feet, the slimy bastard who had the nerve to move from one girl to her best friend? Or is there really anyone to blame? Could it not be argued, and successfully too, that when love takes over, restraint is hard, if not impossible, to practise and maybe, as Omololu stated in her letter, Segun was never destined to be with her friend?

-Do you support long periods of ‘fronting’ or as some term it, due diligence/waiting on God’s approval? How long is too long for a girl to keep a guy hanging?

-Also, the issue is raised on the appropriateness or not of a guy coming on strong and speaking of marriage early on thereby making a girl overly careful and scared to say yes.

-I also see the matter of getting your friend close to your man or potential man. How close is too close? Was the writer silly in giving them that opportunity to start something or would it have happened anyway?

-There is also the issue of being a good nice girl who would not accept anything (gifts etc.) from a guy as you want to build things together and do not want to appear to be using him and then along comes ‘Sisi Nene’ who takes whatever she is offered, sometimes even demsnding,  and dude keeps loving her deeper and deeper.

These are a few of the issues I identified. Do you see more? What are your thoughts?

Muse with me!



  1. i think God gave her an opportunity and she threw it away and her friend who is ‘smart’ grabbed it. But looking at it from another angle, he may not be meant for her and so i will suggest she wait on God for her Mr. right.

    1. Well God has his own plans.but honestly d babe was stupod 2 have kept d guy 4 2yrs, wen she knew d guy was actually ready 2 settle down.but her frnd was a betrayer 4 having intrest in d same guy…but wont blame her tho(who nor like beta tin)…..all d same God has a reason 4 everytin….

      1. Is d writer d only person to have a desire n ego pray to God? Is she d only one to reap bountifully from God’s harvest. God gave d writer so many signs but she chose to ignore them till she saw God himself. And since God answers us all one after d other don’t u think it was her friend’s turn for a miracle, Linda? Look on d bright side: she never gloated. ds I I think is wat u get for putting God’s work/ways to test as d writer admitted to have put Seun through. Who puts another person through such an ordeal for so long n hopes to prove love when she should be testing herself. I blame no one else but d writer. I wish d couple a successful married life.

    2. That is just it. Some people come into our lifes to help while some people come to stay.
      We ladies should learn from this. If a man is nice, you will know. If otherwise, you will also know. Stop playing hard to get if you really want to settle down.
      The writer should forget about it (though painful) and move on, your own man will be better than Segun.

  2. Wow!!! I feel the writer’s pain. But the truth of the matter is that she wasn’t really into segun despite her ‘fasting and prayer’ sessions. The truth with these things is that though everyone has theories on how it should be done, you’ll never really know till you take the plunge. Mololu took the plunge that ‘writer’ was unable to. Fear is a powerful emotion but imagine what you would lose if you just sit, twiddling your thumbs. Segun is obviously a loving person with lots of love to give so take a plunge today. I did and I’m deliriously happy for it.
    PS: Amazing write up tho.

    1. Luv ur reply o, well said. So many theories nd so many worries about how its meant to be. And one nevr knws until u take a plunge, v learnt nd m still learnin. Congrats on ur takin d plunge. Shld do do soon.

    2. i feel for the write though,but seriously 2 years is tooooo long to test a guy in a world where we have the so tagged “Love at first sight”,but life has different plans for different people,everything was destined by God,if she had gotten married to Segun,it wouldn’t have worked.

  3. Hmmm come again??? She is not a friend o am sorry. No matter how strong the attraction was she should have left it alone until you decide that he wasn’t the man for you OR you meet someone else. Even then, thats shady still. The man wasn’t just your friend, he had romantic interest and the only reason you hadn’t taken it there was because you were still praying. She should have continuously encouraged you towards the guy, even getting your mothers insight involved if needs be. A true best friend would have turned him down and if he moved on to another woman, her your BFF would have been the one you will be crying to right now. Cut that friendship off. You might not be enemies but you sure aren’t friends. Give then less than 10 years and if you are still friends, that man will start making moves on you. Smh!

      1. adesina spoke my heart, dt omololu is not a friend how much more a best friend though d writer has her fault 2years is long enough to study if a guy is truely in love & serious

      2. You girls can front for Africa. I went out with a British girl for a month. When the sparks did not fly, we kissed and decided to be just friends and declared ourselves fair game for the next passers-by. If u know what u want, when u see it, u will know it.

    1. Am wif u on dis Adesina.Exactly wot was running thru ma mind wen i was reading along.they aint friendz cos if they really are she wld ‘v turned down d offer even if it was segun dat woe her.

    2. D possibly dat segun was neva urs frm d start and u were a meeting point for dem..I am sry for ur loss bt anoda man meat is anoda man poison.yes,ur bestfriend did not try,but girls can nor be trusted..its not all dat glitter dats gold..move on swt cos u don’t know wat God may have prevented for..I am not prayin bad for them but d marriage may not last cos y wuld d moda of his child leave dear he is not for u..thank God cos ur own will cum and do more tins for u..God is not sleepin and he respect a gal or lady dat keep her self holy and clean before marriage..God will do ur own..if he was urs from d start,u will be d only person he see and want to get married..he won’t see anyoda lady but u..he won’t even tink Of it..

    3. I’m sorry to say but this is absolute bullocks… The writer obviously did not want segun and is only miserable now cos she’s seeing what could have been hers if she had just said yes… Believe me, if segun had left her for a total stranger & she didn’t get to see what he’s doing for the new girl, she won’t be this upset…

      1. I totally agree with TJ. It must hurt that it was her friend that got him (the issues in that for another day) the bottom line was she just didn’t feel for Segun that way. Even I the reader didn’t get any vibe that she felt for him on any level more than friendship. She probably liked the attention and the nice gifts or she’d have cut the strings way earlier

    4. Serzly adesina u got it rite, sure a frnd is a betrayal, if mololu wantd d guy she cud ve simply jus ask her frnd if she’s intrested in still dating him or rather tell her abt the guyz intentions.
      And sure a guy too is a betrayal cus to me if he rily was in love wit her he cud ve still askd of was he intentions r b4 moving on to her frnd.
      We gehs all knw men can lie for africa,so I wnt blame the gehs for sting him dat lng bt blame her for nt showin W̶̲̥̅̊a̶̲̥̅̊t̶̲̥̅̊ she feels,cus she cud also test n show hw she feels n on the oda hand blame her too for kEepin to herself for too long.
      Bt serzly such a frnd is a betrayal n doesn’t knw d real meaning to frndship if nt she wnt ve stab her frnd in the back.

    5. D mololu is def no friend n how d writer can still be frnds wit her beats me. I feel all of dem re to blame jarey.
      Segun though commendable for waiting two yrs should have notified d writer before moving ob to her frnd. I mean dis is love we re talking about it doesn’t fizzle out just like dat scep it never rilly love.
      Mololu should have encouraged her friend to date segun or shuld have told her friend when segun made advances @ her before even thinking about it. Dats wats real friends do.
      As for d writer two yrs ehn????

    6. If the writer’s ‘waiting on God’ didnt yield decisive action for 2yrs on a guy like Segun who was in a ‘decisive stage of his life’ & much more proved it to reasonable extents, disregard how the story eventually went with her bestie, Segun wasnt meant for her. Adesina, ‘if’ there’s any blame to be laid here, it should be on the writer.

    7. Pls Adesina, let’s not get sentimental about this. What do u mean she was not a friend? Damn straight she was a good friend. What r u doing with someone for two yrs n u still can’t decide if u want to be with them or not? Is that a fair thing to do? Is it even fair to ask the friend to “ignore” whatever may have developed between her and the Segun dude. Let’s be real here. Do u know if that’s the person for her? And you r asking her to throw away her chance at real true happiness in her life and marriage for a “friendship”. If the situation did not dent the friendship, something else could have seriously. Girls can become enemies easily they don’t need a guy to be the reason. The writer is feeling a sense of loss of ownership simple. Can u see she is it even sure what she’s mad about? Let’s be smart here. U don’t know y people’s paths cross. For all u know the purpose of Segun meeting the writer may have simply been for him to meet Omololu. This thing people do, putting people in limbo cos they r praying or they r not sure or something is not right. 2 years???? Imagine if the situation was turned around n it was the guy keeping the girl in limbo u wont even care if she eventually got married to his brother. Let’s be putting sentiments aside and be objective. It’s an unfair thing to hold onto someone u don’t want. She is a damn good friend if u ask me. She didn’t even go sneakily behind her.

      1. AMY U just spoke my mind!! I wouldn’t throw away an opportunity to be happy because of my stupid and selfish friend who will not do and refuse to let others do…. Girls that were bestfriends can fight over hair,make up so abeg I don’t mind loosing any yeye friendship jor!

    8. Ladies & Gents, the Writer is to blame. Let’s detach emotions and avoid being sentimental. We first need to applaud Segun, for his patience and also for being a gentleman (for 2yrs he did not force himself physically on the Writer not even a kiss). Now let’s examine the friend; she did not just up on Segun. She went as far as asking her friend if she was dating Segun and the Writer clearly said no. Perhaps if the Writer had said otherwise the story would have been different. In which case You may all be right to pass judgement on Omololu. Both Segun and Omololu had both considered the Writers feelings because they did not act without the Writer’s approval. Love sometimes is overrated that is what caused the Writer Segun. Love evaporates with time it is true friendship that sustains it.

  4. Well,I feel she was too comfortable thinkin h will never see anoder girl pretty to maRry,meanin she felt she had him wrappered around her finger…sorry if am wrong bt wot d hell,two YEARS is toooooo long a time to keep a man waitin….if truly she was seekin God’s face…in one way or other,she mustv gotten a maybe,h wasn’t afterall meant for her….bt girlllls……hmmmm,friends sometimes can’t be trusted…all along her supposed bestie mustv bin eyein ds dude….n she jumped at d offer,ofcos wt her attitude n all….for d guy,h sort of tried waitin two years bt still goin on that direction…..hmmmm,hope they find joy all…….

  5. Wow! Interesting read I must say. I’m just curious to know…If Segun was not so successful or quite wealthy as the write-up portrayed especially when he met Omololu, would she feel hurt or heart-broken as she does at the moment?

    1. I believe she would have felt the same. Her anger isn’t based on his financial status. The question should be posed at omololu and am sure we can agree his money was a major factor. Within weeks she had the same bag he bought her friend and the dream car she always wanted? It’s sad because this is not just a story, it happens live for many people all over naija. Watch your friends o. Many people still have kindergarten syndrome. Everyone has a toy but some will be eying your own because you seem so happy playing with it. The chick is just an opportunist which isn’t always bad but that kind sense should be tamed when it comes to sisterfriends.

      1. Except he wasn’t hers. I completely understand he was toasting the friend at first and it let’s be realistic. Thats life. Please answer this question genuinely. If it was your brother what woul you have advised him to do? He had been toasting this girl for two years and he saw no future and someone else came along. Why would anyone begrudge him his happiness?

        The only thing I think maybe they should have done was to speak to her before carrying on anything. Just to explain their feelings to her but tbh even if she had said no they would have perfectly been in their rights to do as they pleased.

        If they had just met and the friend ‘stole’ the man I would understand but two years of no dating? Come on!

        Even the woman said it is obvious they were deeply in love, its obviously not a fad. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness and real friends dont stand in the way for selfish reasons.

      2. I also think that that kindergarten mind is what is disturbing the writer. U know how as a kid u r given something but u r forming no u don’t want n then ur mum gives it to your sister or is simply going to give it away n u start shouting no on it’s mayown(lol). That’s what happened with the writer. Wha didn’t develop in ur heart for two years is not suddenly going to sweetheart. Let it go and be happy for who ever finds it. I bet she may have dated him just to prove a point n it would not have worked and then she would have rendered him useless to the best friend. Marriage is a very long journey n u need to embark on it with YOUR partner, not a partner. The writer would have simply been managing. That’s not true happiness. He’s a good person n deserves to truly be happy with someone that feels just that way.

  6. I think it’s simply a matter of ‘life’ happening. Its unfortunate how things worked out but it was dealt with maturely. It wasn’t premeditated or done maliciously so I don’t think the friend did anything bad.

    Tbh if the girl really wanted the guy they would have got together a longtime ago. What ‘tests’ was she putting him through? How is someone supposed to predict the future? It doesn’t matter how many tests someone is put through, anything can happen. That just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s ok to fast and pray over a man but to be testing him? That’s just silly.

    I really don’t have much sympathy for the writer.

    My two cents.

    1. Just my sentiments….2 whole years? lets be realistic here, some marriages don’t even last that long! ask Ketty Perry! if you are into a guy and have feelings for him, the attraction is instant and you just know it after a few dates, the writer never wanted that man, she was only stringing him along in the name of ‘test and prayers’ untill she finds someone else, now she is sad because someone else has seen and apprecaited what she failed to see in 2 yrs! lol I beg, let her continue praying, better luck next time.

    2. Sincerely suport pretty comment..WTF!! Is test.who can predict d future? My dear writer,you had all the time in the world to test and even pray for God’s guidance..the truth of the matter is that u never really liked or loved that guy so why the stress? I wish ur bestie and Segun the best

    3. Ditto!!You wrote my mind.. Absolutely agree. I even think Mololu was very mature in the way she handled the situation.

  7. wow!!! nice piece…i feel so sad all of a sudden. I can only imagine how she feels…oh well, it is beta they dint date at all rather than Mololu snatching him as a bf. *sigh* She will surely meet a man that will make this experience worthwhile.

  8. Very interesting! Is this factual? Everyone has their blame. 2years is too long a time †☺ keep anyone waiting. While I appreciate Segun for making his intentions early enough, I don’t agree on his choice of replacement. The friend is scheming abeg! All the while she had been jealous α̲̅πϑ decided †☺ be “sharp”. While I commend Segun’s initial interest for her maturity, such friends as Omolulu should be done away with. Wisdom is Profitable †☺ direct. Wil post more later.

    1. My centiments exactly. I feel a gud bff shoulda jes made her feel jealous n realise she actually loved him, den backed out n prayed 4 her own ‘Boaz’. Kai! Sharp babes shaaa!

  9. Very interesting! Is this factual? Everyone has their blame. 2years is too long a time †☺ keep anyone waiting. While I appreciate Segun for making his intentions early enough, I don’t agree on his choice of replacement. The friend is scheming abeg! All the while she had been jealous α̲̅πϑ decided †☺ be “sharp”. While I commend Segun’s initial interest for her maturity, such friends as Omolulu should be done away with. Wisdom is Profitable †☺ direct. Wil post more later. Brb.

  10. Mololu was wrong. She was her bestfriend. BESTFRIEND
    If your bestfriend has a problem letting people into her heart, you should talk to her about it while she’s passing up opportunities, not after you’ve hijacked it.

    We can call her ‘sharp’ but we say that because the guy is rich and generous- hence ‘a catch’
    And we’ve sadly come to the day when we can betray trust for material gain.

    Even if Mololu was genuinely interested in Segun, she should have cleared it up with her ‘bestfriend’ before the relationship started not later

    On the other hand, I dont think the writer was really feeling Segun though, else she wont have waited that long. Or maybe she liked him but had reservations about him. I think her whole confusion about the matter at the end came from how he went and what Mololu was willing to give up to have him.

    Segun… He tried, he should move on. But the who and how (again with the secrecy), he moved on to… he ends up looking shady. Sorry. But he tried.

  11. Something like this happened to me when I was much younger, I dulled and my BEST FRIEND dated the guy. They are not married and all three of us are still friends. Best friend is married. I felt really bad but life happens. I think it is wrong for a man to be kept waiting in this day and age for 2 years. Ahn Ahn…no green light and yet you were collecting all his gifts. This should be a lesson for ladies out there. When you see what you want make up your mind and go for it. Maybe the friend should have mentioned earlier than she did but of course she knew what her friend’s reaction will be. As long as we are humans, there will be betrayals. Nice write-up!

    1. The fact that the author feels so bad doesn’t mean she liked the guy. Girls will always get jealous once a toaster starts to look elsewhere.
      The bad thing is that, ladies do these things to guys all the time, and no one even talks about it. But cos it’s the girl involved now, heaven should fall down. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but how many times have we seen girls quit long term relationships to get married to other men? No one talks about that…I think a lot of ladies expect to eat their cake and have it.

  12. 2years? Attention has a life span please. I hold nothing whatsoever against Segun. Besides, what kind of test did she intend subjecting the guy to that took 2solid years to formulate?! imho, that’s the mistake many ladies make. People change no matter how long you’ve known them. if you’ve not been able to tell yourself from the get go, what you really want in a spouse,then you might as well stay single and not take the plunge rather than waste someone else’s time. No marriage can be perfect without its own challenges. Fear has made a lot of people miss out on their spouses and they end up consoling themselves with the cliche that if the guy or chic was for them,it would have worked.
    As for her friend, I wish her the best cos as far as I’m concerned, the writer should also consider herself very selfish for toying so long with a man’s heart, who has shown you nothing but love and kindness. Except of cos,the lady was still in school and needed to finish before commiting. But even at that, she never showed interest for 2solid years,so why is she complaining?

      1. Very intresting story!but rilly who eva kips a man guessing for 2yrs,2 whole yrs!!d writer wud av gotin a sign or sumfin if she ad truly bin warrin on God….if she was d one dat leaves d guy afta dis 2yrs for sum orda guy den she wont be crying ‘how cud she’ now!way to go best friend…..

    1. Completely agree with you…2yrs!. Oh ga oh! Even I will dip if someone had me waiting for two yrs…it’s sad that it had to have been her best friend who got the guy at the end of the day, but the writer should understand that if she did enter the rel-ship with segun will she be enjoying it the same way Mololu is? Being that she wasn’t even feeling the guy in the first place. Anyway she should just thank God and move and ask God to open her eyes and give her the spirit of discernment so that when she meets the “one” she wouldn’t need to pray 2yrs to know.

    2. Exactly! Writer I hereby nickname
      you the Snail!!!!!!!!!! Haba! Like
      said, where would all these crap
      pity party have been if she was
      the one who eventually left
      Segun hanging after wasting his
      time and eating his money!
      Besides, this is her side to the
      story and as such, people can
      only truly say evil of Mololu and
      her beau, Segun, only after
      they’ve at least heard Segun’s
      part of the stroy. Period!
      Moreover, she should stop
      forming over spiritual cos God is
      not a wicked Father, who will
      decide to keep quiet for 2years
      on such a sensitive matter, when
      you sincerely seek His face.
      Except her spiritual ears have
      been heavily blocked with ear
      wax sote she no fit hear again!
      Or prolly, God has even shown
      her it won’t work, but her long
      throat no gree her leave Segun.
      Writer Snail, abeg PARK WELL

      1. I had to read the story over again to be sure i wasn’t mis judging the writer, but what I saw made me realise that the writer is a spoilt brat! Part of the write up and I quote – ”I had more questions
        but felt since I was NOT his girlfriend,
        there is a limit to the questions I can
        pose without looking funny”.

        So Miss Snail knew quite well that she was never Segun’s girlfriend, so why in heaven’s name is she throwing-pity-me parties just to make her friend look bad?! Yeye girl! People should pls stop condemning Mololu. Much as I’m aware that some ladies can be terrible best friends, in this case Mololu is the saint here. Nuff said already.

        btw, Lovely piece Temi. The no. of comments say it all;) Encore!!

  13. Its so obvious that the writer has sum degree of affection for Segun,just that she doesnt want to take the risk cuz she feels a man cant be that nice without an hidden motive(more likely evil).Like ADESINA said mololu,is not a good friend,u cud ve talked to her about it,make her see reasons y she shud make the RS work out.Truth need to be told,Segun must be a good guy,only 5% of guys wil wait for 1yr.He waited for 2yrs,meaning he cares abt u bt u flopped.Dnt forget,men are very fragile,Molulu knew wat he want and pined him down.Am very sure Segun loves the writer more but immediately he sensed that Molulu likes him,he also gave it a trial cuz remember that wit time affection develop,u cant ve it all in a day.As for the writer,i wont dispute that he might nt be the wil of God bt i believe that things would ve worked perfectly if u were married to him.I wish u all the best in life.I think i will still applaud molulu,atleast she gat conscious,some will show no sign of remorse.Pls,forgive her wholeheartdly ,move on with ur life and believe that u will get someone better than Segun,dat will only be fulfilled if u wish her well.

  14. A whole 2 years she kept the guy waiting and forming i’m testing him, what is that? if she was really interested she wld av agreed to date him or sth even if she wasnt ready to get married at least the’ll know the relationship is heading somewhere.
    The only problem i have is that segun should have made it known to her that he was moving on (not that she even deserved it) but just out of respect for her and mostly cos he was now interested in her friend.

    In other news….i absolutely love the wedding dress….i’v had a picture of it on my fone for a couple of months and i av been scoping it from time….absolutely gorgeous.

  15. As always, good write up Temi. I guess the issue here is to what extent we should reasonably (or be expected to) take loyalties. Is Omololu a traitor for falling in love with Segun simply because he had been courting her friend? I think not. I do not think the writer would agree though, and if this were a real life story, I would have empathy with her situation.

  16. While i don’t see myself doing this to a friend, i have to say that the writer has no case. 2years??? That’s really selfish. Sweetim, people meet, court, marry and divorce in 2 years these days. And u kept collecting hermez bag. *rme* waiting for him to pass one final test.
    Do i think Omololu is a bit conniving/scheming- to an extent yes. but you see in the end you are responsible for your live.
    Segun knew he wanted to settle down and Omololu came ready.

  17. since she didnt really luv segun initally, she might not have bin happy in marriage wt him afterall. wat happened hurts but she shld prepare her mind for beta chances in future.

    1. *life
      If she didn’t love him then it means she is unhappy that she would lose her source of designer things. Which is wrong as well.

  18. I’m reading n I just rem a post I read by Praise George last week- Green Flags. He advised ladies who see good traits in a guy to seal the deal n quit stalling…..before a ‘sharp’ babe gets to him.

    Choi! ‘Writer’ messed up. Big time!!! 2 years is way too long to want to ‘hear’ from God, that’s voicemail mehn n is just wrong. From this story, Segun wasn’t all that to her. I mean even if ure waiting on God n u really like a man, one can tell but even Segun knew ‘writer’ was just stringing him along. Looks to me like she was gonna settle for him…..’Making it work’ I’ll say God stepped in n saved her from that.

    I can’t fault Segun in anyway. He saw what he wanted, he went for it, he was patient n eventually he got his desire. Waiting 2 years for a lady is not beans naa plus if ‘writer’ had communicated with him n shown him even in a little way that she had feelings for him, he may have acted otherwise. Perhaps, he should av asked her one last time but hey, Homeboy got tired of waiting jor n I can’t fault him biko.

    Bestfriend……hmmmn, oversharpness worried her. Like someone said, I’m wondering if she would av gone for Segun if he ddnt have big bucks. Whatever the attraction tho, she should av valued her friend enough to check with her before making a move. She probably knew ‘writer’ had interest even tho not shown n couldn’t risk passing up her opportunity. Bestfriend’s approach was wrong. I don’t fault her for wanting the guy but she served herself in a back stabbing way. Its hard to trust that kinda person again, real hard……n then trying to justify her action wasn’t fair.

    All in all, I’m sure ‘writer’ won’t be waiting 2 yrs to say ‘yes’ to the next guy n I so do not support receiving gifts from a guy u knw u av no interest in, it can cloud ur reasoning.

    1. Abeg, I’m done with all the people asking for bestfriend’s permission before entering a relationship with ex. If they dated and broke up bitterly it’s a different matter. You’ve friendzoned someone without telling him and now u sit in the position of relationship kingmaker? I think not.

      I even wonder why the man couldn’t tell her till it was almost sealed. Why is no one bashing the man who was even closer to the writer for not telling her he was getting cosy with her friend? Why has no one seen that as treachery? Because it isn’t! And jealousy should not make us say the bestfriend was treacherous too when it wasn’t like the man was an enemy to the writer. I think…

  19. The writer sounds like she misses the material stuff more than the dude. She admits she wasn’t sure about him, they were just friends, never dated or kissed, and he never looked at her the way he did her friend. Her friend actually loves her, for reching out to her. Or else, she could just leave her to her negtive thots. Who cares? She should move on, she’ll always have a Birkin bag to keep her emotional baggage!

    1. Laylow is right.. Let her use d Hermes bag to store up her emotions caus she has exactly nothing to say. What do u evn take the guy for? That’s even a sign of disrespect to keep a matured man hanging and yet collecting gifts from him. And let the write stop saying that rubbish about God.. When u speak to God about such things, he doesn’t wait for two years before giving u revelation. D writer also must have lied about the fasting thing. She is not a christian, she only wants to buy our emotions wit all that. Sorry I feel nothing for u.. But I’d also advice segun to divorce dat Mololu girl and marry a good woman caus she is not.. Or better still, let the writer rewrite the story n edit the fasting and waiting thing..
      she was busy doing guy with hermes bag and bragging somewhr that d guy can’t leave her, yet She is claiming fasting and prayer for Segun. GodIsWatching on HD.. Lol

  20. The writer doesn’t love Segun. Losing him was going to happen sooner or later but it’s unfortunate that she lost him to her friend. if you love a guy, let him know even if you do not want to go all the way immediately. He will understand rather than keeping him in suspense for two years. Men need to be shown love.

  21. “To be honest, I’m not hundred percent certain which hurts more, the fact that I’m losing a really nice and eligible suitor….. ”

    Yea… ‘Nice and eligible suitor’ she kept waiting for two years… How convenient!.. Did she plan on keeping him that way forever? I personally don’t don’t think she was going to date Segun anyway and uncle Segun isn’t growing any younger 🙂

    I know it’s easy to just think negative stuff about Omololu based on the story, but let’s remember there are two sides to every story, I don’t think we should judge until we hear Omololu’s side of the story….

    Who knows… The writer might have said to Omololu repeatedly that ‘I can’t see myself dating Segun, it’s just not possible’… Who knows?

  22. i feel the writer’s pain but the truth is… She didnt give herself a chance to see if it was going to work out or not. You do not stay from a distance and watch a person u jst might never see the tins u wanna see. So i guess she is to be blamed partly for what happened. Looking at it differently also it might jst be dat he wasn’t d ONE for her….

  23. I rather not have a friend than have a friend like dat…for such a thing to have happened, she must ve made advances herself…morale of d story 1) ladies, be careful of d kind of gals u call friends, and never give ur friend ample space wit ur man, trust no one but God, 2) I knw its gud to wait but delay is dangerous, 2yrs is too long to decide, its either u grab it wit both hands or u let it go…I really feel for her but who knows, maybe he was never meant for her

  24. Oh wow, my blood kept boiling the more i read this story. I kept thinking “how could she? The sell-out! The traitor!”
    But then having read Mololu’s letter to her friend, I thought to myself, “who is really to be blamed for this?” The truth is I deeply sympathise with the writer for such “loss”. But really, is it a loss or did she just dodge a bullet? Segun sounds like a great package but does that mean he was meant for her? I doubt it! God is probably reserving her best for her and her best may not even be as “prospective” as Segun seems but that’s the best for her and that’s all that matters!
    Now let’s assume that it could have been God’s will for her to be with Segun…homegirl, you gawked! You dulled! You stalled! Two years is a ridiculous time to keep a guy waiting. It’s unfair. I’m not saying rush into things but she should have at least let him know what the situation was, where he stood with her and why she wasn’t ready yet. There was no reason why they couldn’t have started dating or “courting” while she continues to watch and study him. What kind of stupid friendship are you doing with a guy for 2 years without letting him know your intentions? If the reverse was the case and the guy was the one “longing” things, how would she have felt? So I’d put the blame on her, if anything.
    As for Mololu, she should have told her friend before anything happened between her and Segun. I personally would have tried to crush any sort of feelings or chemistry between us but let’s assume that it’s God’s plans that she married Segun, there’s still a right way to do things. She should have sought for her friend’s blessings before anything at all.
    Segun hasn’t done anything wrong as far as I’m concerned. The babe didn’t ‘gree and God opened another door for him using her.
    Did the writer miss out? Not necessarily! But thy should teach her a lesson next time… NO DULLING!!!!

      1. The writer wasn’t dating segun, she doesn’t have d rights to him 2 be expecting to grant anyone permission to do and undo. Ah ah. Some pple r just dogs in a manger.

  25. Inasmuch as I do not support Mololu, I think the lady in question is a spoiled brat, she does not want Segun and no one else can have him.How can you keep a guy waiting for two years? She was insensitive to the man’s feelings.I think she did not love him but was not ready to let him go because of the gifts and attention.
    So within the two years that she was waiting for the response from God, if she had met someone she really likes you think she wouldn’t have left Segun? Well that is exactly what happened to Segun and she has no one but herself to blame for her predicament.

  26. Pain is pain; the circumstance within which we experience it is what often differs. I can totally relate with the writer as regard the level of betrayal doled her.

    From a realistic point of view, 2 years is a pretty long time to sort out your feelings about some dude that has given you such level of attention. That doesn’t sidetrack the possibility of incompatibility which could be a function of various character short-comings, the reason for the stalling, maybe.

    What the writer seem to have omitted was the main reason for the hesitations. If the claims of good friendship were really true, she must have seen things that wouldn’t make her compromise her standards, whatever they are. In fairness to herself, ending up with Segun would probably be ‘settling’ in this case.

    As for Segun: Whatever happened to being accountable and setting the records straight. The way he went about it is what I find extremely unscrupulous. The honourable thing he could have done would have been to pull up the writer and once and for all out-rightly demand what the scores were with them before hoping on to her scheming friend and not the other way round. This is a clear case of deficiency as regards integrity on his part. From the sound of things, he is driven by “the moment”. I don’t have a problem with him wanting to move on, but if you most, do it appropriately. C’mon…the entire shebang start in her apartment!

    Mololu, what nerve she’s got sending such email. You could feel her malignant pleasures all over it. She obviously felt her friend was dulling and she being the “sharper” babe cashed in on the situation. The truth is, both Segun and Mololu are now together for reasons undeclared to each other…it really a “corny man die, corny man bury am” situation.

    These undeclared motives would eventually come to light. You can’t act your way through marriage. Like I’d always say, marriage is a discovery channel; true intentions would eventually manifest. If you are in it for money, when money fades, you’d snap.

    Hmmmm, this whole thing is the best definition for D-R-A-M-A!

    1. True talk. The way they went about it is really wrong, what kind of Bestfriend is that? Clear the air first now before making any move

    2. Now your comment is the only one I can relate to because you really dealt with the inherent issues in the write-up.
      Wisdom can’t be bought! You are indeed blessed hun.

    3. Very true talk. Clearly Mololu and Segun easily get high in the moment. Only time will tell if their love will stand when Mololu’s Hermes bags mutate into Nine West bags.

  27. Hmm. In her mail she said “friendship and respect are not solid foundation enough to build a marriage” Well, neither is heart skipping beats and quivering at his touch! I think the writer and segun could have made it work if she had agreed to atleast date him even if all she felt was friendship and respect, that was a good start. Instead she kept him hanging for 2 yrs! That’s too long in my opinion. What other test was she planning to give him?

    1. I’m sure another test would’ve taken it into another 4yrs. Some people don’t realise dr’s a limit to human endurance.

  28. While I agree that Segun came on too strongly @ d beginning, 2 years is too long to make him wait. If it was me, I probably would have also started looking for the things that are wrong with him but am sure it won’t have taken too years…lol

    On the matter of friendship n respect not being enough 4 a marriage, I beg to differ. What happens when d children n other issues come in and you stop quivering at his touch?

    I think she should be happy 4 a friend, she may choose to distance herself from them after marriage. God would bring her own man in Jesus name. Besides, d guy has too much drama abeg…a 4 year old daughter and another baby on d way before marriage…I don’t think that’s my kind of man.

    Single ladies abeg let’s stop fronting o, 6 months is enough to do due diligence. You don’t have to marry the guy immediately but you can find out all the other things while in the relationship.

    1. My husband came on very strongly when we first met. It made me very wary especially as the feelings were not initially mutual but we both prayed about itand received confirmation pretty quickly. Within 3 months we were planning a wedding.

  29. While I agree that Segun came on too strongly @ d beginning, 2 years is too long to make him wait. If it was me, I probably would have also started looking for the things that are wrong with him but am sure it won’t have taken 2 years…lol

    On the matter of friendship n respect not being enough 4 a marriage, I beg to differ. What happens when d children n other issues come in and you stop quivering at his touch?

    I think she should be happy for her friend, she may choose to distance herself from them after marriage. God would bring her own man in Jesus name. Besides, the guy has too much drama abeg…a 4 year old daughter and another baby on the way before marriage…I don’t think that’s my kind of man.

    Single ladies abeg let’s stop fronting o, 6 months is enough to do due diligence. You don’t have to marry the guy immediately but you can find out all the other things while in the relationship.

  30. I respect Segun for letting her from the beginning his intent was marriage. So she knew what to expect. She had 2 years to think about whether she wanted to be with Segun or not. And in those 2 years she could not decide. She gave Segun no signs that she was interested so I can’t blame Segun for moving on. Segun moving onto her best friend tho was a bit shady…It seems to me the writer was keeping him around in the hopes that if someone better comes along, she’ll be whisked away otherwise, he was safe and nice so she could marry him if no-one else pitched up…

    On the other hand, I think Segun could have handled the situation better. He should have spoken to the writer before he started buying Mololu gifts and so spending time with her. And Mololu should have spoken to her friend before she started accepting his gifts, when she realised she was falling for Segun.

    Matters of the heart can’t be time framed. Its easy to say ok, I’ll think about it for 10 months or whatever but usually, things don’t happen they way we plan them in our heads. I’m all for praying about a suitor and waiting to hear God’s voice but sometimes we pray for perfection and miss what is right in front of our eyes. If I was a man and I’m still chasing after 2 years and this girl is not saying yes or no but accepting my gifts, I’d probably move on myself. Not to her best friend but I would cut my losses…

    1. I very much agree with u, but seriously this writer is a very foolish girl and her friend isn’t a friend @all. The thing is still very confusing as I see that all the parties have their faults but the real devil is the omololu girl. Am sure in heart she justifies her actions by saying her friend didn’t love the guy, look @ that self righteous letter she wrote to her, she’s a calculative b***h. She wants to eat her cake and have it.
      Its all so crazy, am still trying to wrap my head around it.

    2. Isis and Sunshine, God bless you both!! If anyfing, he shud have moved on way before 2 years, and shud av gone far away…as for omololu, writing one foolish letter later after she had messed up! She shud have pulled away d moment he started showin interest in her! They all have their little blames sha..

  31. I feel the writer’s pain. But honestly, i think they were not meant for eachother, because they were not into eachother.
    Moreover 2 years of friendship and no dating. Guess the guy was not getting a positive reply and had to move on.

  32. okk..that’s y i really don’t like best friend ish…omololu shouldn’t have dated segun especially when she knew segun was in love wiv temi…den temi u should have dated him..i guess love cant be shown in one day….wow….another thing what if God used u 2 get omololus hubby…am sure your own hubby would be farrr better than segun n u will be happy u didnt marry segun…what id u eventually married segun n u divorced him later..there are lots to b considered..

    1. Crucify her crucify her! Haba! Na omololu fault say d man fall for her? Let’s not forget she asked temi about what she was doing with segun after all. Sometimes we judge situations from another angle…..d truth is dt segun is not meant for temi shikena! If both don’t v d chemistry why delay d young man? What if dis omololu friend happened to be d younger sister to temi? Or does such stories of befriending a girl n marrying her immediate younger sister happen? Abeg! Omololu + segun = marriage. Temi + segun = just an avenue for omololu to see her true lifelong fellow. Case close

  33. Hmmmmm.. This is quite painful. First I think she took the love he had for her for granted thinking he’d always be there. She forgets that he is a man.. he felt it was reciprocated.. 2 years though and he was there on a platter.. Just means she never really liked him for her to take 2 years… her friend was nice enough to even let her know how far by asking what was going on. I think the most painful part for the writer is ‘coz the guy is successful… But Brother Segun did not waste time.. he was ready!!! and when a man is ready, he needs that part of him fulfilled asap and dear Omololu was there.. Its more painful that it was someone she knew

    Summarily: She took him for granted, she was not feeling him, he saw omololu and she was ready… happy ever after..

    But this has put me in deep thoughts though!! amazing write up!!! be it fiction or non-fiction… I love!!!


    1. Wowwww, so touching u knw, is nt good to pertend for so long. Try ing to play as if u dot lobve the person. Value what come your way bcos u may not know the outcome.

  34. This is just way too deep. I think the girl is a big person for being the cheif bridesmaid, talk less of attending the weeding. I think Segun should have first of all broke of their courting (if that’s what you can call it) before getting closer to Mololu. What a thing to ponder on!

  35. Reblogged this on Henrietta's Musing's and commented:
    Here I am reblogging temiville again… this story is touching and so real and its made me think of how insensitive girls can be sometimes.. Well its a lesson…

    Dear followers, I hope to post something as soon as I can but for now enjoy ‘How Could She’

  36. It’s not a question of who was ‘faster’ or ‘smarter’ here. It’s about knowing what you really want in a relationship/marriage. What made the writer hesitate when Segun made his feelings known? What did she see (or not see?)
    She obviously wasn’t going to jump at his offer just because he had a lot of money or just because he CLAIMED to be in love. This same love that could not stand the test of time/ friend (time being mere weeks!!!!) Puh-leeeeaase!
    In my opinion:
    1. Segun just wanted to get married- to anyone who would say yes. Since sistergirl was holding out, he took the next best thing. Buying them the same bag, the same gifts… He just had a template and was copying & pasting!!! Lol!!!

    2. Omololu is either quite materialistic or knows exactly what she wants. Ofcourse I don’t know her but I think its the former. Either way, she could have handled it better. Even if she had found her Mr Right, he was interested in her friend at the time. She could hsve been the bigger person & told her friend what she was going to do. Easier said than done? Yes. The mark of a true friend? YES!

    3. Miss writer should include in her fasting & prayer a LIST of realistic things she wants in a man. 2 years was too long to keep a suitor hanging! Make up your mind, girl!!!!!! I THINK THAT’S THE MAIN PROBLEM HERE. She probably really didn’t want him & she still doesn’t know it. Even though she may when Omololu is at her front door with a black eye or another woman’s underwear she found in her bed! Given what I’ve read about Segun, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit!!!!

    I don’t think she should beat herself up over Omololu. My advice: Next time know exactly what you want & the kind of guy you can handle. So that if he comes along you can recognise him. If he’s not the one, end it & let him look elswhere.

  37. hmmmmm it dey pain sha but putting sentiments aside i dont think eithe rof them did anything wrong. maybe segun should have discussed and ended things properly with the babe first before focusing on lolu… If lolu truly loves him.. then it is sad but it is what it is..

    she spent 2 years deciding and i’m sorry.. and as a beliver i believ what is for you will not pass you by. If it does.. then next time you have to grab it while it is in front of you. 2 years mehn… that is LONG. the guy sef get patience.

  38. honestly she really wasted time all in the name of testing a man.well this story is highly emotional but the truth still remains that he wasn’t made for her in the first place,but still it’s very painful.

  39. I wouldn’t date a guy who’s been hanging around my friend for two years..that’s just plain tacky.
    Segun is just suffering from ‘ I ma ready to marry and I must do it now’
    I wouldn’t let any man make me his fallback girl.

    So dear friend molulu has to ensure that what they have is real but its too late for that isn’t it?
    Well, she’s just going to live with her handiwork and when things get a little rocky as they always do in every marriage , I hope the fact that segun didn’t woo her won’t become a problem..cos trust me , u don’t remake history its best to get it right.
    Then again…in those 2years, this guy was hardly always around so maybe this girl only got 6 full months of knowing this guy out of the 2years and all those gifts were probably just designed to turn a blind eye and hasten the knowing process..I have guys who have wanted to marry me for three years now,,,one in Malaysia and one in the us..they don’t call as often as they should, they aren’t a part of my life and that simply means I’ll keep them waiting ..u don’t know how much of involvement he had in her life when he was I bet we should all say our little bits and rest..cos I can very well guess what happened here..

  40. There’z definitely a line U̶̲̥̅̊ shud keep between ur friend n a guy U̶̲̥̅̊ lyk, because girls are getting pretty desperate. The writer isn’t to blame for stalling, the guy came on too strong & she tried to slow down. Yes, she probablly waited too long but marriage is a lifetime venture, there really is no no need to take a leap into it till one is perfectly sure. I won’t be surprised if omolulu’s marriage does not last because a friend that will take anoda friend’s “sort-of-bf” should not b trusted, obviously the money helped a lot in making her say yes. One should be very careful who U̶̲̥̅̊ call ur friends, it takes a lot of guts to sneak around like that & that is becoming easier these days. So dear writer, coming from someone who’s been hurt that way & is very wary……your BOAZ ‘ll surely come one day & you ‘ll b amazed @ d wonderful things he does for you!

  41. Jesssssssss,cnt even imagine dis,it s such an irony.dammmm confused but I tink 2 me I ll neva 4give d so called bstfrnd n d untinkable.christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Sorry darlin!u weren’t meant 4each oda….dnt see ur friend as a bitch she dint seduce segun n most importantly u kept d dude on hold for 24months…haba!!! He had 2move on…imagine if some chick did dt 2 ur broda! Ur time will come and ul get a better man

    1. Gbaaaaaam! Francesca. Chop knuckle. Let’s be realistic. segun n d writer were not in a boyfriend-dating level. From adam d card was laid for her but she didn’t wanna play, and bros segun saw another player who was interested n peradventure fits in n d game was good. I wish them d best.

    2. Francesca…Easier said than done..u jus said ‘imagine if it had happend to her brother’..let’s now imagine if u wer the writer in this case and u stalled dat long for whatever reason, will u be happy that he chose to move on with ur bf?? I’m not against him moving on..I don’t even think he shud have waited for 2 yrs..but he shud just have moved on with someone else other than her BEST FRIEND!

  43. There isn’t a lot of wrong done by both segun n omololu. I think the writer neva loved him or was never meant to be with him. This is because if it was meant to be it will be

  44. Well, it is clearly seen now that it is risky if you don’t take a risk! Omolou took the risk her frend couldn’t take and it pays off. Ladies, this is a wake up call, once you love someone, I don’t see a reason why you should set up series of test to confirm the level at which you are been loved! Like she said, ‘she was just waiting for Segun to pass the last test’ not knowing she has already lost out! Her frend Omololu saw Segun and noticed he was the kind of person she has always dreamed of and she wasted no time to throw everything out at him (Love and care) and it pays off! Congrats Omololu

  45. Well as far as am concerned… I av read through and I would say that Omololu did no wrong… The lady in question was just toooo slow… It is said that u don’t know what u av until u lose it and that was what happened… How can she leave a man like that for 2yrs …2good yrs not even a kiss…ahn ahn …not even I love u too… Segun was patient enuf. She lost her chance.

  46. Well as far as am concerned… I av read through and I would say that Omololu did no wrong… This is matters of the heart…The lady in question was just toooo slow… It is said that u don’t know what u av until u lose it and that was what happened… How can she leave a man like that for 2yrs …2good yrs not even a kiss…ahn ahn …not even I love u too… Segun was patient enuf. She lost her chance. But she should continue waiting on God… He will honor her with a man that won’t take her another 2yrs to decide.

  47. Well as far as am concerned… I av read through and I would say that Omololu did no wrong… This is matters of the heart…The lady in question was just toooo slow… It is said that u don’t know what u av until u lose it and that was what happened… How can she leave a man like that for 2yrs …2good yrs not even a kiss…ahn ahn …not even I love u too… Well she defined the relationship as “just friends” its hurting but she koba herself …Segun was patient enuf. She lost her chance. But she should continue waiting on God… He will honor her with a man that won’t take her another 2yrs to decide.

  48. Am speechless,my dear sis i want u 2 knw dat wateva goes up wil surely come down.i don,i tink dat segun really luvs u,his problem is dat he was alone n he need sum1 2 b wit.pls don’t hurt urself 4 a man dat did nt worth it.wen dey need sumtin dey can do anytin 2 get it n dat is exactly wat appen 2 ur frnd,don,t b hasty coz God’s tym is d best n u don’t knw y God did all these,ur appiness is very close 2 u so don’t ruin it wit sadnes n 4give ur frnd bcoz evrybody is goin 2 reap wat dey av sow.

  49. The writer made a mistake for leting her friend to know the guy whom she had not yet said yes to.she wasn’t wrong taking her time,because marriage is not something you rush into without been very sure.

  50. Well as far as am concerned… I av read through and I would say that Omololu did no wrong… This is matters of the heart…The lady in question was just toooo slow… It is said that u don’t know what u av until u lose it and that was what happened… How can she leave a man like that for 2yrs …2good yrs not even a kiss…ahn ahn …not even I love u too… its just a case of putting sugar in someones mouth, person didn’t spit out or swallow, u just leave the sugar to be melting at the surface… Well she defined the relationship as “just friends” its hurting but she koba herself …Segun was patient enuf. She lost her chance. But she should continue waiting on God… He will honor her with a man that won’t take her another 2yrs to decide.

  51. what i dont get is how u’ll have a friend that is a guy, collect expensive gifts from him, know the guy loves and wants to be with you…..and NOT BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AT ALL FOR 2YRS….while waiting on this ‘sign’ from God or the test u’re conducting on said guy! I mean relationship is different from marriage nah! Obviously, she didnt like him like that.
    I rili dont see what the best friend did wrong, she always told her to get the man before sharp girls come through. Besides, if she wanted the guy, she would have made her move within the 2yrs period….they met up, talked and sparks flew….should she because of a friend who didnt want the man, free? she would resent the writer if she did.
    Girls should definitely not come off cheap and front a little…keyword little….the writer getting upset now is just pain that she lost out on someone that could have been great…honestly, i dont think she liked him that much or wanted him.
    *my 2cents with a lil extra*

  52. Hmmmmmm, what a waste TEMI why will u wait that long for you to confirm if a guy is true to you. U must tink your the only gal on earth. Temi you where not meant to marry segun, becos if u where things won’t go dis way. I feel u should be happy for ur friend becos thru this medium you wil most def get ur own man, but this time dont wait for 10years oh. And point of Correction you don’t have to wait for a long time b4 u date a guy becos what works for taye might not work for kehinde. Look at this u wher waitin for 2years n it’s took ur friend under 1week to date the guy. U can’t blame any one but ur self. What if u dated the guy and you ended up in a serious break up with him, causing more delay for yourself, Anyways it’s not your fault you acted on whats best for you.

  53. Oh! ♍Ɣ God. This is a very touching Α̲̅πϑ pathetic story but all the same ℓ̊ want to leave the blame on the writer who feels over important and lost the best opportunity God could ever give her.Shε̲ felt the guy couldn’t move on cos of the love he has for her.pride and ego made her lose her crown.sincerely even if Shε̲ is goin to find another guy its not goin to be as perfect as segun…..a hard learnt lesson.

  54. In my opinion d friend is in it for d money.. D write was friends wiv him for so long n never requested for her dream thing..but not up to a month d friend has her dream car and carrying d same bag she had been eyeing d reader carry… It cnt n isn’t love.. Let’s be real here. And d reader to was puting segun in d friend zone cos at d end nufin wud have come out of it..

  55. I can so relate to the ‘good nice girl who doesn’t want to accept gifts cuz she doesn’t want to seem like she’s using the guy’.
    *sigh* I feel the writer’s pain though..I feel like this is something that cld happen to me. God forbid tho. But its just I also really like to take my time with guys I care about.
    No one is to blame.

  56. Rather sad,obviously time waits for nobody,no need for fronting when u feel something for someone,the writer accepting gifts from Segun meant she was leading him on,two years of fronting?????? Please it dosen’t make sense at all. Advice to all the ladies,if u feel it,express it…….

  57. Dicey as this story sounds,I think the writer was too slow.there is no point in long term friendship. As for omololu n segun,I can’t blame them, if I were in omololu’s shoes I d do same.

  58. The writer was slow….its normal u heat the iron wen its still hot…ur frend even told u.u would have used love lock down method instead of just doin frendship…shit happens the guy even tried 6 months was enough he gave u 2 yrs…smh….

  59. *breathe in, breathe out*

    I’ve been on both sides of the coin, the friend who feels like her man got stolen and the friend who feels like she stole her friend’s man, so this stirs up emotions I would rather not face.

    However, two years is a hell of a long time.

  60. It wasn’t any1’s fault….its destined dat she Ȋ̝̊̅§̶̣̣̣̲̥̇̇̇̅̊ gonna bring segun and omololu 2geda…

  61. Oppounity comes but once,she wasted it.I don’t blame her friend and d guy,d fault is 4rm her. Or maybe better things are coming her way soon nd never meant 4 each other.

  62. d simple truth is d writer didn’t hav feelings 4d dude. Na d koko b dat. As painful as it sounds, d guy saw dere was no future wit d writer & moved on. Moral of d lesson…..#dontdull

  63. As for me, I believe everything happens for a reason and God is responsible for everything. Omololu didn’t do anything wrong she followed her heart even though she may hurt her friend on the way, as for segun he is just a guy searching for love even though he found it between two friends and for the writer I just have one advice for you sweetheart, allow yourself to fall in love and to hurt ,its ok, such is life and shit happens. Segun may not be yours but yours is coming soon bigger and better. Be happy for your friend she clearly loves you and wants to stay your friend. You can always get a new husband but a true friend is a once in a lifetime thing. So forgive and forget ‘cos’ God loves you!

    1. Abeg abeg she wants to stay friends so she can rub it on her face that she missed out by coming in d nu range rover sport he will buy for her abi..I didn’t want to say anything b4 o

  64. First and foremost I have to commend the blogger and everyone who posted their comments on this site. It was very refreshing to read through and not have a headache from silly grammatical blunders 🙂 .

    To the issue at hand, first and foremost there are 2 sides to every story (maybe 3 in this case). No matter what Temi said or didn’t say, Omololu should have told her before she started seeing Segun. That would certainly have made things less awkward among them. In fact, Omololu came out looking like a schemer in the end! (she was rubbing everything into her friend’s wound). ‘My Boaz’ – wicked gal! :p

  65. Well, that’s a tough one. But I would say, Segun is so different from you. He doesn’t waste time when it comes to matter of the heart. Its so clear that he wanted a quick decision and sent you gifts and all. All the same, things happen to help us grow, if only it hadn’t been your best friend. She also stabbed you at the back 4 what she did. If she was a good friend, she wouldn’t. Maybe you shouldn’t take things that slow because two years is so long to have kept such a generous man waiting. She wanted him and she has. But no regrets babe, its really painful but don’t let it trouble u. And never wait too long. Watch the friends you make though.

  66. What are we deliberating here, first the man never loved her and Lolu is not her friend. To me there is nothing bad in you being patient with the kind of man you’l live the rest of your life with. Trust me Segun is just that kind of guy that’ll go for any girl that’s giving him what he wants.

  67. Wow! Nyc one. ..actually God gave her an opportunity but she misused it….her friend was smart enough to get Segun. Never the less I believe they are not meant to b . She should just wait for God’s time.

    1. Exactly and if you miss the opportunity God gives u at that moment and you don’t act on it, my dear, u have to wait for the next one. Sorry ¯..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  68. From what i have read, i can see dat she did not just stay without any response, she was praying and praying to let God direct her but unfortunatly the guy went with her friend, which i know vividly that God is not a human, assuming she has fallen for the guy she would have regret it with all her life because its not the will of god for her, its just a temptation and thank God you’ve overcome it, even if she sees another guy dat prayer is the KEY τ̅☺ every successful marriage, just wait unto God and he will never disappoit you.

    1. U r kidding right? 2 years? God is not deaf,He doesn’t take forever to answer his children if u have a good relationship wit him and you know when he’s speaking u jor.

  69. The guy was eager to settle down,so did not truly luv her,omololu is just a selfish n jealous girl who was taken by his givin nature n saw an opening n grabbEd it not concerned abt her frnds feeling..i dnt blame d writer of the story,sometimes words n gifts r nt enuff to say thiss is d one i would end up with..

    1. Lolu is jus plain wrong…she shuda spoken to her BESTfriend about it..she isnt a good friend abeg!
      Segun rily tried but he coulda gotten sumone else and not the writers BEstie…

  70. Wow! The writer is totally at fault! Why would u think someone will put his life for 2 whole years just so u can make a decision and not move on!!! Life is all about taking chances! Her friend never betrayed her! She saw what she wanted and went for it since she knew her friend wasn’t involved with him!

  71. Hmmmmmm !!! This is one hell of a drama.but I v just 1 question for em both d writer nd the mololu gal,wud dis b happening if he was a broke ass?fine he is a man that can take care of a gal’s needs and am sure dat was why mololu is happy nd d writer sad! How can u just fall in love wth a person like dat wat happens if he gets broke?the bestfriend is a snitch while d writer is just filling bad for all d goodies she has lost.fine we need the material tins but let’s not b blinded by d “LOVE”there is no love if anyone wud v devoloped true love it wud b d writer..but segun was in a hurry to settle wth anyone .just hope he dosnt regret his actions…..

    1. Cherry, thank you so very much. Most times we ladies pursue after the material things and the need to satisfy our and people’s desperation, losing sights of the main things. Money boosts love anyway, but this story definitely shows raw materialism!

  72. If this is true,wch I’m sure it isn’t..I’m very glad. She was a ‘good’ girl who didn’t accept gifts rite?was she forced to take d Hermes bag?Hisss!! And most importantly,she didn’t feel sparks for Segun. Describing him as a sleazy sneaky guy shows that a female made that comment. Plain n simple,did he ‘dump’ her 4 her friend?whr they dating,NO! And never did she confide in omololu dat she luvd Segun but just biding her time. She shd kindly shut d hell up. And so shd u criticizing d couple. I advice Omololu to try keep her distance as d writer may hurt her or her kids if/when she has a chance. Tanx

  73. Aaaaaaawww,dis is terrible. God will gve u d grace 2 move on n gve u your own man dat u will love. But u were at fault for waiting 4 2yrs n nt showing any sign or seriousness.

  74. In everything give thanks! Lemme tell u i know if segun had used Omololu as rituals ingredient on the long run, she wouldnt av felt bad, but bcos of the fact that things even got smoother really devastated her cos she never felt any love for the guy in the first place and again it doesnt take God that long(2years) to answer a prayer like that… Woo whats that her name sef??? Ok ”writer” move on… And in ur next endeavour, no lie for God head by ”fronting” what is not!

  75. Jesus! Why on earth did she offer to be her bride’smaid?! I’m so hurt! She should keep prayin. God ll give her, her own husband. Mololu is jst a biatch ad segun is an ass. Any r/ship dat starts on infidelity ll always crash that way. Let’s wait and see. 2yrs or not. She gun made a wrong replacement

  76. I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ my own view,i want τ̅☺ belief Mololu knew what she was doing. She knows all d̶̲̥̅̊α† transpires between Segun & her friend.she knew about d gifts & ‎​Ħ☺w ðε̲̣Ɣ met.she even adviced her friend τ̅☺ giv Segun ‎​A̶̲̥̅ positive answer b4 it was too late.S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ ,its very obvious she really wanted d̶̲̥̅̊α† kind of ‎​A̶̲̥̅ rich man, out jealous & envy d̶̲̥̅̊α† was y she had her way I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d secret, & later came with an innocent mind & petence.what she did was very wrong,i will call her ‎​A̶̲̥̅ traitor.

  77. Fine, I know he should feel frustrated after 2yrs buh he should av gone 4 some1 else not ha so called best frnd…. Seriously, I cab imagine d kinda pain u’ll feel been d chief’s bride’s maid on such a weDding!!! As far as I’m concerned omololu is a big SLY!

  78. Sad sad story.. Mmmm sum foolish frnd she s Well I dnt blame de gal for wanting to wait for God’d time.. I blame segun nd her frnd… If segun ril loves her he won’t av gona for her cheap frnd,,, What goes arund cums back arund.. I’m sure God as a better plan for de writer . If I waz her I wil neva talk tu either of dem again.. I’ll rather be far away frm dem buh in dis case her frnd betrayd her she shud be hanged.. And its so obvious she doesn’t love segun sef.. I’m sure they know what they did waz wrong,, wicked idiot

  79. I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ my own view,i want τ̅☺ belief Mololu knew what she was doing. She knows all d̶̲̥̅̊α† transpires between Segun & her friend.she knew about d gifts & ‎​Ħ☺w ðε̲̣Ɣ met.she even adviced her friend τ̅☺ giv Segun ‎​A̶̲̥̅ positive answer b4 it was too late.S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ ,its very obvious she really wanted d̶̲̥̅̊α† kind of ‎​A̶̲̥̅ rich man, out jealous & envy d̶̲̥̅̊α† was y she had her way I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d secret, & later came with an innocent mind & pretence.what she did was very wrong,i will call her ‎​A̶̲̥̅ traitor.

  80. As far as I am concerned, the writer was too slow. For the guy to hang around for 2yrs with d no of women out there, she really should have known that that had to be a sign from God. She prayed to God for help and didn’t look out for the signs.

    We can’t really blame the friend, she saw a good man and took her opportunity. She was fortunate and I am happy for her.

    That is not to say that it is okay for friends to snatch their friend’s suitors but in this case, there aren’t many good men out there and sometimes it is better for a man to love you more than you love him; love grows eventually. Omololu knew that and wasn’t willing to let that opportunity pass her by. The writer should have given it a try at least not getting intimate for starters and see how it plays out.

    Well its her loss and her friends gain. I for one don’t blame the friend and the guy

  81. The writer messed up big time….2 years is too long to keep a man waiting..the only mistake omololu made was that she should have told her friend earlier..

  82. Mololu isn’t wrong at all
    Her friend stalled for too long. Silly gal. Good gals come last!
    All d best 2 mololu n segun

  83. What a wicked friend Omololu!u r a she devil!u knew ur friend liked d guy but u went ahead n snatched him.even if it s 10 years she s using to make up her mind!u r wicked may u not find happiness in dat marraige were! Oloriburuku!yu r d one dat spoil d name best friend.Comot!u annoy me!

    1. Temi God giveth all k. Best thing is to forgive Mololu åND̶̲̥̅̊ move on wiv ur life. God wud give u ur own man.

  84. Omololu isn’t a good friend. If she truly knew her friend, she’d have helped the rship with Segun work. Not go and persuade her mindset that they never dated and she is good to be with Segun. Fine, Segun waited for 2 yrs and it showed he really cared. He yarned with Omololu and things changed? Why? Cos d writer had told her all the ‘wonderful’ sides of Segun. If she didn’t have any info about his finances or generousity, I’m pretty sure their first day of ‘chit chat’ won’t have gone so pleasant. Omololu just played smart, forget. But the fact is she has gotten Segun, and to move on can only be a resolution for the writer. No point crying over spilt milk..she will only know ‘what’s up’ now 🙂

  85. Well… Well.. Well… I just hope all the ladies reading this will learn from it. I’m not saying you should jump on every man that comes your way, but if you close your eyes to let the evil ones pass, the good ones will pass too…

  86. Temi, dats a wonderful story, and I think everylady must read it…….. Its not really advisable 2 kip a man hanging for too long, it make them feel insecured and unsure of themselves. Segun must hav tot she didn’t av any feelings for him…. In all, I must commend u on dis story cos we make a lot of mistakes we call principles.

  87. I must confess I really love d story line and would like 2 get more stories and life experiences like this…..I wud say 2yrs was too long she would av given him a yes or no reply in less than a year….goodluck v2 her I hope she finds happiness*smiles**

  88. I actually see anytin wrong in waitn d friend knew quite alrite her friend was takn her time moreso a gud is not told frm d begn I tink there is a lot that nids to be said abt the guy. Maybe history might just repeat itself because the guy just showed a quality that a real man dnt have. A real man has got patience not workn under impulse. Stepn on or making decisns with her friend is so inpulsive and I bet such marriages can not withstand the acid test. But if it does it will b a one out of hundred. I mean marriages dnt just occur like that or is it now a matter of who’s smart or oppurtunity. Marriage should be based on strong definition and values which I guess d writer was trying to define and I think she did the write thing no matter d duration she spent. Marriage is a lifetime exercise I think u shud give testimony in church that God has taken away the wrong man from you. I assure you he wasn’t meant for you. Fego Daniels

  89. wow… much as i feel bad for TEMI,i doubt if my nice guy is the right person for her.for one,she sounds like an introvert and a very careful person.Segun on the other hand sounds like he’s just ready to settle down and he doesnt really mind wiv whom.
    I totally agree that 2yrs is a long tym buh bear in mind that the dude had to travel out barely 6mths after they met.maybe she was waiting for him to get back from the assignment be4 going ahead wiv the decision.temi mos. def. doesnt sound materialistic cos she was hesitant abt the 2000dols gift he gave her then.Mololu on the other hand sounds like she’s in it for the dough if it tuk her just 3wks to develop friendship wiv the guy and barely after ow many wks she already got a bag and a car from’s beta she stays away from them both tho,even sisters betray themselves talk less of friends.
    All in all,i pray God will bring her way her own “BOAZ” that will bring her lasting happiness and joy.

  90. I smell a rat here, Omololu. I am sorry to say, that girl is either not a true friend or she does not have a value system. There is no coloring what she did. She stole her best friend’s friend/boyfriend and is trying not to make her feel bad about it.
    As for Segun, wetin sef? You meet a girl for the first time and you have started buying gifts anyhow, same with the Omololu, in how many days. He had bought gifts for her. My dear, the same desperation can also lead him to other ladies even in marriage.
    As for the writer, my dear, let nobody lie to you. Friendship is the solid rock, after Christ on which Marriage stands. You have Christ and you wanted to have Segun’s friendship. There is nothing wrong about that., no time is too long to foster friendship. You have a good value system plus you are a great writer. May be you should have kept communicating your stand to him consistently. But don’t dull yourself, that guy is not your husband. There is no seed that we sow into the ground whose reward we will not reap. I encourage you with Galatians 6:7 ‘Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap’. You will reap, Mololu will reap and Segun will reap. Stay fab!

  91. Long breath in……… Sigh. Really don’t know who to blame. I think it has been predestined to happen d way it did.

  92. This story is really touching. Its ok to seek Gods face in everything u do,but 2years is too long for one who wants to settle down to wait. Omololu no matter how much she wanted to have a romantic man should have looked somewhere else instead of falling for Segun. Segun was wrong to ave gone for the writers best friend. In any case, i believe they were not meant to be.

  93. Everyone is to blame. As for me omololu’s moves were just conniving. She knew exactly what was goin on between between both parties. She knew what her friend wasn’t giving segun and ofcourse she was there to give him what he wanted. The attention, care and maybe ‘love’ he needed. So if u ask me I’d say the omololu girl knew exactly what she was doing. And if they were meant to be that’s not the way to go about it. As her bestfriend its best you let segun and the girl sort out their issues before ‘snatching’…….yes ‘snatching’ him from the person you call your bestfriend. As for the writer, 2 years! Seriously!!! The guy even tried waiting 2 years for someone who didn’t have feelings for him. My dear gone are those days o. Men, especially ‘husbands’ are scarce! U saw a potential and my dear u threw it away. And from what I’ve read u did have feelings for segun, at least to some extent, if u didn’t u wouldn’t be upset with segun at all but mostly your so-called friend. Well if it was me tho, I’d be totally angry with my friend though becuase we’ve been friends for too long and your are supposed to have my back!. And as for the segun guy, he just went for the person who wa sgiving him what he wanted especially since he needed to settle down. He didn’t have to just start thinking of wot he wants for himself, he already knew it! He thought he could get it from you and since you were not ready after waiting so long…..I guess he had to do what he had to do. We can’t say now that we shouldn’t get our female friends close to our men but then u have to be sharp!

  94. This is a familiar story. I once read it years ago. I never had a relationship then. And I was very young too, to advice anyone.

    The personality of the writer is such that is experimenting. The writer is a Nigerian who is conversant with talks about being careful. But I guess she was so careful she walked to the cleave thinking all was well. The story has lessons. It is worth it to be careful. And there is no limit to being careful too, especially if you won’t regret it. Omolulu is not evil. She didn’t use any charm on the man, Segun. She walked into it and was loved. The writer clearly stated it, there was actually no relationship, so there can’t be a betrayal. The only fault I see is the taking away of a best friend.

    The writer and the man, Segun, were friends. Segun wanted more, legally, but the lady wanted more caution which eventually didn’t fail her but made her realise it could have been taken lightly. There is no need to blame or attribute regrets to God. Only sick people smack God when they place their fingers in a burning flame. It’s unfortunate but it was a lesson-filled story. There are no perfect lessons. Any man who chases, buys gift items, calls you regularly for a period of two years and visits you even from a distant country is not just after a well-laid
    -out legs but some serious business. Even if it were a simple lay-off offered by the protective woman, it would have saved countless emotions. I enjoyed the story. It reads greatly, aside some omission in words and typos as well as great use of trivia in-formalities.

  95. Omololu is a bad friend A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ Segun is ǟ great guy. But Omololu forget †ђat maybe Segun got frustrated @ waiting A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ went for her to make the writer realize ΨђåƮ she missed. A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ the relationship happened τ̲̅☺O fast. Which means Omololu had some things up her sleeves. I guess we ladies should learn by now, № mata Ђ☺w̶̲̥̅̊ close don’t EVER give ur man or ǟ potential man’s address to ur friend, however close

  96. Never keep a hanginh for so long cos u might loss him to a desperiate babe. Mololu is not to be blamed at all. Lesson to all over righteous babes out there

  97. My opinion :
    There’s a thin line between “fronting” & neglect… 3mths could pass for fronting, but 2 yrs is definately neglect! Girls seem to loose a lot of nice dudes over this “fronting” issue.
    Segun…. I don’t really blame him tho…from the start he made clear his intentions (though we all know men and false pretence)but 2yrs shows anybody that, that guy was serious about the writer….moving on to another woman is not wrong,maybe the way he went about it. I’ve heard stories of people being the passage way to other people’s happiness-maybe that’s what the writer was.
    I understand the writer’s feelings concerning being sure and exposing herself because I’m a lot like that,but the least she could have done was give a little hint that Segun wasn’t wasting his time,doesn’t necessarily mean collecting his gifts.
    As for Lolu…she may have actually ended up falling in love with Segun,but I’m sure it all started from jealousy and envy over the way Segun showered attention and gifts on the writer,so yes I see her as a conniving and scheming friend..Naturally when it comes to your romantic relationships I advise people to filter what they “gist” friends,who knows who the “omololu” is amongst friends?
    Finally….for the writer you have every right to think ‘how could she?”….infact if you want to end the friendship its allowed,but bear in mind that you never showed any emotions or interest “the other woman” just happened to be your bestie.

  98. Its obvious the writer didn’t like the guy… She was practically enjoying d material benefits and she was the type that wouldn’t settle. But her friend was both, Materialistic and ready 2cope wiv a dude dat could provide. Btw, the friend also doesn’t love that dude,Let Segun go broke,He go hear am!

  99. I think the writer was a mere medium for the two to meet. Even if she had married him it might nt have lasted. Bt @ the end of the day her friend n the guy are madly Inlove with each other, sometimes we jus click with people not knowing y, bt they turn out to be long term friend–family was all pre planned bt GOD n the writer was the medium of the 2 meeting.

  100. Its obvious u never wanted him dearie but hence he was ur friend and seein ur best girl-frnd getting married to him quite hurt…Love as defined is the ability to cope with the negative side’s of the opposite sex and its glaring segun never made u angry nor jealous at any point in time…He waited for two yrs and all this while spoiling you with affections and gifts and u in turn liked him but the pride of a woman was inside of u,you got so used to him and always thought there must be an end to it and that actually happened…
    Regardless your frnd’s deity to had married him or see him…”We are humans”…Despite what she did fine its done all you have to do is keep being friendly the best way u can and let it go…Its painful but as time thicks on you would get over it and wish segun and mololu long time but I quote…The marriage won’t last…Keep doing ur thing dearie and focus more on your job…Ciao..

  101. Wow!!! DÍs’s rily serious,but I think d writer gave room 4 Ít d friend shld av waited ¶atiently @ lea§t to b sure d writer is nt interested in d guy n 2d guy,I just feel he’s rily confused.he didn’t c any other girl,it’s now mololu,dats bad

  102. Adesina. I totally agree with you. Please what is this? I’m so mad. Really, how could she? How could he? She’s supposed to be your best friend. Even if he made a move, she should have told u about it first not just marry him like that. She is selfish and obviously does not care about your feelings. She was even chatting with him while u were in the bathroom. If she had enough time, she would have given him her number then I’m sure. She is not your friend. You might not hate her but don’t stick around.

  103. Two yrs is Δ long time,but segun cud have gone for another girl..not her frnd…mololu fuck’d up.,even if they were not goin out.she ought to know somefyn cud still have worked out btw her frnd and segun.

  104. I feel really sad for the writer…..a true bestfriend should never under any circumstances..have a relationship with a friend’s boyfriend, fiance or even just someone the friend isn’t certain her position with him is.

  105. the bible said the violent taketh it by force.the writer was praying but was not omololu knew exactly what she wanted in a man and she believed segun had it.the writers mind was never made up.the writer started very well by making her self not cheap but didn’t finish smoothly.fronting makes a normal guy discouraged but encourages a player.i believe the writer was just confused she believed segun was not for her.God will not do for u what u can do 4 urself.God will intervene spiritual wise but physical wise it was the writers job to hold her man thight which was what she didnt do maybe bcos he was not handsome or one funny reason or the no one should blame omololu

  106. on a lighter note tho i think most of us(ladies)that r feeling bad for her r being blinded by the guy’s eligibility,”loaded,ready and i presume with gud luks as well”,*smiles*.These day and age wey husband hard to find,80% of us ladies wlda jumped at an opportunity like that within the first 6mths they were ard each other,i kinda giver her props sha.girls like that r rare to find these days nd i think that Segun lost out on a well brought up girl.

    1. Hi Hiedi,

      I truly commend your viewpoint!

      It is disheartening to see loose morals being praised and approved at this alarming rate. Assuming the coin was flipped and the Segun guy was not financially buoyant but was still on the writer’s case for 2yrs, would Mololu have gone down that road still? I mean, this is a clear case of materialism, greed, iwa a wobiliki, wonbia!!! With such character like hers, she would have probably been the chief advocate for her friend to get rid of Segun.

      I maintain, there’s more to marriage than getting hitched to a man who’s got all the monies but lacks credibility and character. The writer is better off in all of these. If he could decamp with such level of indecency, what are the guarantees that he wouldn’t change camps on Mololu when some chic better at her game comes along?

      So, Mololu is pregnant? Means nothing. Why did he not settle with his babymama? Segun’s got issues, clearly evident! Everyone keeps shouting…2yrs but are we not forgetting the fact that it is very likely Segun had other “distractions” during the course of the 2yrs of which the writer is oblivious of? Are we saying he was true to just chasing the writer in those 2yrs? This same thing could have happened outside the writer’s circle and all the writer would realise is …Segun doesn’t pressurise her anymore. The irritation here is how it all went down.

      Let’s look deeper, getting married is not the ultimate neither is it the end of a race. It’s a beginning of the rest of your life. Are willing to commence that with a someone one of low moral values and questionable values, standards and principles?

  107. Guys, do we seriously fink Omololu is inlove wif d dude? If truely dis ” feelin” of her’s 4 her friend’s toaster is genuine y would she flaunt d same bag and in a short period had him buy her d car of her dreams with out letin her friend no… Rather, she told her friend in mockery, askin wether or not they were stil seeing. She’s a BITCH ! And deserve no 4givness! By God some day she’s gonna get wat she deserves.

    1. Well, am gonna blame d writer just a bit, one….. She shldnt av waited 4 2yrs b4 she decides on who 2 b wif and am nt gonna blame ha on d oda hand cos goin in2 marriege isn’t a joke, Segun was too fast on ha, in 2wks , u wanna take a babe ome 2 meet ur mama, som1 dat spends all his life abroad, how will I know him, I understand d writer, b4 u go in2 marriage u’ve got 2 spend tym wif d guy 4 3months b4 u know som of his ways even nt all, omololu is a wicked friend, am sure ha friend must have told ha d truth, “am prayn n fastn abt Segun b4 goin in2 anyfin wif him” Omololu isn’t in any way a good friend…….the writer shld take heart

  108. Accordin to ma own perspective,segun here is at fault cos he culd has stil wasted,den lolu knws dat segun likes her,so wats her stress??reali she did betrayed her frnd.God wuld do hers for her too o!!

  109. Writer I do not pity U and moreso wats ur complaint about? It wasnt a if mololu snatched him from U and she had asked repeatedly if both of u are involved of which u denied. I must say u never really had any feelings for d guy, u were too comfortable to think U cant be replaced. U were testing him and waiting for God’s direction but yet u were collecting expensive gift as if d guy is ur other ATM. Mololu dnt wrong u in anyway and since its so difficult for u to make up ur mind in 2year, am not sure 5yrs will be enough to make up ur mind. And even in ur write up, u dnt really sound like u miss him, i think ur pains lie mostly on d gift and maybe u re now slightly jealous. But afterall, kudos goes to the threesome for dealing with the situation so maturely and I particularly like mololu’s choice of words in her mail. Nevertheless, I feel for U but there is definitely someone out there dat will make ur experience worthwhile maybe U two are just not meant to be like she rightly said.

  110. 2 me I dnt tink wat d writer did was wrong in fasting & praying on d proposal cos as a beliver dats aw duty 2 commit aw ways unto d lord but den I strongly believe segun wasn’t meant 4 her.cos if he was rightfully hers,her luv in his heart will neva diminish.& 4 d segun guy its so glaring dat he neva luvd her genuinely initially he jst needed sm1 urgently 2 marry & even if he needed sm1 2 marry he shldnt av been her best frd dat he nos wit her.den 4 mololu such a person is not worth calling a frd let alone a best frd.I will rather say d writer continues wit her prayer 4 God’s intervention on anoder rightfully choice cos GOD is d rewarder of dos dat deligently seeks Him

  111. I totally agree wv Adesina, Omololu is definitely not your “bestfriend” …she culdv controlled her emotions if she rily loved u and not acted all sneaky abt it,dats to show she was jst waiting for d opportunity to grab wot she had been scoping (segun)..and she’s an opportunist whose definitely in love wv the fairytale he’s giving her and not him. On d oda hand,the writer wasted too much time, c’mon 2 years???, trust me if u as mch as had feelings for him,u wldv given him a chance,I think the writer is hurt considering d saying dat says “u won’t value wot u have till u lose it”. I would NEVER wait on anyone for 2 years wvout seeing any form of hope, life’s too short for such hun.

  112. Next time,if there’s ever any again,she will accept a man’s sincere proposal nd not “front” or waist his time..I can’t comprehend how a girl wil watch a man for 2yrs nd not say yes 2 his proposal.If trully she’s a christian,she wil know it doesn’t take that long for God to tell her if its d right man or not.Does she expect the man to wait till eternity?I don’t blame her friend she saw an open invitation nd went for it.Nd if omololu had even said no,he may still have gone with another lady instead of waisting his time with d writer

  113. it could happen to anybody ooo but does she av to wait that long b/4 realisIng that sm1 wants her,maybe they’re not meant to be together win some u lose some but am so sorry for her sha cos is so painful…..wisdom is important in evyth n above all GOD.

  114. I must say the writer is selfish and wanted to add wicked to it. In a simple short term, she doesn’t love the guy and wants him to wait for enternity for her love. She should be happy the guy still wants her happy. She should take her time and ask the guy what pains he has feeling helplessly all this he has been waitin for her. That will make her feel better. As for her friend she did nothing wrong. Infact she still love her so much to clarify everthing that conveyed btw her and segun to her. Summary of it all is that she engulfed her feelings for too long. She never gave herself the chance to love him and she likes him. For the ladies, Wen u like a guy and her ask’s u out, giv ur self the chance to love him. For the guy, be sure to warn the girl b4 u leave. She may love u but but needs another acquintance to help her realise that. Its good to make her jealous. If u can’t do that, then know uar far from her taught.

  115. I think no one is to blame here. The guy was rili patient to wait for 2years to get approval. That was the writer gaining control already over so many things. Nevertheless, when love takes over its best for us to let it and buck up.

  116. Hmmm!! God works in mysterious ways and his ways and timming most times are not on the same wavelength with our wants and needs. So I think the writer got the answer to her prayer and fasting. He is clearly not hers. That she remained friends 4 2yrs is not a sign of been slow it has worked out 4 odas in the past. As for her friend, I don’t care how rich a guy is, u don’t do dat 2 ur BFF.. She shud ve asked nd if the writer has said No.. Tuf luck.. Friendship doesn’t ve to be convienent. I hope segun is prepared for the “substance” in his wife, although they seem like a bed of d same feather 2 mee… Life is full of hiccups.. Writer pele ti e..

  117. I believe we shouldn’t blame the boy .it normal even if he didn’t go for her friend 1 day will see another good girl not doing the long thing tin and will move on with her ,so blame the girl it her fault ,no long thing in life o and I will blame the friend too(omololu) ,she should have tell her friend about segun asking her out and if she really love her friend she not suppose to have the Gods to do it !but this is life I can’t talk much on her sha,the dull her is at fault ,so she should find someone else that dude is gone for good

  118. Well! Well!! Well!!! I’m a fan of ∂ɐ saying… “Wat will be, Will be…” Sha diz geh dull herself… Hw cn ü be friends Wȋ̊v a guy dtz Sǿ on Point 4 almost 2years wivout any acceptance 2all hiz proposals… Infact ü wer even dreaming wen ur pal Sэ∂ ü shud accept him b4 oda gurlz wud take dt advantage.. She ws only tellin ü wat she wud haff Ðǿnɐ since if she wernt ur pal.. Bt as a pal, she gave ü more tym.. ℓ̊ kno ur Hurt sha.. Bt God dey.. He gat bera plans 4u.. Wat will be… Will BE!!!

  119. Really touchy story, but he was never meant for. You were a means to which he met her. You have played your role in his life. When yours come you will be overjoyed. He was never yours. Never!
    So let go! She also appologised and told you later. She would have sort for your consent but it happened the way it was meant to be. You may not be happy at the end of the day. God answered your prayers and He was kind to you. It happened before you not behind. Thank Him still and let go.

  120. Hummm, thought men usually do what Segun does, but ɑ̤̥̈̊ true best friend will not do what mololu does. Since she knows her friend is still considering Segun then what she shd have done as ɑ̤̥̈̊ friend is to tell him ɑ̤̥̈̊ capital no. Definitely she is jealous of her friend. †ђǝ saying that she should remember she is not into date with is rubbish.

  121. Friend, you actually prayed about it n he wasn’t for you. He wasn’t meant to be for u. He’s just a prototype of ur man. I know it’s painful but don’t be angry with Omololu. U were d channel for her. U were used to bless her n u cannot miss out on d seed you have sown. Love her like before n u’re man will come knocking. N when he comes, u will know. It will be deep in ur spirit. D seeds that come with d best harvests are very painful when sown. It’s usually ur widow’s mite. Don’t worry, u’ll be settled. ‘Winks’

  122. Whatever woUld be , would surely come to pass, segun wasn’t Ment for her, bt never the less its very painful what hapnd to her, nd its definately a lesson to be learnt , Destiny can’t be changed bt only delayed , what is hers would come bak to her nd if nt then it was never hers in d begining…

  123. There is Law of Attraction and there’s supernatural law of attraction.
    If law of attraction didnt work in getting them married to each other, then the supernatural law wl kick in (If they’re trully meant for each other).

    Her prayers might be working on Segun base on frndshp sake and might not work on him if they eventually got married!.

    I strongly blv they are both better off as friend rather than being a couple.
    We’ve seen an elaborated wedding that didnt last and we’ve witnessed a poor man’s wedding that stand the test of time.
    She should learn to pray very hard, look very well and when ever God prepare a table of meal before u, pls dont ask for spoon!.
    Thats y he created u with hands!!!!

  124. So much to say, but ♠ quick summary will βε̲̣ “Time waits for no man” Like I knew the end b4 ϑ end… Good lesson for those who wait for the Lord to come their dootstep… It’ڪ well

    Life goes on….

  125. If you went to a shop, found a dress that you liked but couldn’t afford, you probably would save up then come back to pick it later. If, however, upon your return to pick your long awaited grand prize someone has bought it, then there’s nothing you can do but mourn your loss for a while and then move on. The key to your freedom: other dresses will come! Neither one of d 3 above is a slow coach, conniving sneaky friend or slimy bastard! When you look at it from a cloth and shop point of view, its dumbluck and that’s how it should be viewed with people in the picture! To the writer: Other dresses are in the shop, if you believe it, you will find better dresses (or in this case the dress will find you since men are supposed to find women!)

  126. Sincerely I av learnt ova time not to envy oda pple relationships but I wud not blame her friend at all cus if she also respected d fact dt its her best friends guy dey both wud av lost d guy.In serious term she did not love d guy and omololu was smart enuf to get her man.she is only sad bcus she might not av aCcess to d luxuries she was once used to….

  127. Moral of this story: U snooze, U loose. If u see something u want, u open ur hands real wide and grab it cos oppurtunities are to rare and far between to toy with.

  128. In my own view, Omololu has not done anything wrong. With the way the lady has described Segun, she suppose to hv made up her mind at once whether to accept Segun fully or politely turned down Segun’s request of getting married to her. For the two years, can she boast of not having an affair apart from that of Segun. To me, the gifts from Segun kept Segun in her mind as a friend. Moreso, Omololu had even told her at the early stage to better be serious wt the guy. W̶̲̥̅̊н̣̣̣̝̇̇̇@̤̥̣̈̊̇†̥̣̣̣̇̇̇ is worth doing is worth doing well.

  129. Well, Segun’s engagement with Mololu was intentional. I tink he was hurt about the writer’s plights of not giving him what he asked for. My reasons are not far fetched because considering segun’s concurrent care n show of concern towards her, he knows that the writer actually respect and had some form of deep feelings for him despite all odds but as a man who felt proud because his business is now making an edge decided to ‘intentionally’ married her best friend. There’s no doubt that the writer would have told segun about her family background and dear friends. Hence, I also belive that her so called friend, Mololu is very awared that the writer is inlove with the dude,Segun…..(Girls do gist about their feelings most times when they together). So Mololu knew what the writer was doing instead of her to advice her friend and cautioned Segun’s intentions towards her, She rather became a ‘ gold digger’. Well am so sorry for the writer but one thing is sure that Segun’s heart will never be at peace knowing fully well that if it wasn’t the writer’s prayers and faithfulness he wouldn’t have been where he is. So sad! But let’s tale the truth when we see things happening. Thank you for the opportunity.

  130. I see this in two ways. Firstly, the writer stalled the guy for two years and was not “into” him like she said so that’s her fault if she lost him. Secondly, the friend must be a Silly Slimy Slut to have gone after her best friends toaster / chiker. Its not done anywhere. If the writer didn’t come back home everyday showing omololu what segun bought or buys her, she wouldn’t have had ideas. So greedy omololu was fantasizin n imagining segun being her man and buyin her all the good stuffs her friend was getting and she went for him “sharp girl” but not a smart move. Segun on the other hand, has no fault whatsoever so he shouldn’t be blamed.

  131. Hmnnn…what a familiar story. I was in the exact same shoes…well maybe not so exact.
    I really never liked this guy and once I made him call my best friend on her birthday…that was it…he immediately seemed to prefer my friend more. The only pang of hurt I felt was that I would no longer get all the expensive gifts and like the girl in the story, I never defined the relationship. For me moving on was easy… I had made peace with myself nd bestie…nothing was big enough to come between us even if my bestie had eventually ended up with him…which she didn’t!
    Very very familiar story. Nobody did nything wrong! This is Life! It happens…

  132. Its really sadden, well, I can’t blame. D man bcos time $ tide wait for no one. She should have @least open her heart for him after one year friendship. Anyway the only blame here for d man is dat he shouldn’t have gone to her best friend for a friendship or wot so ever they started with. Lastly, these is indeed a lesson not for one but for all single ladies out there.

  133. I found the summary of the story in the line “when i see the look on seguns face as he looks at her, he never looked at me that way, i must confess”. We can all decide to put the blame on others but then God’s plan prevails. Nice Read.

  134. Am sorry for the writer but she personally dug her own grave… How do u keep a guy waiting for 24 months not weeks but months… Damn too long tym for me to set P wit a lady. Her friend, well i don’t have anything to say there. Writer take solace in God and pray Mr. Right comes along and u do not keep waiting for 1 year. my 2 cents.

  135. i see it as God doing to show somegirls some lesson,u will love a girl 4rm d bottom of ur heart nd show it to her but bcos maybe she has gone through one disapointment or d other she wil not give herself chance to love again forgeting dat men are not d same nd d same also to girls,is a pitty dat it happens dat way but God knows d best.

  136. She Threw her Chance away joh … 2 freaking Years of Fronting!! …Segun was too patient sef …and she was collecting $2000 dollar bags and fronting on top … She should go and commit suicide joh … SHE FUCKED UP! … Congrats to Molulu and Segun

  137. I reccomend you read one of the books written be gloria mike bamiloye, when a man ask u out which might be more or less a proposal, if after one month u’re not sure of ur heart dn don’t waste ur time and d guy’s time. So I’ll gladly lay d blame on d oda girl definitely not segun or omololu, instead it’s d oda girl dt’s very selfish and she was not been truthful to herself, she liked d guy and was enjoying all d gifts and attention. So she should be happy for her friend. And God give her, her own husband too. And I wish omololu and segun all the best in their marriage.

  138. Luvly writeup! Startin wiv mololu,it was ttotally wronng of her to av dated Segun.Even if she had to,it shldnnt av bn dat fast and soon.She shld v atleast waitd and let segun get over d writer. And maybe later in life,if segun stl feels d same way abt her,den prolly can date him. Cos as it is,I’m sure segun stl has some feelings for d writer.Mololu is prolly a compensation for his wasted efforts and times spent on d writer.
    As for Segun,he has his own blame aswell.Jumpin to d next n closest person to d writer is wrong.He shld v atleast pitchd his tent sumwhr else,I’m sure segun jes got tired of waitin n poured out his emotions to d next available person to d writer. Nevertheless,he has his faults.
    To d writer,i dnt think any pastor or relatnshp counsellor wld advise yu kip a man waitin for 2YEARS!Dats a lot mehn!Everytin in life is a risk.If segun had bn pretendin al along,he can kip pretendin til yu say den he never changd his ways al tru dis period and yet d writer didn’t seem it ryt to take d risk of dating him.D truth is,if segun hadn’t dated mololu,he wld av found sum1else eventually and wld av left d writer.Mololu jes hapnd to b d prey at dat time.If we v to b honest,segun tried in al areas,he prolly messed it al up at d end bt den d writer is to b blamed.

  139. If she truly prayed and fasted then omololu is not her husband period. I notice how she doesnt talk about any peculiar qualities like he is nice he is God fearing, i suppose that should come first for someone who fasted n prayed, that would make her want omololu except the generousity, splurging and paparazzi things. She and her friend are birds of a feather she only got beat to her game!period. Least she has hermes bag, not a lot of people get the real ones. Hahahahaha

  140. Well I wouldn’t lie there are serious issues raised here but the truth is the writer gorked her opportunity if u see an opportunity to have what u want omo ogbeni no time for long thing and to me the omololu girl is not a coniving friend because she didn’t hide the relationship from her friend she’s a go getter and she got what she wanted her happiness. And funny enought if the writer doesn’t forgive the pain would only eat up her insides nd she might never find her Mr right the opportunity was clearly not meant for her. This is where many Nigerian women fail uld see something simple but uld alway want to make things difficult for urself be putting guys on long thing God dey sha.

  141. Well I wouldn’t lie there are serious issues raised here but the truth is the writer gorked her opportunity if u see an opportunity to have what u want omo ogbeni no time for long thing and to me the omololu girl is not a coniving friend because she didn’t hide the relationship from her friend she’s a go getter and she got what she wanted her happiness. And funny enought if the writer doesn’t forgive the pain would only eat up her insides nd she might never find her Mr right the opportunity was clearly not meant for her. This is where many Nigerian women fail uld see something simple but uld always want to make things difficult for urself be putting guys on long thing God dey sha.

  142. Team omololu!!! I’m happy 4 u my dear cz God has blessed u much. As 4 dis slow writer u can like 2 remain single forever and continue dreaming of segun….hope u learned ur lesson ( when u like someone or something, take it by force)…..

  143. i dnt think there is anyone to be blamed dan d writer…common!!!2yrs ..thats too long if she rilli loved the guy n she is no kid either so wat xactly was she waitin…g for??? ………..she never rilli loved the guy ,she just liked the idea of him n like she also said ‘they might av bn able to work things out’ …….u cant make a home wiv such…dat so not enough like omololu said ….maybe in d 60’s n 80’s sha wen our parent only went in wiv the statement’we cld make it work’…..der is alot more needed to thread dat road n clearly d writer didnt av enuf or even d most important part to be honest!!! which is love’she is a woman n if we r crazy in luv wiv a man we know how we do it’ …………so as for her prayers i guess it was just never meant to be she did xactly wat God asked her to do in d union of those two’which is to help dem find eachother’………though a very sad situation but no body betrayed her ,she never wanted it …….if omololu n segun never even fell in love there is a big chance dat she ll still be jst friends wiv segun…………….i wish her all d best sha, n not to worry her own fairy tale will come too,she gave someone that joy so she shldnt worry our God never sleeps,she will get her own fairy tale too.

  144. Dearest, segun was never ur man. The pains u bear rite now results from wat u tot u lost but b consoled that God sees ur heart and knows d best for u. If u had ended up wit him, his love for u would have surely dissapeared as soon as it still did then, all u would get is either heartbreak for d rest of ur union or a divorce. Free ur mind girl friend ur man will come sooooooo soon. Time heals everytin. Am wit u in prayers.

  145. Well I tink you the writer if it rilly is u it happened 2 ur problably waiting 4 ur mister rite or perfect well wait on cz I dnt tink he exists u had a perfectly good man and u wasted it on ur indulgence well gud luck u lost ur chance dnt blame d man dt gave u his hearth 4 2 years or ur frind dt saw him as a blessing dt he is

  146. Hmmmmm! Well, I would say what omololu did was not really wrong because its mite be destiny that brought segun and her together, using you as the connection! Or you took toooo long to decide your feelings and sometimes you blab about how your supposed male frend lavishes gift at you! Keep things to yourself once in a while! Sorry dear(ur man would come)

  147. Tho its a sad tale but d writer caused her own problems… Its either u like someone or u don’t! As adults we know what we want from pple,what we want to trust dem wt & thngs like dt. 2 long years & she was still fasting & praying,she shld wait fr prophet Elijah to come tell her “he’s d one” next time. Omololu didn’t act right but she’s an opportunist like a lot of us. The frndship & best-friend drama has to stop because it won’t work,Omololu cut it short wen she decided to marry Segun.

  148. Wow such a nice story. Its is obvious de writer was not in love with segun but all the same its very painful loosing such a nice man to her best friend. She will surely meet a man that she loves and knw how it feels. Definitely she wouldn’t 2yrs to realise that.

  149. I beggy Naija girlz and forming, I have always said this, our girl need more education on how to attend to a man.

  150. If u love someone, don’t wait 2 years (720 days) to let him/her know… I can’t blame Omololu for her actions even if it looks rather tacky. The writer had her prize for so long a time but couldn’t commit.. It was right there, God giving, signed, sealed and delivered but she chose to ignore what she knew was the right thing to do sighting lame excuses as reasons for stalling… Well too bad. Happy marraige life Omololu and bros Sege!

  151. Accordin to own view,lolu was nt meant to do dat knwin dat segun likes her frnd ãήϑ ∂єу we’re abt to start smefin.segun too shld av had patience bt God knws best bt lolu fucked up!!

  152. I must say this is a touching story,dealing with insecurity,betrayal and choice.The writer is not slow at all,but from my view,she strikes like a person who has a limit on life and it’s fulfillment,pride is nothing to be ashamed of,she just wants a perfect life and that comes with a price,the man wasn’t hers,so lossing him shouldn’t bother her,cos I know it hurts her because her friend is making something out of her for the friend,she was never truly her friend,no friend of yours will go after your man,whether he’s a toaster or an admirer,the girl is a gold digger,an opportunist,who got happy with the material things coming to her,let me ask a question,who wouldn’t love a man who answers her material needs with a snap of his fingers?she knew the man’s weakness and she played on it,so best of luck to that,but she is no friend and shouldn’t be treated as for the man,the bone of contention,he is just a confused person who is seeking fun,luckily,he got it from the wrong girl,it wouldn’t take time for him to start regretting his actions and by then it would have been too advise to the writer is to calm down,forgive them,move on,though it’s hard,bear it in mind she was never your friend,but one who envied your success and she was desperate to show it as a “sharp girl”,one day,a man who will wait for your love and treat you well will come,like I said move on,it’s not your fault.

  153. Hmmmmmmm!!! This is a very touching story. I wonder if segun truely loves her cos if he really does, he wud not even think of having sometin of such to do wit her best friend. I really dnt blame d writer for taking her tym. Mololu shd av done dat for any reason at all. I pray their marriage wrks out fine.i salute d writers courage. The best is coming her way.

  154. Wen one’s destiny is written nofin changes it, it might be awkward bt possible lolu was meant to be wif segun nd an advice to d writer its not wrong to take things slow especially wen u just got to know d guy bt next time she shuld be open nd ready to learn to love nd if d love doesn’t look gud u both wuld know nd step out. As for segun he saw d light of friendship in d writer bt saw true love in lolu so I strongly believe in WATEVER WILL BE WILL BE

  155. I enjoyed this musing thoroughly…well done! As for all parties involved, I wish with all my heart the muser let Segun go early enough in their relationship. If she did maybe he would never have met and married her best friend. She knew she didn’t really like him yet she kept him hanging and hoping. I feel really sorry for her, I hope she meets someone else that will make her forget the pain. Love happened for Segun and Omololu, I don’t think they planned it, but then again, your “best friend’s potential BF or Ex-BF” is a “No go area” in my opinion.

  156. Firstlx the two where not destined 2 marry.she in person blow of the whole thing.when it comes to Segun is a perfect gentle man.

  157. First,her friend is a devil in disguise,secondly,hanging a man 4 so long isn’t d best.4 2 yrs?no now,if u like somethin,go 4 it n pray as well.segun shouldn’t b blamed,2yrs is 2 much my dear.just do away wit dat evil dat calls herself ur friend.sori dear,soon,u’l ve ur own hubby.but dis time,u dnt hang him 4 dat long”2yrs”

  158. It obviously wasn’t meant to be. If she really loved him she wouldn’t have waited almost 2 yrs, in fact she didn’t start to think about it till evrytn ended and the guy got interested in her friend. And if he really was meant for her then 2 yrs would have been nothing. So I just feel its destiny, they were not meant for eachother. I do not support what her friend did but at the same time, why keep a man who has already professed marriage in the first month waiting for two years. I really don’t believe there is jus 1 person meant for us! There are many, so he found this other person who was ready and willing to, its unfortunate it was her friend. I think she is just sad and hurt because he was a very nice guy with a lot of money not because she loved him. They definately were not meant to be!

  159. Wich kain nonsense bff is dis 1? N U̶̲̥̅̊ still kall ha ur bff..i swear on dt weddin dy if i were U̶̲̥̅̊ i wil stand up wen d pst sys dt tin bout standin if U̶̲̥̅̊ feel d marriage shud nt hold..For Godsake dis is mad betrayal!!!..if its supposd 2 appen its anoda girl nt ma bff!! writeup buh i wil kill d bf -___-

  160. I rilly rilly blame d writer soooo much cos she wasted 2much time in showing her feelings 2 Segun. How can u keep a guy who showd u Luv hanging as frend 4 2yrs. Though she wantd 2b careful whch ws a gud tin but she wasted 2much time. Wat Omololu did was partially wrong, she shudnt have kept it away 4rm her frend since inception. She shudnt even have accepted 4 segun in d 1st place, but I guess she was desperate. Segun is blameless cos he sought-after Luv & got it but unfortunately in d arms of d writers best frend. My prayer 2d writer is dat she finds a Man better than Segun.

  161. Well….. No one’s to blame. The writer didn’t love the man well enough to accept him and his baggage (his daughter). If she really loved him she would have taken the risk, as every relationship is actually a risk. It might work, it might not. Segun can’t be blamed, his overtures were not returned so he has to move on.
    At the end of the day she has herself to blame. Her best friend can’t be blamed in any way because she is a victim of love as well…

  162. I believe segun was not for u.because dere is an adage dat says “whatever is urs will forever be urs no matter where d person might be or go to

  163. To be honest, I think d only thing that was wounded was the writer’s pride. But two years in a ‘non-relationship’?? She really should have let him go sooner and I’m tempted to think d turn of events was karma. However, I do feel her pain- we’ve all had our pride-moments. She shdnt sweat it, I suspect d reason it still hurts is cos she hasn’t found a replacement. I’m a teeny bit worried about her friend though cos personally, once a man is with my friend(even if its a non-r/ship) he’d be automatically off limits- except I 1st had her blessings. Having said, never criticise someone unless u’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

  164. Its not ur fault! U did not feel that much for him until u lost him! That’s just the truth..its natural when u don’t know what u have until u lose it..I really disrecpected a gf of mine and since 2005 till date am still begging..

  165. The MC did no wrong. You don’t force these things. If she was sure of Segun they would have gotten married even in 6 months. She had pause for a reason. Why rush and later be unhappy. I respect the MC for being strong enuf to resist the appeals of the ‘golden’ segun.
    And she didn’t “lose” him. It is natural to feel like she lost something, she would feel hurt. Same way I still feel somehow when I meet a girl I once dated with another guy. Very normal.
    Infact, the 3 of them did nothing wrong.
    Doesn’t mean they won’t feel guilty. That a situation is awkward doesn’t mean its bad.

  166. She ought to have grabbed the opportunity that came her way,rather than dilly dallying over inconsequental tests and what have you. In such matters you strike while the iron is still hot period.

  167. I’m looking at this issue and placing myself in Omolulua’s shoes. If I keep a guy that seems all that as “just a friend” for 2yrs its cos I’m not interested or looking for something better at the same time think about it why should a guy who you know is concerned only abt having a serious relationship put his life on hold for 2yrs cos you’re unsettled. It really hurts that her friend acted sneaky a bit though but that just cos she created the avenue for that. She should keep praying, God will bless her too

  168. I don’t blame the writer for having her reservations. The dude has a very questionable character. Who tells a stranger his life history on the 1st day they meet? A stranger he picked off the streets! He even went as far as telling her his business was in trouble. That’s mega scary! Then 2 weeks later he starts to say “ℓ love u” and “be the 2nd mother to my daughter”. If he was that great, how come the French woman left him for another Nigerian man?

    Buying them the same type of bags was very disrespectful. That is soooo wrong! Sheds more light on the characters of the man and Omololu.

    Its obvious the writer doesn’t love the dude. Which explains why she stalled for 2yrs. Even if he was on her case for 10yrs she probably will still have her reservations. The feeling she has now is cos she’ll miss all the attention and gifts she was already used to getting from him. And its totally human to feel that way.

    She should be thankful that she didn’t marry him. He so isn’t her man. Her man will come. And when he does, she’ll know. She won’t need anyone convincing her, she’ll just know!

    As for the friend, I really hope she’s in love with him o. From the “fairytale” speech, I doubt she is though. I pray it works out for them. Cos if it doesn’t, karma’s a BITCH mehn! It’d better be wσrth the risk

  169. No blame should be layed on anybody, but need be, den it should b d girl. C’mon…2yrs?!!!habaaa!! D@s sooooo unfair. D girl was desperate n u certainly. Took him for granted. Maybe twas neva meant to be. Maybe u. Were just a means to his happiness. Its a lesson. When u’re ‘just frends’, a lot can be hidden, but wen ur in a relationship d@ is positive, a lot wld b exposed n identified.

  170. In my opinion, Segun gave her the green light but she kept stalling.

    Let’s not forget the fact that it was her that introduced Omololu to Segun, and her friend capitalized on it.

    This is some classic Africa Magic steez.

    Great post by the way.

  171. Opportunity comes but once and an opportunity loss can never be regained.i strongly believe that Segun deeply loved her but she was trying 2 b was never the fault of d friend neither that of segun.The mistake dat d writter made was dat,she refused 2 open up even 2 her friend.Had it been she had opened up 2 her friend,her friend would have told Segun dat she (writter) was just taking her time dat she loved him and segun would have been hers but that she never did.There’s nothing she can do than to be her chiefbridesmaid.Another thing i see is that,it is likely that they were not meant for each other.she just have 2 pray for her own suitor.

  172. It is disheartening to see loose morals being praised and approved at this alarming rate. Assuming the coin was flipped and the Segun guy was not financially buoyant but was still on the writer’s case for 2yrs, would Mololu have gone down that road still? I mean, this is a clear case of materialism, greed, iwa a wobiliki, wonbia!!! With such character like hers, she would have probably been the chief advocate for her friend to get rid of Segun.

    I maintain, there’s more to marriage than getting hitched to a man who’s got all the monies but lack credibility and character. The writer is better off in all of these. If he could decamp with such level of indecency, what are the guarantees that he wouldn’t change camps on Mololu when some chic better at her game comes along?

    So, Mololu is pregnant? Means nothing. Why did he not settle with his babymama? Segun’s got issues, clearly evident! Everyone keeps shouting…2yrs but are we not forgetting the fact that it is very likely Segun had other “distractions” during the course of the 2yrs of which the writer is oblivious of? Are we saying he was true to just chasing the writer in those 2yrs? This same thing could have happened outside the writer’s circle and all the writer would realise is …Segun doesn’t pressurise her anymore. The irritation here is about how it all went down.

    Let’s look deeper, getting married is not the ultimate neither is it the end of a race. It’s a beginning of the rest of your life. Are you willing to commence that with someone one of low moral values and questionable values, standards and principles? What shall be imparted in the offsprings?

    1. Thanks Nubian. You make sense. Unfortunately, your kind of views are in the minority here. I can see Temiville herself shares your views as she has given you the *bisous*, French for kisses.

      I am disgusted, appalled. Not just at the treachery displayed by a so called best friend or the or the betrayal by Segun, who even wasn’t a boyfriend technically, was atleast a friend, a good one at that.

      How dare they?!

      Despite my outrage, my sadness and disgust are directed at people’s reactions and acceptance of it. People, is it all about money? Egbami!!! What is the world turning into? Where are our morals?

      The Writer made it clear she was always encouraging him not to spend on her. Omololu, within months, was already brandishing same bag and the keys to a new car and you all are saying, “she is sharp”?! What the hell?

      Your friend? And the bitch has the nerve to be citing Corona days and eliciting stupid sentiments?! Bitch please. Were you thinking of your 16 year pact when you went after her man? Yes, I called him her man. There’s no way in the corner of her mind, she wasn’t already accepting him as hers but maybe she was stalling (I blame her). But despite this, your friend has no right to do that. Ok, she has a “right” but showed no moral scruples by so doing.

      Guys, let’s think deep. How on earth will they explain how they met? Her parents must know him already? His mom knows her. Why are people like this?

      Gosh! I’m disgusted mehn.

      1. Thanks Honey.I truly feel your disgust

        Sadly but truthfully, this post and its attending comments is a major eye-opener to the true state of our value system as a generation. Needless say more.

        Every man to his tent!

  173. Nice post, I feel for u babe. But let’s look at it from another angle. I don’t think u felt anything for segun,even mololu wrote in d letter that ‘she knows u well,that if u have feelings for any guy u don’t keep him waiting for too long’ so she knew u didn’t have feelings for him. Babe, u would have just told d guy off rather than keep him around, I’m sure if u had told him off since he wouldn’t have had d opportunity to date ur friend. I also blame ur friend,she is a gold digger, an opportunist etc. She is not a good friend at all, such a friend should be done away with. God will give u a better replacement though. Keep praying and don’t give up. Just learn from d experience and don’t give in to self pity. All d best girl

  174. Even if she was alrdy dating segun.. D so kald mololu wud stil snatch d guy. Let’s face it,segun wudnt hav waited dat long if d writer wasn’t givin him d green light.. I believe segun somehw felt dey wud date eventuly dats y he waitd nd even if dey were alrdy dating..dis wud stil happen. Abeg do away wif dat gurl.shez not a frend at all. And as for segun he did well buh for effins sake her bestfriend???did It hav 2b her?? I feel bad for d writer…

  175. Like seriously, wit a friend like dat who needs enemies, can’t imagine the pain she must ve felt…if I was the queen of hearts it would ve been “off with their heads ” ……………………….but chic u messed up ,u get better suitor u they do yanga who tell u say plenty bobo they ……omo na d sharpest dog go eat d fatest bone o no b d patient dog…..

  176. Dear, d writer isn’t guilty of being 2 slow or any other thing. Such things hav happend 2 me 2. Segun wasn’t meant 4 her! God wil send her sumone dat wil worship d sand she steps on. And as for her fwend. God is nt mocked, wat a man sows dat he shal reap. Thanks.

  177. The guy in question isn’t interested in love. All he needed was a companion and what both girls are after is money. If the guy wasn’t rich both girls probably wouldn’t be interested. Itz all about the money and companion while true love is out of the picture but built in wealth.

  178. Very good story, I think d writer was never into Segun. The fasting nd prayers nd all, they were just very good friends. The article says dat dey’ve known eachother for 2years and dey never shared a kiss and she didn’t have feelings for him. What she couldn’t grow in 2years her friend did in less than a month. She was just the tunnel through which her frnd nd Segun were suppose to meet. Its painful yes, everything happens for a reason. It might be to teach her a lesson nd make things work out perfectly when her own mr right comes. The frnd isn’t bad, she couldn’t help it. She felt bad but wat can u tell a woman in L♥√ع.

  179. wonderful piece.
    I must say; what’s meant to be, will be. (la cera cera, whatever will be will be….).
    I doubt they will find happiness in the nearest future because a man like that might as well go for her(mololu) relation let alone her best friend.
    I believe the laws of karma: one way or the other re-suffaces at the right time and the hurt party will be there to watch it.
    my opinion

  180. OMG!!! I feel her pain, so bad..I wish I could help but the fact remains; she should be very conscious of time wasting next time..I strongly believe that Segun wasn’t meant for her…

  181. Wow, as in, WOW!!! That was a brilliant story told. The truth is that the writer wasted so long a time; I mean, for great goodness sakes what was she waiting for after meeting such an ELIGIBLE bachelor: independent, loving, aspiring, prosperous, generous and what-have-we. It is clearly stated up there, she never gave him the chance by keeping distance when he seemed to propose by words and deeds. I feel so sad for her but darn, she lost. And that was a HUGE loss. I only pray she finds someone better off than the guy. Then we would safely conclude that she WON!!!

  182. I feel Highandblue to the core. He wasn’t your man for 2 years (infact, he must have been patient or luckless to hang on for that long!). You just don’t want Segun “like that”. Truly, I would be scared (if I were a girl) if any guy came up to me “loving me lots” in just 2 weeks of calls, eating out and BBing. But it all depends on how we start off, really. Personally, I prefer sweeping my quarry off her feet, and letting her play “catch-him”, so I think Segun’s style was PRETTY lame! And that probably added to your apprehensions.

    Omololu’s initial attraction, on the other hand, was just about the goodies lavished on her best-friend. I see women jump at this a lot, and it usually back-fires. However, given the right ingredients (a good, loving and sincere man), and a smart woman (who must “work” at keeping him so the rest of their lives), the exception will arise.

    I think you also ought to review your “expectations” of a “Strong man”. There’re loads of strong men in Segun’s mode, who’re easy to be witn, unpretentious, unassuming, approachable. And 2 hours with them will show you EVERYTHING they’re about. If you go around thinking a strong man must have style, aloofness, poise, and strategies, you’ll always get it wrong. Just saying…

  183. She wasn’t rily into segun cos if she was she wuld kiss him even if its once.den concerning d prayer and fasting,hmmmmmm dres no ow Ʊ wuld b praying abt sumtin for two yrs and God won’t give Ʊ a word abt it so its obvious she doesn’t want any relationship from him JƱڪτ̲̅ Wα̲̅†̥ he’s got to offer.

  184. Its actually really hard to face problems like this but in the actual sence what is not yours is not yours no matter how hard u try so hard to have it, it will always find its way back to where it belongs. Maybe Segun wasn’t meant for you and God made u a point of linkage between him and Omololu, eventually what God has in stock for you is going to come your way in no time. U have to move on and believe God for a better life ahead of you.

  185. Dear writer, u r just a woman of virtue. Believe me, Segun wasn’t 4 u bcos wat is urs cannot pass u by. By d mercy of God u wil get a beta person. As 4 ur fwend, God is nt mocked, wat a man sows, dat he wil reap. God CANNOT n wil NOT be mocked… Take heart n be strong, at a time like dis, u nid 2 depend on God rite nw. Be good!

  186. Well my own opinion is,the writer will find it hard to be herself for the rest of her life…this might even make her to make a wrong choice later in life…because she will nt want d next man to leave her…that’s why she wouldn’t have given any chances from the begining.I guess this is due to her lack of exposure and she feels she is a good girl…let’s see where her been conservative will lead her to. Besides dis days there are so many girls looking for a life partner and she was busy taking the man she had for granted. She was busy looking for a perfect man,its not possible to find a perfect man,u can only change a man to be what u want. And she would have given him a chance and if she didn’t like anything about him she would have told him to change those things that she didn’t like. Lesson u can never find a perfect man,dis is a very big lesson to every girl out there.

  187. First and foremost it is a well presented and story.I believe dt the writer’s meeting wth Segun was jst to facilitate the union of the couple…From the writers tone ,ts clear that neither she nor Segun gave the relationship any push, S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ it remaind platonic until the right person(Omololu) came along to take wht was destined to be hers.I must add that the writer herself was an exceptionally sweet hearted girl…Her exceptional sweet guy is just arround the corner…my son is still in engineering training n probably too young we wld hav come looking F̶̲̥̅̊
    her…I realy do like the writer…I love ur ease with lettng go n making sure dt U̶̲̥̅̊
    preserve the frienship wth Omololu….keep ur head Ʋƿ baby ur prince charming is on the way

  188. Omololu did absolutely nothing wrong, she treaded in d right part, and clung to a single free man whose heart was being tossed about and prised low. I hope the other lady learns her lessons and become wiser.
    Interesting piece those, would love to read more. Love it.

  189. Even if the writer did not do anything about Segun from 4 years to infinity, Omololu as a friend ought not to have started dating Segun. Does that mean you cannot turn your back on your besfriend? This one can stab you in the back, this one can kill you, this one is definitely NOT a friend. I for one will not date any guy my friend is hanging out with especially when i know my friend might want him. No freaking way! Omololu is a snake and snakes ought to be killed cos they bite. Am sorry if my views are extreme but i hate pretenders to genuine friendship

  190. Its α̣̣̥ story of fate,life A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ opportunity entwined,the long line fronting I̶̲̥̅̊$ α̣̣̥ risky procedure that pays off well if I̶̲̥̅̊†̥̥ works but costs folds if it doesn’t,the indifference †̥☺ Segun’s feelings I̶̲̥̅̊$ inexcusable,she should atleast Ħª√ę given him some glimmer of hope,something more than friendship,I hope the ladies learn from this,play ur cards wisely or suffer α̣̣̥ life-long burn

  191. Oh dear! Let’s be real eyin eyan! If Segun was not as rich as he has been painted in the write-up and the same thing went down, we won’t be talking about loose morals, greed and money. In other words, we are saying Omololu is NOT a gold digger because Segun is rich.

    The subject of going for your bestfriend’s EX has been a grey area in many cities and groups but let’s face the fact if you are not dating him/her somebody else has to. Accepting the fact that the person who dates your ex is a friend of yours makes you mature.

  192. Well…well…well…..well..the only person I’d blame is d writer. The guy felt there was something, he acted on his feelings. The babe felt he was moving 2 fast…didn’t REALLY feel anything 4 d bobo, she acted on her feelings. Her friend also acted on hers, so…its natural 2 feel bad if u lose ur chyker 2 ur best friend, but like her friend said, she wasn’t forthcoming. She shouldn’t expect 2 leave d guy suspended in limbo…and the guy is a human. If u try something/someone and there seems 2 b no progress, u try something/someone else.
    In summary, the babe posted d guy 4 too long. She wasn’t sure of what she wanted, and she lost what she would have gotten. She should move on…

  193. I once had a prospect, rich, but we never hit it up. I finally agreed to go on a date. After, I had a meeting with a friend so he dropped me there. I saw another friend in need of a ride along his way and I asked him to take her along. I got down and somone asked me why I was alright with her sitting in the front. That was the last day I ever saw the prospect. Oh, I got the message loud and clear when the girl started asking about him abd how we were. I was both unbothered and bothered. Sad they couldn’t both open up even when I saw him call her. But I knew nothing would have come out of that encounter and it wasn’t exactly two years. But it makes you wonder just how the sister’s code ever got so skewed. And why we women still backstab each other.

  194. In my own point of view,I think I have two people to be blamed here the writer on her own really wasted time to say yes to the guy,not only saying yes alone but she was suppose to show some sign of love to him to let him know his fate and as for olusegun I won’t really blame him because he’s human and he is a big fool to fall for any kind of temptation or whatsoever,my advice is just that never trust anybody because we all have blood flowing through our very careful

  195. I think things played out d way they were meant to be….it hurts but d writer handlied Segun’s feelings with suspicion and omololu shld av said something earlier. I implore d writer to let go all hurt bcos her better half is just around d corner…and am guessing she won’t waste time dis time.

  196. It is an intresting story and may have happend to many others, I have an experience os something like that too. I would say that 2years was too long a deciding/testing time especially in this generation although I would not rule out frontin before dating especially considering the way they met. The friend obviously had a fault in luring the guy to lyk her, there’s always ways of acting to make ur friends guy not fall for you and if he does push him away, her excuse of nothing between seun and you is logical bt pointless in some sense coz why wud the whatever relationship last 2 years if there was really nothing. The guy meanwhile was just being a guy, acting a wee bit desperate I must say

  197. @ ǟℓℓ have you guys stopped to ask Ђ☺w̶̲̥̅̊ ǟℓℓ O̶̷̩̊͡f ǟ sudden Segun wα̲̅ڪ off her case? I think Segun wα̲̅ڪ seduced by Lolu and as ǟ result O̶̷̩̊͡f not having his affections reciprocated decided to turn to her? Ђ☺w̶̲̥̅̊ can ǟ guy who had the patience to wait 2yrs not have the patience to wait ǟ week more?

  198. i feel her pains….but she ought to have reciprocate the guy’s love when she knows she loves him..she does not have to wait till eternity…wish her all the best!

  199. I personally think †ђξ writer screwed up her chance! Α̲̅πϑ her smaRt friEnd grabBed it α̲̅πϑ let’s also aceept it as faTe α̲̅πϑ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊a̶̲̥̅̊†̥̥ thEy weren’t meant 4 eachother

  200. Her frienD shouldn’t have gone there no matter how long she was taking to decide what she wants. Her friend took advantage of the situation and went for the kill but she had help from the writor my theory ‘ women share a lot especially friends when u decided to let someone in your thoughts, your desires your wish your State of mind they have the chance to judge u and your intentions this friend knew she can take Away this guy n there will be no prepocations….. If you are friends with someone you can’t mess with their partners, ex partners, their lovers, their crushes, their bang, their mistress, their love intrest, their parents or anyone else that would may course friendship to change if you went there… I personally would not be strong enough to support my friend if it happenend to me for the safety of both parties I would cut all contact and just ask God to bless them.

  201. Hmmmmmnnnn, whr do I start from… D story s so so touchnn n nice n sad @ d same time… I wouldn’t blame segun n omololu,, I blame d writter herself.. 2yrs is more dan enough time for you to know if you love someone or not… 2yrssssssss.. Dts veri long.. U neva kissed n u neva tld him u love him… Wt I believe is that he was ready fr marriage @ dt time n he had to move on.. He had prolly seen sumtin in omololu dt he dint see in you.. Dnt know if I should say u r too slow or u dnt love him… N for omololu.. Although t seems wrong, “seems” to date him buh in a letter t shws she neva meant to hurt u n she stil loves u cos if nt she wouldn’t evn invite u to her wedding talkless of being her bride’s maid *i trust sum lagos gurls* all d same u can’t stop d fire of luv.. God hasn’t ordaind u 2 2geda.. Ma advice s move on and forget it.. Bless *neva loose anoda one doe ts hard to find a replace*

  202. Wow! Very interesting story.. I think things happend according to God’s wish. Omolu is destined to be the wife of segun even though there is an opportunity for her friend but things couldn,t work out. Mayb they aint meant to be!!! Congrat’s to segun who finally found the love of her live and i know God will surely send her own husband who will love and care for her!!!

  203. Hmmm… Omololu was her best friend, and I’m sure she knew about her feelings for segun. She just decided to take that chance… We all know there some things we don’t say, or have to make official but one way or the other we are into it….. Like deola said she wasn’t smart enough and her smart supposed bestfriend got what she has always wanted…. Its really hard to let go of a thing like that, I must confess

  204. I really feel sorry for her but I think the gut loves Omololu nt her cos there was notin btw both of them she shld take heart God will bring her own man to her and she shld not try anything silly

  205. I really feel sorry for her but I think the guy loves Omololu nt her cos there was notin btw both of them she shld take heart God will bring her own man to her and she shld not try anything silly

    1. Ok, so my cuzn sends me d link 2 ds story cos she’s of d opinion dat I’m sm1 like d writer. Honestly, I can relate buh Omololu is a very bad friend. Segun did nothing wrng, he was honest abt his feelings frm d first day n gave everything 2 show his luv d way he knew ow. Ds only goes 2 show dat omololu had always coveted her friend’s friendship n she most definitely knew her friend was goin 2 call segun 2 help her wit d suitcases since she knew abt his travelling plans.
      Either ways, d writer shld av @least given segun a chance. D guy was asking u out nt a marriage proposal n if things r goin 2 fast, u tell him 2 slow down. U wr jst using him whether or nt u accept it n it isn’t fair. U wr accepting his gifts n enjoying his attention, u wr more or less dating him only dat u wrn’t givin anythin bak. U shldnt av done dat which is wat led 2 ds. U dint luv him n u wrn’t dating him but u’v indirectly invested some emotions cos u’v grown 2 really like him evn if it was jst as a friend. U dnt av 2 luv sm1 2 date dem, u jst av 2 like n care abt them enof 2 want 2 get 2 kno more abt them, wich then buils 2 luv n mayb eventually marriage. I’m soo sorry 4 ur loss n I’m sure u’v learnt a lesson or two.

  206. Personally, wud say the writer is selfish! She ws jst intrestd in the gifts sugun ws bombadn her wif! 2yrs is 2 long 2 keep a guy wiout any commitmnt! Secondly, segun sud av moved on wif anoda gurl, from wat i read, segun wud av stil committd himsef 2 mololu if he ws datn the writer cos it all hapind 4 few days! As 4 mololu, its nt her fault dou, bt bestfwends dont hurt each oda…

  207. If Temi is Omololu’s blood sister, would she do such a thing and in that manner? My guess is never ever.

    Omololu is dead wrong and I bet she knows it but doesn’t give a damn.

    Segun was just a guy ready to marry and looking for a wife. another good girl would be his “home”.

  208. Firstly, you have to look at the reasons why the protagonist decided to wait that long, it could be due to her past relationships or her orientation towards men.
    Omolulu should be blame in this situation, she is aware how close and how often her friend gets fancy gifts from Segun, so she must have imagine she was in her friend’s situation. Immediately she got the opportunity in London, she used it, just like every loose and cheap girl would do.
    Segun has little or no blame, I assumed he just wanted to get married, be it a mouse, dog or 3ft tall girl…so waiting that long for the writer seems like it was never going to happen and jumped at the opportunity.

    My advice to the protagonist is to move on, that’s a lesson learnt only on the part that you don’t trust men with friends who know too much about you or your past. But waiting that long is not an excuse. Peoples orientations towards courtships are totally different. Move on, there are lots of “seguns” out there waiting for the right lady.

  209. I think omololu should nt really b blamed, and for segun to have left d writer for her best friend , I guess God knows about it and probably the writer and segun were nt meant for eachother, and moreover 2 yrs is too much na, if u like a guy and showers you with gift and u see him as a good prospect , pray abt it and tell God to lead u on and that he should also expose or seperate u guys if the guy is nt d one for u bfor u end up marrying him and avin a broken marriAge, bt here in this story d reverse is d case, whch means segun and d writer was probably nt meant for eachother, cos wat wil b wil b, and moreover I wouldn’t say omololu was a bad friend, bt wat she and segun shud av done was let d writer knw abt their intention of making up wit eachother, fine they did dat bt its jus too late and nt at d right time, well I pray for the writer to find her own man dat wil b a consolation for her loss over segun, whch I knw God is already preparing for her, and I wish omololu too and segun a Happy married life,also a lesson is to be learnt here 2yrs is too long to test a guy na habba in this time that dere r lots of gals who r prettier than u think and ready to hop for any available rich and nice guy, well I wouldn’t blame anybody jus dat wen they knew at her appartment dat they were beggining to like eachoda they shud av let d writer knw earlier or probably segun wAlkin up to her for d last time and requesting a last chance and answer.

  210. Firstly,d writer sought d face of God,and i tell u, it was God’s answer to her prayer to re-direct segun away frm her cos they were never meant to be.
    It’s just normal as humans to feel d hurt and think mololu & segun betrayed her,but it takes spiritual insight to see that truly segun wasn’t destined 4 her,if she truly was seeking God on that.
    Fine,if we blame segun & omololu,but they both took chances and it worked in their favour.
    A r/ship that didn’t work in 6mths,wldn’t hv workd in 2yrs.
    She should just accept her fate as being a ladder to her frnd’s joy.
    She & segun are best as frnds and not couple.
    It was never segun,&no matter how long she waits,it’ll never be segun.

    I don’t blv in putting someone on hold 4 so long in d name of playing hard…
    If it’s not working out in d first 3mths of our meeting,there’s no point waiting endlessly.
    And tell u what?
    I knw frm d very first day if i really want d dude to still hang arnd me or tell u instantly that it’s not gonna work.

  211. If Temi is Omololu’s blood sister, would she do such a thing and in that manner? My guess is never ever.

    Omololu is dead wrong and I bet she knows it but doesn’t give a damn.

    Segun was just a guy ready to marry and looking for a wife. Any “good girl” who presented herself at that time would be his “home”.

  212. I tink dey al av der fault,omololu,may jst luv him 4 hs moni bt wateva wats a girl waitin 4 2yrs 2 say yes or no.wateva let God b d judge

  213. Temi: no one is to blame not the least, Segun, or any of the girls, its rather painful that she let a good man pass by, though according to d story, she might have made it work, but let’s look at another twist to the story, what if Segun married Lolu and then turn into a monster. We’ll all say “good for her right?”…
    We ladies need to get past the mentality that our friends can’t date our ex or “would be” boyfriends. Maybe “one tree hill’ would help…lol
    In short, she will meet that guy that would make her heart skip too, cos she’s a good girl, she needs to let go of the hurt, cos no matter how she hurts, she as to come to d realisation that she is d architect of her destiny…

  214. Rly…..omololu I dnt fnk is her friend cos I dnt fnk she also loves dt dude!its all abt d mney…(All abt d mney for d both of u,u r not happy u lost such a dude nd she is happy she had such a dude)…..Buh am sure if dey gt married someday he wld cme bk for u!I just oope uv found ur own man by den sha!pele dear

  215. Hmmh!its a touchin story.I really feel 4 her.its sad butt life deals us some hard blows.I admire d way she’s takin it.I bliv ths hapn 4 a reason and God ll bring her man dat ll wipe her tears and mk her happy.wen it hapns she shoul be more careful.I don’t see anyth wrng in all she did mayb only her delayin 4 2yrs.her makin her friend and d guy meet nd not wantin 2 accept his gifts.I don’t see anyth is wrong wit dat. I feel her hurt seriously mayb dey were not meant 2 be. She jus hol on,let go and let God. God ll shock her.she ll bounce bak and if her friend did dis intentional den let’s watch her end. Its Life.

  216. I think God gave her an opportunity and she threw it away. D writer has her own fault too bcos 2years is too long and once opportunity is lost u can never regain it. My own advice is she should leave evrytin to God and keep on praying, sure d Right man will Ƈ☺♏ξ. What a pity.

  217. Awwwww 🙁
    I feeel omololu is jus a snitch jhur
    She knows wassup wiv d writer n segun
    D least she cud av done was to avoid all neccesary shii!
    She’s SLY

  218. 1st of all, i wldnt accept the name dat was used 2 tag segun as “the slimy bastard” cus truth be told, he rily didn’t ave much fault in al dis. Let’s me realist, a dis dude has been show e cares 4 d past 2 years n u still puttin em @ arms length, Relationship is supposed 2 b somfin of “TWO” if i feel in a abt u, n u dnt feel d same way…den der is no way it cld work.

    As par the writer, well…she also has some faults too, buh on d oda hand, wld 1 blame r 4 tryin 2 b careful? Considering d kinda pson she is n d way she was brought up! Admitted 2 yrs is a long tym, n she shld ave known dat d guy was serious abt r! Buh shld 1 also blame r 4 trusting r frwd wif segun? Anywaz…i feel 4 r alot n i pray dat God wld grant r r heart desires. Its rily isn’t gonna b easy 4 r.

    As 4 d so called friend, i believe she broke d friendship code by avein 2 do anyfin wif segun knwin fully well dat e is into r best frwd. D list dat shld ave been xpected 4rm r wld ave been 2 make r frwd see reasons y she ought 2 act fast on segun n try give it a chance 2 see if fings cld work btw dem! Cus i beliv da tell each oda everyfin. Instnd, she took advantage of r. Its obvious dat she has alwaz had r eyes on segun! Left me, i wld forgive r,….buh wld NEVA EVER take r as a frwd again. Cus wif wat she did, she isn’t worth being a best frwd.


  219. I don’t blame any of them cos in this life one comes to the realization that things just work out the way they are suppose to especially of you put your trust in God. I agree with Mololu that her friend never really Loved Segun, if she did r wouldn’t have taken two years and still counting for her to decide she wants to be with him. I really don’t think omololu betrayed their friendship and with time the writer will come to realize this. If its a true story I wish all parties the best in their life. God bless

  220. In my opinion, I will say He was never meant to be her’s.. First, her true man will wait for her or work hard to get her.. Like Jacob and Racheal.. Segun’s gifts couldn’t ginger her, his calls and all. Waz he waiting for her to give him the go ahead to kiss her. Lol. Shows he was looking for a puppet girl to buy.. He wasn’t romantic enough for her.. He couldn’t turn her on. He just didn’t take time to hit her were she could lose control or findout more.. Left for me Segun is fortunate to have the money, but he might regret it if all is lost, then he will see the face of the Molulu and wish for her friend that he couldn’t buy cheap… The guy is too lame for her, even with all his wealth. Probably he isn’t handsome too. I know its an opportunity that she missed, God has a better plan for her life and that’s what she should seek for… Forgive her friends and keep her faith strong cos if she follows worldly pressures after that experience she might be used by many men.. Its been done because she has a greater calling

  221. It rili did hurt,bt left 2me she shud move on,if segun is actually meant for her,dey wud av bin 2geda instead of her oversmart friend,n gosh!two yrs is actually too long….

  222. That’s the problem with ladies these can a guy be splurging his love and affection for you materially and otherwise for 2 water-drinking years and you still keep him in the friend zone? The writer deserves what she got..yes, I said it..absolutely!

  223. The writter brought the lot upon herself,n for those of u here castigating her frnd,u wud do worst wen u in Omolulu’s position. Two years was more than enuf for testing such a suitor wen a million n one galz out there wud give dia lives for such. Lesson for naijaa galz. Too much fronting. Besides,they aint dating

  224. Hmmmm!!! My dearest lost a very good and dream- husband out of her own mistake. Omololu and Segun are never to blame because
    1. Segun gave her the opportunity to make a decision yet she kept ‘fronting’.
    2. Omololu seized the opportunity when it came knocking on her door and now she is very happy.
    My candid advice is that she should take heart and move on because a good guy better that Segun will definitely come her way and when it happens, she should not delay as time waits for no one.

  225. Wow!!! This is so touching, first of all i hav to say i seriously pray i meet a nice man like dis cos as a sharp gurl i no fit dull myself at all #sighs# God please. Mmmhm fasting and praying witout any work to show for it is nothing i feel dis babe shuld hav given him at least a level of commitment afta 1year, haba all dis fronting does not determinne weda a man wuld take u serious or not or think your miss high standards. I knw everyone one would blame omololu and as regards her #no comments#. This is just a lesson for every gurl esp d Miss high Morals. Pls take a cue

  226. I feel the writer had her chance with Segun nd if he was truly hers,she ad 2 yrs 2 figure dat out but she didn’t. Omololu did nufin rong. She met a guy her bestfriend kept waitin for years,she saw a chance,she took it. Segun did nufin rong 2.he waited 4 dis gurl for 2yrs,but mayb her should av told her earlier bout him nd Omololu. I feel nobdy is 2 blame 4 d whole situation. If a gurl truly liks a guy,i don’t tink she shld front 4 too long,else she loses him. A guy shld neva com on a gurl 2 early even if wat he’s feelin is genuine,he shld ß able 2 wait 4 d appropriate time. Never allow ur friend get 2 close 2 ur man,cuz at d end of d day,no mata wot,he’s stil a man.
    I believe evritin in d story happend d way it was meant 2

  227. Hmmmmm so touching bt i blame the writer because she dnt kw wat she want in life, 2yrs is too much.She should take heart cos the friend has taken the man,i still so she should wait for another Gods given man,another tin is that if the man is for hm really he wouldn’t
    have anytin to do wt d frend.

  228. delay defeat equity and equity aid the vigilant
    cant put much blame on her friend coz during the two years, the guy still dey come home once in a month coz of her and dey normally talk on fone as well, the lady could had let her mum know abt d relationship and seek her mum opinion and advice on it but she mute and kept everything within hersef ,she may not even open up to her friend as how things dey go too wella

  229. To ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ mololu did exactly what her heart wanted, and there i̶̲̥̅̊§ no offence in going out with a frends frend, Afterall they were never dating and 2 yrs without affirmation i̶̲̥̅̊§ certainly a long time overuse.
    Since the writer was undecided that means he wasn’t hers.
    God wanted Mololu to be happy tru er bestfrend that’s not too much for frendship.

  230. I really love dis story nd dis will serve as a lesson to ladies who front.if u don’t want a guy,tell him early,menh ha fwed was very sharp,u shld avoid ha cos dat kind of girl can still try it wit ur serious boyfwed.plssss wat i ill tell d writer is dat nxt time,don’t waste time wit a guy.d segun of a guy even tried sef,4 2yrs no disturbance.He is good.pls dear jut take tins easy nd try nd bi sharp nxt time.

  231. I tink d lady herslf is really at fault cos hw culd she kip a guy waiting 4 more dan 2yrs despite dt she luv him nd dos nt want 2 show him,secondly she will learn. 4rm her mistake dt itz nt proper 4 u 2 let ur kid sis or close relative 2 get close talkless of a mere friend cos men of nowadays go 4 whoeva is showing dem luv nd affection,she shuld learn 4rm her mistake nd move forward atleaast she wuld av accepted his proposal but tell him she wnt go 2 bed wit him until she sees dt he is really srios dt is much beta dan kiping mute.

  232. Well to me Omololu has no fault in ds, mind u Segun nd d writer had never kissed each other for two years. The fault was from d writer, at least she would have say yes and the tot of her having a bfrnd would have made her walk in love with Segun. I wish Omololu and Segun HML

  233. I feel the writer made a very big mistake by not telling segun that she loved him and that she would also marry him 2years was too long. Also the write would have told her friend about all the gifts he has been sending to her since the writer hasn’t given him an answer. The write also wouldn’t have allowed her friend to go and meet him at the hotel for him to help her with her remaining box. Because assume the writer didn’t have a friend in London her friend would still find away to bring back all her loguage

  234. I think mololu is a very bad friend,she should have been the one encouraging segun to be patient and also tell him the kind of person her friend is,instead of jumping on the guy the first chance she got..and segun never really liked or loved her because if he did,he wouldn’t have fallen in love with mololu,a true african man should know that gud friends or people shouldn’t do that to people they claim to love..they all have their faults though,the fact that you’ve been hurt once doesn’t mean you should shut out those that care or love you,you never can tell,that guy might just be the one ‘your one’

  235. Well in my own candid opinion i dont feel sorry for the writer, after meeting a guy who has shopwed so much interest in you, all you could do was twist him around ur lil fingers. Congrats omololu and i wish u a happy married life. Am so pissed at the writer for allowing a golden opportunity slip off her fingers. Hope u find a caring man in future.

  236. It is a really touching story. No one person is 2 be blamed here. It is partly the writer’s fault. For such guy 2 wait 4 her 4 that long [2 yrs] and still she couldn’t ,as she said, call herself his girlfriend. She might say she was waiting on God but does God.wait 4 that long 2 speak? Maybe age was no longer on the Segun’s side.
    Segun is also 2 be blamed. If he had wanted 2 move on,must it be with her friend. Why not look elsewhere. If he throughly loved her,he ll not do any thing 2 hurt her.
    Omololu is also 2 be blamed. Though she made a “smart” move,she have told her friend about going into a relationship with Segun.she told her after she had committed herself into it.she just fulfilled all righteousness by telling her after collecting a car gift from Segun.
    My sister,it is well.just see it as a disappointment that will turn into a blessing. She ll see you through ok.

  237. Dis story is touching I feel like crying with u my dear cos my heart feels so much pain 4 u.As for ur frnd Omololu is not a gud frnd at all cos she should ave informed u on time dat ur man wants her in his life 2 knw if u re still in d relationship with segun or not.All blames goes 2 Omololu who is a devil in a shape of human.My dear just take heart,waiting on d lord is nt bad cos as a christian u re 2 allow God 2 take control in everytin we do maybe segun is nt d right man God has prepared 4 u but in all just keep an arms length with dat ur girlfrnd and dnt let her knw any gud tin dat cumes ur way in dis life again.Just be urself and keep trusting on God cos only him knws d best 4 us.

  238. If love someone b bold enough to tel him or her or be strong enough to watch him or her loving another person.Dt is my own belive.

  239. So touching, nobody can take wat really belongs 2 u…she shld jst free her heart by 4givn dem both & b happy again 4 her own sake,bt she shld nt hav nothing 2 do wit dat girl again b’cos she is nt a friend,she has wat we call “LONG THROAT”…when it’s time her own man will come co’s she believes in time & wit time she will be healed.

  240. Hmmm… What some girls will do out of desperation to get married! Please what kind of man ‘toastes’ a girl while also ‘toasting’ her friend? People,please let’s not forget the facts here! The guy was still asking her out or was waiting for her to accept his marriage proposal so he has no business asking her friend out! If he is a real man,he would have had a conversation with her asking her if she was decided and if she wasn’t then he would just end whatever he had and let her know he is moving on. If he had done that,trust me we won’t be here reading this mail. My advice to the betrayed chic is this’be glad you did not marry a man without integrity! And don’t ever think he waited for you for two years,he didn’t,he was busy with other women while hoping you will take a stand. You only found out about this chic,because she is your friend and close to you. And there is no use pretending to be the bigger person while asking yourself,how could she? Betray you,I might add! You don’t need friends like that,a true friend will not listen or get intimate with a guy who is still ‘toasting’you! True friends don’t do that! You have no buisiness being her bridesmaid while asking yourself how could she! Remove yourself from that situation now!

  241. if u love someone b bold enough To tel him or her or b strong enough to watch him or her loving another person.dt is my own blive

  242. This is painful! Well Omololu was quite fair buh on the other hand she betrayed her friend. As for me, I’l nevr 4giv my friend! That’s real hurt. How culd she? Damn! Situations like this shud be left to God to handle, he wil judge d case and punish who deserves to be punished! Lesson 1: Never introduce ur friend to ur man, and even if u do, be careful nd henceforth be security conscious cz life is very unfair!

  243. 2YEARS! Abeg that’s too long to make up your mind about a guy as a matter of fact it means you’re just not into him. The writer should have just let the guy go from the beginning instead of hanging on to him and I’m sorry to say this but I’m sure he’s over generosity played a part in this. The best friend should not have done what she did there are some lines you don’t cross in true friendship but I guess sometimes that line can be blurred by love or money in this case I don’t know which. But shit happens and life goes on, hope the writer has learnt her leddon though, never take anybody or any situation for granted. Eeeyyyaa

  244. I don’t think mololu did anything wrong @ all..In dis modern Era who still posts a guy for 2 good years haba and life is funny u know …They obviously were nt. Meant. To be…she’ll fine d man meant for her

  245. I like the way everything turned out. Two years is too long to post ​a guy. I dnt blame him at all for finding love even if somebody got hurt in the process. That guy could hv waited for 5yrs wit no positive result. Am so happy for him.

  246. ​​​į̸̸̨ dnt blame her 4 tryin 2 take her tym. Maybe he really wasn’t 4 her & God just used her as a link 4 him & her friend. It can b said she was a means 2 an end. Wat will b will b & if they were meant 4 each oda they wld av ended up 2geda. Lolu wasn’t deceptive @ all wat happened btw her & Segun was just fate @ least he wasn’t datin her friend so it was allowed.

  247. Neither segun nor omololu is to be blamed. The writer was just been backward.meaning she was just dueling in the past I think that should be a big lesson for her and those pretenders like here’s

  248. D gal is soo stupid and slow,how can u say u were waiting for God’s answers for 2yrs,and kudos to her frnd jore..D babe is smart and i support her all d way

  249. Personally, i believe the fault is from the guy. I can totally relate with her being careful with him as the guy came down too hard. A guy saying ‘i love u. After just two weeks really freaks me out and i never take him serious. The writer is not blameless though, its always a bad idea for a lady to allow any of her friends get too close to a suitor or potential one because no matter how we might try to forget, there is absolutely no one that is worthy of trust.

  250. Omololu is a selfish and a scheming friend, i less blame segun fo what he did but all the blames goes to omololu. Let her just move on, her right man would someday locate her. Indeed a nice story.

  251. Let’s not deceive ourselves, it is obvious the writer doesn’t love or have any affection for segun. She was only attracted to his money, care and generosity while waiting for another that will come her way whom she will love. Segun was attracted to her but two years is toooooo long for his attraction to b diverted to another. It is just so unfortunate for her that the attraction was passed on to her best friend who in turn returned it. The writer is feeling pains because she is envious of her best friend not because she loves segun. So I’ll advice the writer to be happy for her best friend and segun because they have done noting wrong and they love each other. If the writer had seen someone else, she would also have left segun with the reason being that they were just friends.

  252. Yea, 2years z too long buh wat r friends for. Omololu was meant 2 advice her friend wen she saw her weakness(fear). It happens 2 most ladies especially now dat most men come afta ur body(sex)..omololu acted 2 fast…..yea! dey r married buh how long do u tink twld last. & dnt be too fast 2 judge if omololu was meant 4 segun…..people make mistakes.

  253. Hello girl what i will say to this is ‘what ever that is your’s will surely be yours and don’t think and God will surely bring the right boo for u *Okbye*

  254. Dis is a very pathetic state, and no matter what… wrong for ur frnd to date either or ex or ur toaster, u shudnt eat ur frnd’s leftover, God man everyman for a woman, patience is jst d key………she shudnt hv dated segun omololu wuz a wicked friend, true frnds and sisters don’t do dat to eachother, have had a similar case too, wuz betrayed by my very good friend, she reaping wat she sowed now, God is punishing her now.

  255. @ Temi,@ Adesina @ Honey @ Nubianwaters,thanks you all! I see our views are in the minority here,which tells you how values have changed over the years! Lots of Nigerians are so materialistic now that they would act without moral scruples! I just read the comments and am sort of shocked but then again am not too shocked because corruption wouldn’t thrive in Nigeria if a lot of persons are not so materialistic. That Mololu chic epitomises the desperate Nigerian chic who wants to marry a made man.
    People please re-read the write-up,the man wasn’t with her for 2 years,he was outside the country most of the time! If they really had nothing going on,why are both Mololu and Segun apologising for her hurt feelings? Because they know she had feelings for the guy! Hmmm… And I repeat,that Segun is not a man at all,if he was, he wouldn’t have jumped into the arms of her best friend,first time they got the chance! He is probably looking at her ‘with love’ because he has shagged her so they are definitely closer now than he was with the original chic!

    1. Thanks Omo. My sentiments exactly!

      You don’t just go around throwing apologies if there’s no wrong. A conscience that is not dead is one that recognizes the need for an apology as appropriate.

      Obviously, Uncle Segs and Aunty “smartie” Mololu ‘s consciences are very much responsive to moral standards hence their realization of wrong against the writer!

      Nigerians are overly materialistic…reason why we lack substance!!!

  256. Whatever you want to do in life pray and act fast l did’t blame her friend becos Segun told her no dip relationship btw them. And l cannot blame Segun becos she did show him true Love before he met her friend

  257. Everybody has his or her iwn principle that is guiding him or her, by this not every ladies ℓi̶̲̥̅ke̶̲̥̅ to jump to a man at his first proposal but I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ a real sense what I think is that they @r€ not met together because if they @r€ things W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̊ƪƪ not work out for Ʈђe friend A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ at Ʈђe same time everybody has one or two help to render for or to people close to them so that’s how God wants it. So take HEART

  258. Hmmmm this story is long but torching, first of all there is no big deal taking ones time to study a man but 2years is just too much, no matter how adamant or hard hearted a lady is if u love someone or have feelings for a man no matter how little you will soft pedal. As for Mololu hmmm I don’t know what to say to her but I think she’s a sharp lagos girl like she told you, she outsmart you cause to her you’re wasting time, the Candid truth is don’t introduce your potential man to a friend she’s not your blood Sister remember. As for Segun, I don’t blame him at all he’s a man that needs desperate attension for his daughter and u fronting him for 2years is killing him so he went for the available. That’s my observation, take heart the lord will send you your Man at his own time.

  259. Segun has no fult, and mololu is not a Good friend, but the writer her self left her food for dog to eat.

  260. Ohh my gawd! I don’t even know what 2 say, except that i wasalmost moved to tears. I really don’t blame any of them. She stalled 2 much though but i see why. I pray 2 God i nvr know what that feels like. Smh

  261. No one is to blame; Segun simply wasn’t yours! How else do we meet the best and most special people in our lives but through favourite friends, colleagues and bosses?

    Dust and pick yourself up knowing he was never truly for you. Pray for your friends and wish them a happy marriage.

    Your own Prince Charming will come….but be careful and quick to say yes early when the time came.

    Sometimes all you need is mutual respect and trust. Love and loving are a huge plus to make any relationship work!

    (But I will kill ‘Mololu Ơ͡!)

  262. With God you have everything! Isnt the end of the world!!!Move on and fulfil your destiny.I know į̸̸̨§ hard bt Pray for the help of God and let him fix you!! Great guy į̸̸̨§ yet to come!! Believe n be contented

  263. To me, segun has no fault. As 4 d bestie she’s a traitor indeed. The writer didn’t knw wat she wnted, bt realised @ d end point dat she really wnted d dude, cos 2 me prayin 4 2yrs is nt an excuse, or testing a guy u claimed 2 luv 4 2yrs, (haba!) dat means notting lik love as actually had a root in u, even an iota of feelns 4 him wil nt allow u rest 4 2yrs. I bliv she must hav learnt her lesson by nw. I wish her a better dude than segun. More wealthy o. Lol…

  264. I really love d story. I think she waited 4 too long n also some I feel she didn’t really love him,coz if she did she won’t have waited dat long. Pls I want more stories when they r available. Thanks

  265. Like sincerely, while i shover ♍Ɣ empathy for the writer, i won’t also fail to acknowledge her stupidity, indifference, delays and complete disregard for Segun’s feelings. Damn!!! For God sake, 2 years!! I wouldn’t take dat. Sincerely, ya’ll can blame segun for as much as U̶̲̥̅̊ can, i’ll stand for him. That young Man tried all his best. And he owes the writer no explanation for his choices after she also has shown total disregard for his feelings in parrhesia. In earth science, scholars will accuse the writer of defying gravity. Atleast, she was aware of Segun’s thrust about marriage, she could have given him α̲̅ holding response and started α̲̅ relationship atleast after 2months just to acknowledge and built up emotions. She failed to realised that feelings or love doesn’t come from devine or at one; there has to be α̲̅ medium of sharing, relationship, doting, spark and yolk. She didnt even admire α̲̅ countenance in this stead and ya’ll kept on crucifying him. What kind of prayer Íڪ that for 2years, am sure God would have answered her over and over again. I even remember that its we xtians that says prayer without steps Íڪ worthless. The writer was praying and shutting out her heart for love. Haw will she ever get α̲̅ sign from God. I understand that she had to be careful, since segun was way to fast, clean, straight at first. But 3months Íڪ even enough. Am sure even Mary did not wait this long. Segun should be given so much commendation, cos he had endure more than his elastic strenght, he got to the breaking point and decided to break off from α̲̅ one-sided feelings. The writer forgot, that she failed throughout their relationship to share her feelings either through text, mail, bbm or other social network as she narrated above, that Íڪ cruel, callous, and α̲̅ clear insensitivity for someone that shows affection; now shez lamenting. As for Omololu, i dont really blame her, and the mail she sent was α̲̅ clear-cut straight case. She wanted to cleaf off the mud air. Let’s not forget that she knew her friend very well and she even noted that if the writer wanted anytin with Segun she would have said ¥€|$. So why her heartbreak. As α̲̅ writer am aware of α̲̅ writer’s quandary especially in α̲̅ sawed off moments like this but sincerely am happy it ended this way, because she could have gone round the street, church, and mosque givin testimonies of her long wait that wasn’t annointed by God. Its α̲̅ lesson to we xtians, God speak to us with signs and not only words. Am happy for Lolu, eventhough it looks α̲̅ little but α̲̅ betrayal, she stood for what she got. Am sure they are both in their late 20-ies. She had to settle with the man of her dreams that she founf in the fisical. However, the writer still decides to wait for the spiritual to function for the fisical when she knows that spirituality Íڪ α̲̅ function of phisicality. ♍Ɣ submissions. Thank you.
    Olalusi Busayo Francis FBI.

  266. I would blame omololu ‘cos with the recent happeningd it means omololu is interested in segun the very first day they met @her friends place; nothing concerns her whether her friend is interested in segun or not with all these it means she never wish her friend well for a seconds. And for segun he would have gone far far away to have an affair not omololu ;meanwhile what segun didn’t know is that a person like omololu will still leave him n go for his best friend or business partner. Friend I’m so sorry for what your friend omololu did to you but the only blame you’ve is that since you’re a good christian n you come from a good home you should have called your mum n explain to her n seek her advise may be she would have told you to visit your pastor together and pray over it may be this kind of a thing wouldn’t have happened but I pray that GOD Almighty will make a way for you where there seems to be no way. It is well with you.

  267. Wow! While reading this story, I put myself in your shoes. It just wasn’t meant to be. But how could you? Really, for whole 2 years you were unable to make a resolve on whether or not to give him a chance? Common’ you should have given him a chance, and when you realised it was too late to cry when the head is cut off. I think you lost a real chance, & I think he was genuine with the manner of persistence he showed. Well, he found happiness while chasing you. Your bestfriend betrayed you, I mean she knew he wanted you. So sad, but this should serve as a good lesson to you. Such is life.

  268. Hmmmm,i feel d writer’s pain tho! But i dnt blame nobody…everytin happens for a reason! Whatever is urs will definately be urs…plus God has different plans for everyone! So God might use d “writer” as an helper for her friend…I believe she doesnt like d guy tho,cos if she does she’s gonna say yes to him all dis yle,d 2 yrs is jes too much.,dis is 21st century for God sake,so y would a girl stay dat long b4 sayin yes to a man!

  269. This is really sad for the writer. But for her to test a guy for 2 good years is too much. After her prayers and fasting I guess he’s not just meant for her. To all girls, don’t keep a guy for more 6months all in the name of testing him, if you don’t love him, then free him.

  270. In ♍ƺ own opinion,i feel the writer Ȋ̝̊̅§ @ fault.she Ȋ̝̊̅§ supposed 2 let Segun know her mind Ω̴̩̩̩̥ not 2 keep him @ arm’s length 4 long.

  271. The author spoilt her own show! She almost took Segun for granted, even against Omololu’s advice.

    I do not blame Segun and Omololu. The author was positioned by the divine bring the together!

  272. I don’t blame the writer but her friend Omololu because you dnt just rush to a relationship like that,especially married man,the writer took the right decision by praying and fasting before going into the relationship.Omololu is nothing but betrayer.

  273. If after 2 years of praying and fasting you still do not believe you’ve received an answer from God, then you and whomever are not meant to be (the writer was probably the person God used to bring omololu and segun together), which would also explain why she felt nothing for him. We females complain of not finding the right person, yet if after 2 years of being devoted to you and you were turning down every move to make you his wife you still were taking your time about it??? then its your bad and your friend was ‘OPEN’ to you about all so its not like she stole him from you. The signs are always there, 6months courtship is fine and i have friends who are very happily married after 3 months courtship, but 2 years??? C’mon, you saw the signs and ignored them, dont begrudge your friend her chance at happiness, time waits for no one, time is after us all, if an opportunity comes and you dont take it? Dont blame omololu cause she took it. As much as you loved/love her, im sure you wouldnt take a bullet for her, so kindly refrain from all these sentiments and move on. She did you no harm. I pray you find your partner soon and also that youndont make him wait 2yrs while you ‘test’ him. Regards.

  274. Wats urs,will 4eva be. If ΐ†ƨ not,it can never be. But if u push wats urs away,it will bcome anoda persons.

  275. Look @ her talking about the guy passing a test, I used to think like that before but when I realised all my friends were getting serious with guys and I was too busy overanalysing(critisizing) situations instead of enjoying and seizing life, I changed (or amended) my ways. I felt her friend is greedy and conniving too. But segun is blameless to an extent. All I can say now is stuff happens, move on dear he wasn’t meant 4 u

  276. Adesina ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊’ve spoken well. Lolu definitely isn’t a friend, neva was. I also tink the writer’s absolutely crazy to av agreed to be Lolu’s maid of honour. Like seriously who does dat!!! If i dared agree it’ll be to wreak some great havoc like say ;raising my hands in church and objecting to their union….Agreed d writer stalled for quite a while on agreeing to marry Segun but i still feel strongly it wasn’t Lolu place to snatch Segun away jst like dat. If at all Lolu and Segun were meant to be it shd av bin aftr d writer had moved on or found someone else. Lolu should get ready to shield Segun away from whatever friends she decides to have or already has because what goes around definitely comes around.#Nice piece#

  277. So touching, but I will say it doesn’t take so long to hear from God,so if she(writer) search herself she will realize she doesn’t love Segun and the writer should have defined the relationship Wit Segun so it won’t be this painful seeing him go and keeping Segn afloat wasn’t fair and such disturbs the hoping Lover. and can be frustrating but Segun. should ve talked wit her. Immediately she started having feelings for Lolu and Lolu would have come open immediately even if the writer had told her she is not dating Segun but the fact remains that Lolu knew Segun is a friend to tje writer cos He liked her. In all I wish the writer all the best and God works in diverse ways.

  278. She stayed 2 lng Τ̅☺ answer him…2 years is a lng time Τ̅☺ profess U̶̲̥̅̊я love Τ̅☺ a caring and lovin guy lik Segun.ℓ̊ won’t blame omololu,she value †ђξ guy more dan her frd. Don’t hold any grudge against them,ℓ̊ bliv U̶̲̥̅̊яs will surely cum @ †ђξ rite tym.

  279. Also, your bestfriend was clearly moved by all the the materal things he was able to afford, you were however not. But appears as though you were not particularly interested in him right from the start untill perhaps things took a twisted turn.

  280. Ȋ̝̊̅ thnk D̶̲̥̅̊ writers mynd was actually wt D̶̲̥̅̊ segun bt she was pretending Απϑ all. D̶̲̥̅̊ guy had too much ℓ♥√ع †• Give away †• Any open hearted her delay made her loose him.
    Also maybe D̶̲̥̅̊ guy Jйʃ† wasn’t her husband.Απϑ found his wife tru her.shit happens y’all knw .
    Its happened †• ♍ƺ Ȋ̝̊̅ let Ȋ̝̊̅†̥ go…
    Let her move on
    God’ll gv her ɑ̣̣̝̇̇ man ‎​∂α̲̅t she deserve Απϑ ‎​∂α̲̅t deserve her too

  281. No she didn’t snatch him. Its an akward situation when you fall for someone who has tried to have a romantic dalliance with your sibling or friend but for how long will you not allow the person to find love, if you yourself aren’t ready to commit and are still waiting for “signs” two years is way too long. Although I would never condone dating the ex of a friend or relative because of a. Loyalty and b. No man is higher than the bond I share with my friend/family; meeting someone you want to or could marry is another thing entirely & you shouldn’t be so selfish as to want to get in the way of happiness & fulfillment of your “ex” semi-toaster/toaster and the family member/friend they may not want to marry. However, if the man in question is a complete douche bag or they are clearly incompatible, that’s another matter for another day….

  282. Hhhhhhmmm! M short of wrds!..dis story realy gt in2 me&gt m tinkin too. However,I’ll lyk 2 tel d writer dat nothin happens by chance. Everthing dat happens is divinely planned by God. He probably may nt b made 4 u. Its good u’r God fearin&sought d face of God concerning him. I feel ur pain nd I must say u’r strong 4 even summonin courage 2 her maid of honour. Dnt dwell in regret&self pity,brace urself bk 2 life nd ur own 2ru man will come. My dear,there’s a man for every woman&a woman for every man. Life is nt a competition. Stay Blessed&continue 2 trust in God

  283. This is really sad!!
    The writer has given a long rope τ̲̅ȍ think about the proposal. Praying τ̲̅ȍ GOD doesn’t make u stupid!But There’s a way you can assure him of your love for him telling him you’ve not heard anything from GOD.

  284. The narrator is a big letter FOOL. She is even anoying me. Can a humanbeing be that foolishly shallow? Her friend Mololu know what she wants and is not a bad person afterall the avenue was even created for her at a silver plater.

  285. I don’t blame mololu @ all.obviously if it takes almost 2yrs 2say yes 2 a man in dis world we live in now,I blive dat person not 2b serious.

  286. Hmmmm! Wat a sad story. I just want to believe that segun was not meant for her (the writer). All hope is not lost,however she shud keep believing God for her own, some day,he will come around too.

  287. Many atimes we don’t appreciate what we had until it’s gone. I had a very similar experience with a lady I could have married but blew all my chances bcos I was trying to take my time and she ended up marrying my best friend in school whom we always visits her together in her hostel. All bcos I was feeling to cool with myself I lost a perfect woman and for awhile I was hurty with my best friend that how could he? But any way life must go on. So my dear writer as it is often said that opportunity once lost can never be regained except another new opportunity presents itself. So, go on with your life and pray that God should grant you grace to make best use of new opportunities that comes your way.

  288. I blame u for not showing to segun that u love him and not telling mololu ur mind,also Mololu for not asking het d relation btw her and srgun she is not a good friend.segun would hv ask her b4 concluding and he would hv gone for a neutral lady.

  289. The girl should be blamed because segun tried his best he waited for 2yrs for her to make up her mind which she did not do on time

  290. WHAT?! Did I just hear som1 say “Segun never loved d writer, that he was just lonely and wanted blah blah blah?” Come of it! A man wit his affluence never gets lonely but he humbly stuck by d side of our dear writer one year after d other bearing gifts just to make her see he cares. There are several love languages we women understand & darling segun exhausted all! He talked sweet, made his intentions known on time & stuck around for 2yrs to show he was not in a hurry( who does that?!) D bible sef talk am in proverbs ‘Hope differed makes d heart sick’ perhaps it was one of those days when his heart was wary from longing that sweet omololu showed up, his long hopeless hoping heart for Madam writer couldn’t fight off the temptation. Omololu on her part too must have been praying for a husband and saw 1 in segun. The writer left this two no room to feel any guilt to stop them from igniting something; u know y? Lolu would b like afterall my friend isn’t dating him(read back,the writer confirmed that Lolu advised her to date him but she didn’t ) and Segun by now after 2 solid years must be convinced Madam writer would never say yes, so y let this 1 go again. It’s just a pity that it had to b her bestfriend because trust me Segun was bound to open his heart to som1 else soon enough.
    I for one would never date a guy who has asked my friend out; but I won’t crucify Omololu in this case. Call it sweet betrayal, she is sha very happy and no one can take that away from her. Madam writer no want to chop still she no want another person to chop.
    It is of no use Praying and fasting if u don’t know how to receive ur answers from God. Segun was an answer to her prayers judging from all his attributes and he prooved he wasn’t a fake by waiting 2yrs. A guy like him could get many other girls. Anyway d lord is ur strength He would provide a better replacement but this time focus, wise up, no dull, get sense, wakey,lol….. Sorry jare. Trully sry this had to happen 2 u. Pele

  291. I seriously blame d writer ooo, wen a woman kips a guy for too long it is dangerous, she neva wanted d guy, nd d person dat wanted him took him away, it dosent matter if they ar friends or not, if I cnt mak ur bed, another will help u make it. Ladies, be warned.

  292. Wow a beautiful story but hu cn truly blame mololu for ha behaviour. If ders on tin abt bein in love it has no control u jes go wit d flow. Its understandable d writers hurt but know dat in every dark cloud der is always a silver lining. Ur beta man is comin n he will sweep u off ur feet dat even segun can’t compare….. Hang in der aii

  293. The writer was a bit too slow and relaxed. U neva keep such a guy waiting too long, it’s unhealthy sef. He may neva really be for her tho. I’ve had an experience with friends like Omololu. To a large extent is not a good friend. For heaven’s sake don’t get involved with any boy/guy that is or was on ur friend’s case! Especially ur bestfriend!!!! It’s sooooo not cool! It shouldn’t even cross ur mind, no excuse is good enough. To girls out there fond of waiting for their friends to give an elbow room wiv their bf’s or toasters #Godiswatching u!

  294. Well it a pity,but all dsame  stil blame d writter coz ♓☺w can she b in frndship wit som1 U̶̲̥̅̊ knw U̶̲̥̅̊ love for 2yrs.don’t U̶̲̥̅̊ knw there ar girls out der lookng 4man dat ε̲̣̣̣̥ get marry 2dem in 3mnt?.anyway his nt ur own.urs wil com

  295. Sweety! Itz ur fault oh! Neva wait 4 d perfect time, or place 4 love. As long as u hav found d perfect person. Even eminem said it take ur chances

  296. The story is very pathetic, I really felt for her. Girls should learn from this. It is wrong to keep a guy hanging for long. At least she should av follow him to the parent to confirm if the guy is from a good home. The guy will surely come back if he is truly met for her.

  297. I don’t think omololu set out to be intentionally ‘sharp’.. She found herself trippin for a guy dat her friend had been postin for a while and she took a huge leap. She’s a courageous babe… Things may have turned out badly for her, like the guy may have used and dumped her and stil gone bak to d writer… And den we’l all judge her and say she was foolish. But it seems like she genuinely fell in love with him and obviously the writer didn’t knw wat she wanted.
    Still brings us to d fact that most of us women don’t know what we want.
    Segun knew what he wanted and even omololu too… But our dear writer was waiting for God to come down frm heaven. God gives us signs, all the signs were right in front of her but she was either blind or just stupid.

  298. I think I put all d blame ✽̤̥̈̊Ω̴̴̩̩̩̥̩̩ d writer for waiting so long for her 2 know dat segun loves her so much and S̴̩̩̩̥Ђε̲̣̣̣̥ did not show hers in returne.well time waite for ₪☺ man.Mololu gave tunde a chance and now S̴̩̩̩̥Ђε̲̣̣̣̥ is Ђå̝̅p̲̣̣̣̥p̲̣̣̣̥Y̲̅.

  299. Pullleeezzze, Omololu did nothing wrong. How do u keep a guy waiting for two years? Its not even in this our Nigeria that that’ll happen. What, with hungry sharks everywhere? Pls, its not sentiments that’ll make you great. I’m imagining if I’m the one a guy kept waiting (God forbid). Give it 5-7 months, I’ll be over you & even shorter than that if someone worth it comes along.

    I can’t blame the writer for feeling bad though. My ex, whom I did the breaking up with, got married & I felt like I’d lost out on him. But, when he started making moves on me again after his wedding, I remembered why I had opted out earlier. The writer’s human. Your damn clock’s ticking though (forgive the language).

    The weirdo in the picture is Segun. He seems rather fast but, let’s not complain cos the ones in town these days are way too slow. Whatever.

    Do we really need to talk about this friendship btw the writer & Mololu? The close friendship is so over. Just friendly communication.

  300. D writer wasn’t in2 Segun if not she wld av accepted or acted like she was into him. She should just let it go. She liked d fact dt hw was rich bt didn’t feel anytin 4him. D sight of d couple wld send shivers down her spine…can imagine

  301. I really wouldn’t blame Omololu because she didn’t act sneaky but just followed her emotions. I mean why would the writer wait two whole years “frontin” wen u know u could or would still say yes. She was a vessel used by to bring d two togeda. I guess d moral of d lesson is don’t “front” unnecessarily. If u initially didn’t like d person for that whole time fine, buh if u still see potentials? Go for it
    P.S: I am a writer and u can chk out my stories and poems on

  302. Seriously,d writer was so so slow,men of our generation don’t have such patience,.she is lucky to hav such a guy and leave him hanging 4 2yrs wat does she expect ,he would keep waiting 4 her?

    1. No one is saying she wasn’t slow,d shit is why her best friend? Dnt u get! Her major friend!!! Do u call dt her friend? Dt is d case here…if it were anoda gurl married to d segun I’m sure dis story won’t b here 2day! It’s here cos her supposed bestfriend 4kd her up…

  303. D writer wasn’t in2 Segun if not she wld av accepted or acted like she was into him. She should just let it go. She liked d fact dt he was rich bt didn’t feel anytin 4him. D sight of d couple wld send shivers down her spine…can imagine. She didn’t even act like she was gon say “Yes” 2him. If a guy has bin arnd 4 2yrs..haba he has tried…he probably didn’t want 2experience it again…girls dy do shakara 4 too long….bt mayb God used her 2hook Mololu up wt Segun”…

    1. U fink she liked d fact dt he’s rich! U r absolutely wrong,u can say mololu like d fact dt segun his rich and could satify her financially…dt’s it ,n I’ll like u to knw dt it was a ryt feeling dt led to wuheva segun n mololu shares… And anoda silly fin abt d story is dt,it woldnt have jst bin dt her best friend even if d writer is @ fault of holdin her ‘yes’ for abt 2yrs,if it had nt bin her bestfriend u can b rest assured dt u wouldn’t have had bin able to read abt dis @all…wot baffles me is why her bestfriend wld do dt…she’s simply convetous!

  304. D writer was fucking slow mehnn.. She dulled! Life is 2 short for iranu… Two fucking year and u were still praying! Is God really that slow in answering prayers? D worst u didnt even kiss him.. Omo d dude tried.. He was faithful 2 u and wanted u 2 love him back and u didnt.. U cant really blame him for looking else where even if it was ur friend he found.. Life is a bitch deal with it!!!

  305. This question is for those who argue that segun and mololu are blameless in this matter. Let us assume that writer-chic agreed to date segun whilst he already bought mololu the car and bag, how would the situation have panned out?

  306. The writer I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ at fault,why on earth would you leave a guy hanging 4 2years when there Ά̲̣яε̲̣ several other girls out there dat would appreciate nd luv him because of his generousity nd kindness,she kept on collecting gifts nd all 4 2years wifout saying YES,dat I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ rily not nice.I believe a girl knows wat she wants wen she meets a guy nd doesn’t nid t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ ova front.Omololu isn’t at fault cos Segun nd d Writer wrent emotionally attached.Segun found Joy nd Love in Omololu nd he went 4 her…The Writer mite have kept him waiting 4 anoda 2years,who knows

  307. I guess d babe was too slow to respond to d guy,or let’s say d guy was never hers,may b God just used her to answer her friends prayer of getting a husband,she shuld keep on trusting God,if she is truly a child of God,trust me,dat guy was not mEant for her bliv me,her own will sUrely come after all its d end of a thing dat really matters not d beginning.

  308. Infact dis Adesina is jst very,infact over right,I want us all to knw dt omololu didn’t start anyfin wf segun in d ryt way,it’s so obvious she’s mostly interested in his money,dt was why she cld hv finz to do wf her best friend’s suitor! It’s higly wrong…she was gettin all she needed dt was d reason she wldnt want to loose him n had to make her friend knw abt her so called relationship wf d Segun dude…for wotever no of yrs d writer had to wait to tell Segun ‘yes’ ,it shldnt have bin her best friend dt wld start a relationship wf her suitor dt was still very mch interested in her…I mean its terribly bad…she’s so nt her friend! If I were d writer,4k wotever mail she sent,why wldnt she hv said all dos b4 starting anyfin wf Segun… Ladies n Money!!! Hmmmmmn

  309. Hello writter, I would say ur 2years was too long so if you have to blame somebody blame urself and not your friend or segun.

  310. Well adesina…u av said it all!!!!!love ur comment..jst to add that segun is a very useless guy and a desperate he goat and he doesn’t love d writer @ all to av gone for her bestfriend!omololu is an evil friend and very cheap at that..God punish dem both!!!

    1. i dont tink segun is a he goat. to be sincere wit ourselves would u want ur bro waiting on a girl for two years, i girl dat neva showed anyform of intrest. and i i read rite the writer neva said anyting about eventually loving or liking segun. all she talked about was testing him for two yrs? really whos got that time. it okay to think and pray before marrying someone but u got to date dem first. am a lady and i say if it took her two yrs to decide if she wanted him then she was only going to have him cos she pity him or cos of his money. bet shes hurt cos she hasnt found a richer suitor

  311. Lovely write up! …sad that this happened to the writer but sincerely, I don’t think she would have answered Segun. The guy waited for 2 years! The truth is that, if she wanted a relationship with him, somehow she would have hinted him.
    Mololu is not a bad person. Yeah, it’s easy to think so cos it did not happen to me…but what would be would be, eventually. I just think she should leave her friend until she can come to terms with what happened.
    Segun! What he did was painful but unlike some guys, he told the writer the situation of things etc instead of being mean

  312. 2 yrs is too long o! Candidly speaking, it was just meant to b……lol….my Mum said d Subject of dis story(d lady in question)…..needs special prayers….n dat she was jst destined 2 b d link of their (segun n her nest fnd) destiny….May God Help us all 2 make d right decision at d right time…..amen…..Good write up tho

  313. D babe as d writer said is very slow, one who prays for 2yrs b4 dating a dude? If it wasn’t Mololu it wld ve been some one else, what if that’s the way things were meant 2 be dat he wld meet his wife. Thru her, she said it segun neva looked @ her d way he luks @ mololu….. Mololu shld ve spoken 2 her friend bout it b4 anytin……. Bt that’s Life

  314. I see nothing wrong in Segun takng Mololu as his wife. He had nothing with the writer but a plain friendship as she did not accept his offer.
    She should however not regret and be prayerful, some1 good is waiting for her n she should not keep him in the waiting zone for too long. Infact dnt keep him waiting when he comes.
    I’ll also advise that if she feels so much hurt, she should let go and slowly detach herself from dem so she doesn’t do tins with a wrong heart towards them.

  315. God is rarely ever early, but He is never late according to His timetable. Relax and believe that your times are in His hands. -Joyce Meyer

    The writer has no blame at all…I blame the so-called bff(mololu).
    The writer has the full right to wait till God speaks and I commend her for believe in God. It is evident that she didn’t just want to go into it without God’s consent. Just move on. God has just shown you the kind of friend you have. I believe that’s God’s aim, to know the kind of friend you have before the worse happens in future …everything happens for a reason of course
    Ah and segun…u re a bad sharp guy o! Segun just played the highest level of indecency. Choi

  316. I believe dat if d omololu was true friend ,she should av let her friend know of whatever dat is going on even b4 she accepted 2 date d guy,d friend also kept d guy hanging 4 too long….but “if d guy was not very rich and wealthy will the mololu av fallen in love jusr like dat” dat kinda love is money based.

  317. Mature and quite dramatic writing
    The writer made a mistake single ladies often make – assuming every other person follows their time table and pattern. What happened to her is just what life is. Her friend didn’t need to scheme to have had Segun and Segun didn’t need to be a “bad” guy to have made his decision.

  318. I feel for the lady so much but I have a list of maybes
    Maybe she shud av asked Segun what he truly wanted.
    Maybe she shud av been sure of wat she wanted and not waiting for the result of some test…
    Maybe she shud hav been a lil private wif her issues.
    Maybe what seemed perfect for her wasn’t really perfect.
    Maybe Segun left cos someone better’s pretty closeby…
    My advise to her is that she shakes it off……

  319. D fault is entally her, all wot she has being doin is toll wit the man’s feelings, it is too late to come back, let her move on wit her life

  320. Though the writer decided to apply due deligence,it was coupled with fronting and posting what she should have grabbed upfront,Omololu back stabbed by acting like a Warri gurl. Following ones heart without procastinations she be the watchword which would have put the writer in the position she deserves…. Nice article.

  321. First and foremost, its not too good to keep friends too close to your object of primary interest. Secondly, two years is too much to keep a guy hanging. Na in those days dat thing dey work. Then, Omololu is forever snitch and I consider a bad friend, a close enemy. Segun is an opportunist. Our ppl say not all dat glitters is gold. Wait until they are married for about 5 years and see things are still the same. We dnt ve to live with regrets.

  322. I think d guy was starved of love and affection for 2 yrs, the writer didn’t give it cause plainly she just didn’t love d guy. Seriously, what’s dat about a final test and then ‘Yes’. However, her BF is a schemer and has every rite to b cause Segun was ‘fair game’. My take: writer next tym don’t take dat long, n forgive ur Mololu bt don’t be BF’s, n Segun don’t come after d writer in anoda 2 yrs.;)

  323. Don’t worry the writer cous God’s time is the best for you, and for that ur friend she knows what she was doing to u, cus no matter how long u wait for him she has no right to date him how much marriage in between two weeks cus she has already planed every thing befor askeing u of his address. U are talking about 16yrs of friendship or so call sister that she called her self. U should not worry if truly u are praying to God? God will give u a man that is more better than the 1 ur friend took away from u. Ur patience and prayer of love will not be in vain move on with ur life is not over yet. Take good care of ur self ware d best cloth cus u have a pure heart.

  324. Opportunity misused,bt not really her fault,guess she was simply taking her time,bt. This is a lesson.take ur tym bt not so long,6months is enuf4a gal 2knw if a. Guy is really serios or not.

  325. Its really hard to decide if Loi Lolu was a schemer or just a really lucky bitch. This could happen to anyone. Its a classical case of ‘what if’… What if she and segun had kept at it and sparks still didn’t develoipe? Wwhat if? Omololu sef..kai! She had alrdy collected d gifts and THEN she came to ask permission from her so-called bestie. That is just ‘medicine after death”k. I hope the writer finds someone wwho answers all her prayers.

  326. Sad ending to a good story.The story learnt here,always let your true intentions be known and delay could be dangerous.There was no error on omololu’s part or the guy in question.However I would say it was insensitive of Omololu to make her friend the bridesmaid,she’s a human being as well and should know that it would be hurtful for her friend to live out the experience regardless of whether she loved the guy or not.Also the letter further rubbed it in,though it seemed she only tried to express herself.She shoulda put herself in her friend’s shoes.Classic case of shoulda,coulda,woulda.The writer has herself to blame.

  327. 2 years and not even a kiss??? That guy isn’t a Pope, what did she think she was doing? trust she won’t hv to wait another 2years with another guy. in my opinion best friend didn’t exactly do anytin wrong as writter and Segun were not dating. writter wanted just gifts, Segun wanted committment which writter wasn’t ready to offer so bff gladly offered. abeg no babe should take after this writter cos u will remain unmarried for a very long time

  328. How won’t he bring joy to her life, with $2,000 bag and car… oh please. Honestly I don’t have a problem with the end of the story, just with the means. Any one of them could have come to her and said this is what is going on oh, ur my friend, I don’t want to blind side you. But really Mololu’s approach cannot be justified in any way. The end does not justify the means but whatever, life happens… she will be alright jor

  329. Wooow! Shit happens get over used to it!!….I wonder if he woulda passed the “test” if he had bought her an island -__-…. I’ve got mixed feelings about mololu tho, if their friendship meant anything to her she clearly wouldn’t have agreed to marry Segun…on the bright side though I think the writer has learnt her lesson next time she falls in love wt someone she’ll follow her heart nd not some silly 2 year long tests

  330. I am a victim of this too but unlike u, I didn’t lose him to my friend, I lost him to some other girl in his lyf.
    By the tym he asked me out, we’d been “good friends” for almost 2yrs, I loved him but just couldn’t commit. He asked for marriage straight away and at dat tym it was a lot of pressure so I stalled. I was just finishin school, I didn’t want to get married for another 3yrs..Masters et al.
    But as a lady, u always know when ur man is looking out. I knew when things started brewing with the other lady but I convinced myself that it was nothing serious until the calls stopped coming and the text messages reduced.
    I blamed myself at first for letting such a good guy slip thru my fingers. I was so hurt, I wept for days but I thought to myself one day that if he was so great, he wouldn’t have gone out. Although we weren’t officially dating, we had a relationship! He should have told me or something…. I felt cheated on.
    At first bitterness consumed me. My heart literarilly hurt each tym I saw her picture on his dp. But time really does heal all wounds or atleast it tries, it dulls d edges so it doesn’t hurt so much. Its been 4months and I’m doing ok. It doesn’t hurt so much when I see her picture these days. I’ve been thru all d stages of grief and I’m at the acceptance stage.
    What I learnt is that, there are somethings u can never predict so u live one day at a tym. I don’t know whose fault it is buh hey, don’t beat urself up. U coludnt have known ur best friend was also pinning after him. If it was meant to be, he would have waited no matter how long it took for you to get ready. I don’t think its wrong for ur bestie and ur bf to be friends, just be careful next tym.
    Thanks for the article. I’ve been looking for a way to express myself, I guess I found it 🙂

  331. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Girls can be very, very jealous and catty. The friend should have never really started anything with the guy without first confirming with her bff. Human nature…The main girl had shady agenda. Why string a man along for 2yrs. Very obvious, she kept him for his money, his niceness or his company. And the friend, another person with a shady agenda. She did not waste time in getting the guy to buy her stuffs……all the same, u can either call her smart and u can call what they have true love but she should have confided in her friend first before dating the guy. They were both deceiving themselves by one begging and pleading for the other to be her Chief Bridesmaid and the other agreeing to do it…..knowing fully well what they both harbour in their minds ***smh****!

    Human Nature….

  332. I feel so sorry for her *sobs* buh she was damn to slow
    And i also feel segun shouldn’t hv gone to her bestfwend…not withstanding…
    I actually fink itz all of deir fault,cuz d bestfwend kinda backstabbed her fwend

  333. Dating is all about getting to no someone, so wasting a mans time for 2yrs doesnt just make sense to me at all. She threw away her opportunity and gave it to someone dt valued d guy more. Although its painful it had to b her bestfriend, bt who knows if its nt dt d bestfriend is d person destined to b d guys wife. I hop she finds som1else dt wld appreciate her like segun. N nt throw it to d dogs dis time around

  334. Am wondering y a girl in her right senses wld keep a man hanging be him as successful or not as segun in this story for 2whole yrs. Let’s turn the table arnd, hw many of we ladies wld Allow a guy keep u in d hanging for even six months without any form of communication as to a relationship? One wld then conclude dat there was never any kind of committment and as a result feel free to mingle with the next ready dude. Hw long is life itself that u wld waste 2yrs on waiting for a particular relationship? In my opinion, Segun did what was right, a stich in time saves nine… It was just kinda unfortunate for the writer that her best friend and this segun found love in each other, but love is often found in odd places…. Next time, the writer shld learn to act and take responsibility for her actions. Maximizing opportunities is very important!

  335. *cwying* its painful u know? first of all i tink d blame goes to segun and omolulo cos how culd segun of all pple fall in luv wit d writers best friend? is dat a way of hurtn d writer after yrs of his waitn? on omololu’s side i tink she doesnt like segun bt rather he likes d gifts he bought 4him i just pray segun doesnt go broke 2moro cos omololu will divorce him *mtscheeeeeeeeew*! as 4 d writer huh how culd u hav wasted a whole 2yrs to fall in luv wit a man who has been so nice to u? he hasnt even kissed u to tell u he is nt lusting after ur body *cwying* where u blind all dis while? just pray God gives u d grace to bear dis cause dis kinda tin can make sb who doesnt know God to commit sucide.take heart i pray u find ur heart desire soonest

  336. Mololu should never have accepted Segun’s proposal if she truly loved her friend the way she claimed.Its normal for a decent and God fearig lady to take her time bfore going into a relationshp with a man.

  337. Wow…what can I say…thanks a lot guys for ur very objective and dispassionate analysis of this story. There’s reallly nothing more to add that u guys have said but I’ll like to share a few personal experiences!

    While we are all screaming that Segun waited for two years, I waited 5 years for a woman who eventually never ended up dating me! In btw those 5 years, she dated two different people that I knew about but her love was so irreplacable in my heart I couldn’t date someone else. What eventually broke my back was one faithful evening when we went on an outreach together in a group and I practically emptied my heart out to her and she still said no! It was then I knew I had to move on with my life.

    Lesson – I have reasons to doubt the strength of Segun’s love for the writer in the manner in which he switched from the writer to mololu. He should have had closure with the writer first. It would have made it easier to bear. (In another line of thought, if he probably tried that, she could have just attached herself to him even though she never really loved him the way Segun wanted! Truth be told, she messed up and was just tieing d poor guy down!)

    2 – regardless of how segun swiched, I seriously can’t blame him for moving on! There’s no way on earth I’m going to wait to get a green light from a lady for two years not to talk of the 5 years I waited before…except there’s a divine instruction behind d wait!

    3 – mmmmmm what can I say about mololu…I really don’t know but she really has to seek d forgiveness of her friend cos its just plain betrayal on her part! From d way she asked d question if the writer was really dating segun, it was obvious she didn’t go all d way to help her friend decide what she really wanted knowing that d writer had her weakness. She allowed the writer’s weaknesses to play out to her advantage and that’s not what a best friend does. What efforts did she put into helping the writer make up her mind knowing she had been stringing this guy along for two years? I saw nothing. So mololu betrayed her friend plain and simply and the note she wrote to her was rubbing salt to d injury! The note came a moment too late! It should have come before she took segun away from her! Plain and simple! Thanks guys

  338. I believe the guy didn’t know what he wanted at first. Constant persuasion could have changed the situation,and the time would not have been so long to 2years. In the care of the writer,she really did the right thing as a well trained lady but at times one should realise that things could fade out so easily in some people cos i feel the man needed a woman as a companion so fast for him to have introduced marriage at their early stage of their encounter. Well,the friend on her own part is not a good friend. She never discussed the conversation she had with the guy at first when she went to have her bath,that showed the friend night have been nursing an ambition of having a kind of relationship with the man. Any way,the lady should forget about it all and move on with her life. And should also wish them well in their wedlock.

  339. Adesina u wrote my mind. Mololu is not worthy to be called a friend not to talk of a best friend. The mail she sent to the writer must av been advice she got from people. Pls writer stay away from her.

  340. I knew a Guy who was on my case for years(5).When he met someone ,I was the first he called just to ask me for my final response before asking her to marry him.I don’t think being sneaky was the best way,Segun would have asked for the very last time.I know she would find her man .Being a best friend involves making sacrifices and forgiving even when you are hurt.As for Mololu,that is life for you friends.

  341. D writer was probably not smart or must be her destiny
    2 yrs was rather too long tokeep a man waitiNg. She got no response from God becos Segun is not Gods package 4 her.
    She was equally foolish to allow segun & mololu ve tym 2geda all alone. Y give seguns address? She neva loved Segun otherwise she would ve shielded him jealously. I salute segun 4 his patience he is a well brought up man. Mololu & Segun congratulations

  342. Hmmmmm….from ha story its obvious she wsnt inluv wiv d guy..n ha bestfriend did notin wrong..its just faith…bcos even until after evytin shes stil nt sure au she felt abt segun…so make she wait ha husby is cumin..God has a reason 4 allowin tins happen d way dey do.d guy is faultless jor au can a man chase a babe 4 2yrs witou any ansa…she sud kip prayin ehnn make ha own man cum n let ha reduce ha shakara…

  343. In a few words I wud say segun was not meant for her, if he was he wud av not moved on wit her best friend. The writer was just a bridge dat connected segun Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ omololui together. It would be better for the writer to pick up her piecec Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ move on, though I know it would be very hard cos she is feeling cheated Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ betrayed

  344. Hmmmmm,I am gonna talk on the 3of them,momolu,segun and d writer-
    I wouldn’t blame the writer for d decisions sh took,of corse our mothers usd to tell us,don’t collect gifts from a man,just like that ,don’t be all mushy into a guy,lest he would see u cheap,anD guys of des dayz re fuckin pretenders,they bombaD us wit gifts when they seee that we’re a lil harD to get,but once the score is settled,(gettin innn uu-)abbaa-opari-it ends Der,cos that’s when ladies feelins grow more intens,anD dats when the guy go dey form for u,now she’s ffg D 10comanDments,on d oDa hanD,the writer fuck up,she too ova Do am,ogini,if she was 25yrs when she met him+2yrs-27-she no Dey think that she’s gettin olDer,she over did her actions@least she should develop her feelins and let it known,@least the guy wuD understand.but seriously-the writer fuckup for her siDe- momolu-well notin much of a blame-except that I’ll seee her a betrayal,cmon,ur best frienD-so they’ve sparkled d lovee long ago,rite in d writers house,that’s y no matter what,I wil nvr intro my guy †??
    Any of my frenDs oo lailai-my gy is my guy,I don’t want dos Devoures snatch him from me oo-anyways she was just been smart sha-now uncle segeeee-goin after ur suppos love best fwenD,habaaa,he no too gel naaa,but I gues his case was wy diein ova the writer when sdme1 is closeby reaDy to die for him-
    I guess he realiseD what the writer Dint-(I’m not getin any younger) cos he was particular abt settling down-all the same the main fault is from the writer,sometimes being a gooD gal pays not-

  345. wat a sad story,she made a very big mistake hw culd she,anyway God knws d best,mololu see money nt love she see,d ryt man is comin wait unto d Lord k

  346. First thing I see here is the writer wasn’t really into Segun, so waiting 2yrs on the Lord to reveal to her if Segun was the one for her or not, was her way of buying time for the right person to come. As for Omololu I think if she valued her friendship with the writer she (in my opinion) should have discussed it with her friend before going ahead to start up a relationship. For me, I think Segun is completely blameless here cos he waited 2yrs and no hope of ever starting something with writer. No hope that one day she might even allow him kiss her. Cos ur body language tells a lot, for him to have had d nerve to make a pass on the bff means he had already concluded there’s no hope for them. And the next best thing was standing in front of him with no restrictions or reservations. Ha wetin man go do?
    For the writer I think is the thought of loosing out on what ‘may’ have been a perfect relationship that’s her issue.
    True it can’t be the same for her and Omololu and true maybe Segun will wake up one morning and say to himself he made a mistake

    Moral of this story: Don’t waste anyone’s time stalling. Its either you like or you don’t like. And if you’re having difficulty deciding….keep him away from you friends till you’ve made up ur mind on what u want!

  347. a sad story indeed but if truly segun s the God choice for her no matter d case mayb he will definitely wait & find his way back to her arm.

  348. ​ï do not blame Omololu, neither do ​ï blame Segun, as a̶̲̥̅̊
    Matter of fact, ​ï credit Segun for waiting for the wrtter for 2yrs(too long) before moving on. ​ï fully blame the writer who is still believing something might come up after 2yrs, and ​ï know why she is still believing, its because of the expensive and classy life she will live with Segun. Thank God she realised at the end that Omololu didn’t do bad and did the chief-brides-maid-thing for her.

  349. From •̸Ϟч own point of look, the lady in question wants to assess Segun so that she won’t fall a victim of use & dump by any man but forgotten that guys of nowadays are always desperate to hear positive response from their so called fiancee and Omololu too who has been desperately searching for husband seize the opportunity since her friend had been jisting her everything going on between her & Segun• So she just grab that opportunity at once & Segun too has no option than to accept it since he didn’t know her other girlfriend’s mind.

  350. Aw cm, nobody has said anytin abt Segun’s daughter? I believe most girls don’t have dreams of dating a man who aidy has an issue, so I see both the writer and Omololu has been more financial level concious, so, even Omololu obviously built her love for Segun based on his financial status. The writer wasn’t betrayed as far as I’m concerned. Omololu na smart oppourtunist!

  351. Am speechless……………….but all I could just say a good 2 yrs is kinda damm 2 much for lady 2 test a guy not even in this generation we are…this is a very great lesson cos its very essential for all we human being never 2 throw away a chance to say I LOVE U to a person u care for,its not everyday you meet a person who has the magic to let you fall in love…..

  352. As selfish and unfair this story sounds. Really she never wanted him TWO years is a loooooong time abeg. She herself was a meanie, I will ask dhe puts herself in Seguns’ shoes, if a guy tossed her to a curb like that. Sad it had to be her bff, I will never do that, but she never had nor wanted him. All the best to them all.

  353. I feel you! You took ur time to inquire of God and nothing was wrong with that.
    But even God would put in ur heart love for any man he chooses for you

    You dint fall in love with him for 2yrs and you kept on. That’s what I dislike about the entire thing.
    I particularly despise relationships that are not clearly spelt out. I have seen pple hurt becos of this.

    You were lucky it lasted 2yrs. You simply shud have let him go before then. Pairing up with ur friend or whoever would have hurt less.

    One thing I am sure of is this, though, he wasn’t meant for you and I think you knew it at some point. All nice, generous guys can’t be for you. They might be the one for someone else.

    You will find someone eqaully nice or better, but the difference wud be that he wud make ur heart skip many times. You will wait on God as usual but you will waste no time in defining ur relationship.

    As for ur best friend, let it go. Be happy for her. If its wasn’t her, it wud have been someone else. And dnt ask “why her”, ask “why not her”, particularly if she feels the chemistry u dint.

  354. 2 years is not a joking matter, Segun made his intentions known to her telling her he loved her and even opened up to her what most unserious guys wouldn’t if they wanted a chop and clean mouth relationship. He had a daughter and she knew it. Don’t blame Segun at all, he needed someone in his and his daughters life and he waited for 2 years for that. Mololu was the price of his waiting as the writer paved way for their being together. If u truly love someone let the person know about it, u won’t die revealing that kind of feeling believe me. But God is the creator of all the writer still has life and chance. Maybe she lacks the ability to hear from God cos 2 years as I said before is not a joking matter.

  355. Hey! Nice write up tho , but i feel mololu shuldnt be blamed bcos her frnd neva lik segun at all. Segun spent 2yrs pouring gifts on her but she harden her hrt , at dose moment every guy will wnt to get advice frm her best frnd. At dat moment the guy had been showering feelings n love 4 d girl her best frnd has been watching Segun frm d natural environment seeing the type of guy he is, but Segun knew he had no option than to move on note nobody mention the pain segun had inside emotionally . Talking to the best frnd will enable him see her as a nice n caring person frm there they will get along ,mind you if they were not mearnt to be it will show . But becos they do have a nice communication btwn each other things will surely go well for them.

  356. For me, its neither segun nor mololu’s fault. Let’s understand what betrayal is…. Its like back stabbing.. Is that what mololu did?? Did she use evil means to get segun or speak bad of her friend before segun??

    What if the girls were never friends or mololu never knew about segun and later crossed his part and something sparked up?

    For me, mololu is a good friend. Its not like she did any evil. A man is not a commordity with a tag. You can’t keep him in your closet for how long you want.. He is a man and he knows what he desires and where by he can’t get what he desires, he moves on. He is even a patient man. 2 YEARS.

    I understand how the girl would be feeling but I guess she has learnt from her mistake and gotten a lil more mature. She over did the fronting. Only 14 year old front like that these days except its a guy a girl doesn’t like.

  357. I blame d writer bcos Time s to b measure by events and not by d lapses of hours, H rider hargard. Wat u do wit ur time matters it measures d amount of opportunity u mak use of. A ol 2years mennnnh dats nt fresh @ all. Is like she hs bin working 4 mololu, GOD hs put d food on ha table but she kall mololu to come eat all. reli reli sad.I feel 4 ha and I wil neva blame omololu my broda and sistr No long tin!!!!!!. Say it loud.

  358. I think the writer is a good girl with a high self esteem.I would do same in her shoes. Come to think of it if you say you ℓ♥√e God, sex shouldn’t be the catalyst for ℓ♥√e. Then the issue of money. Every girl wants to be pampered but Omololu is a very selfish πϑ greedy girl. Then again Segun might be a different person. All these might just be segun b4 marriage. Let’s see Segun after marriage. A man can pretend for 5years to get what he wants. I’ll tell the writer to hold on cos hers will be beautiful. In Gods time He make all things perfect.

    1. Ini…ur kidding me right?what kind of good girl is that? Two years of holding a man dwn without making an commitment whatsoever and taking in all his love, gifts and attention? What kind of good girl is that? She was apparently enjoying all the love and attention but was not ready to respond commensurately to them! How on earth could u have been keeping a guy waiting for two years wwithout even giving him a try?

  359. Firstly’ I would like to make a firm assertion that there is no such thing as God’s time. I think it is save to assume that Mololu complemented Work and Ability in earning Seguns ring. In the same vain, I would blame her for being very inconsiderate of saying yes to a friends intimate friend.
    Talking time, I think Segun was desperate to have a serious relationship that the writer couldn’t okay that easily, so he is not to blame. We say omololu to be of the same pedigree with the writer and that saved him from the “waiting in vain” Since the writer has waited for Gods response on the subject, then to be Godly, Segun isn’t hers.
    A better Segun would come her way much soon.

  360. Well she is d one dat has fault cos even she is testing him 4 gud 2years she nid 2 @ least hug & kiss him so segun wll av dat feeln in his heart dat she love him back,its great lesson 4 all of us dat we shld nt waist time or play wt wat dear 2 us.

  361. Well…for one tin ¶ wouldn’t blame Segun & mololu. On d oda hand ¶ will say Omolou must hve knwn dt dia was smtin brewIn btw her friend & Segun but she used d oppourtunity of her friends sluggishness or tryin not to b cheap attitude to get at Segun. ¶ can’t realy blame her though. Dis is just a lesson for d ladies, playin too hard to get only pays off durin d stone age not now. If u like smtin, go for it….why pretend? God will give d writer her own man but she may never get a guy like Segun again….never….ever….cos he is a rare case in d case study of tude’s guys. Wish her better luck in future.

  362. Painful and thought-provoking but then I can’t blame him for moving on afterall there was nothing but platonic love between them,the writer’s loss

  363. Wel i feel ha pains bt wen it kums to love, one dosnt ve to wait fo too long. Also, may be she was jst a tool fo ha frend and segun to meet, so let ha nt gv up, hers is on d way

  364. I wouldn’t blame the friend cos sooner or later someone else was definately going to fill in wit the guy… Tough decision but nonetheless commendable

  365. The lady is the most stupid person in the universe,how on earth can she be bittered about the development?She did not in anyway express her feelings or readiness to be engaged in a serious union,Segun was just a friend to her,SIMPLE!She’s just sad about the halt in her flow of gifts and freebies from the man,OLE,OLOJUKOKORO!PLease continue praying and fasting,OK?

  366. I feel the writer’s pains but I noticed some traces of jealousy on her part. Its normal, we’re humans, however, the writer dulled herself and not many men are that patient. For God’s sake Segun did all he could to make her know just what he wants but instead she was skeptical about the whole thing.

    Mololu didn’t really do anything wrong because she knew her friend too well and her friend wasn’t just ready for Segun. The writer should move on! That’s my best advice.

  367. No one is to be blamed! The writer and Segun were never meant to be and her disposition is very good too, it’ll all work together for her good.

  368. ‎​Ɯα†̥‎​ i§ yours i§ yours! But 2yrs i§ too much τ̅☺ ask God abt someone. Anyways Ȋ̝̊̅†’s your fault. You better learn frm this.

  369. What story, this is indeed a lesson but all the way, what will be will definitely be. As omololu said what refuse to for two years will never grow. The guy is not meant ƒσя him but somebody else I didn’t blame anybody not even the writer.

  370. I think she got wat she deservs.If she lyks wen she meets anoda guy she shld watch him 4 10yrs then dis tym it wld b her sist who wld take him.

  371. Sorry to say this, but it is all ur fault!! How long do u think a guy will wait for u? Hw showed u he loved u, wot were u expecting, a magic? Deep within u, u loved him but u were trying to shield ur heart…. And as for ur friend, i dont think she really cares about u cos if she did, she wouldnt have allowed anything happen between them. She would have resisted him to ur intrest and she will not go ahead with the wedding seeing that it was hurting you… And as for the guy, i dont think he really knows what he want. Cos if he knew, he would have waited even if it is 10yrs… Sometimes things turn unexpected. Next time WATCH and pray…

  372. She thought she’s got the guy under wraps, d writer is unfair, for 2 years no commitment. She got what she deserved.

  373. Omololu did nt wrong d writer tuk Segun n time 4 granted gone r dose days women play hard 2 gt n 2yrs was too much of her hard 2 gt. I pray she gt sm1 soon since she has learnt her lesson

  374. I have one thing to say! how can she keep a guy hanging for almost 2year. she brought it to herself. I just wish she get another man and as for her friend she don’t surpose do that because they are bestriend If ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ another girl far from bestriend isnot bad but bestriends ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ bad. maybe this will be leason for us all not to keep a guy hanging for that long, give him a chace and see hw it goes .Thank you

  375. I wouldn’t blame her friend for anything she has her but ws too spiritual about ΐτ̲̅, even God wouldn’t av kept her waiting for 2yrs, life is all especially issues concerning marriage is abt physical attration and spirituality. So we need to act right atyms…. Make your feelings knowns soon as possible to aviod pains and regret…

  376. Oh! My! God! For about 30mins, i couldn’t even think of a thing. Can’t believe i got tears rolling down my cheek. Now taking a critical look @ the story, I choose to share the blame: 45 percent on the writer, 30 percent on Omololu and 25 percent on the guy.
    Firstly, the writer probably had the fairy thought that the feelings would always be there and guys would always be hangers-on, no matter how long they get brushed aside by the lady…but not so, my dear; it doesn’t always work that way especially if the guy was bent on gettin married ASAP and considering the 2-years waiting-in-hope, that was really not a wise thing to have been done on the part of the writer, esp taking cognizance of the fact that she actually loved the guy. I feel sad, really sad for her.
    Secondly, (sentimentally speaking), Omololu shouldn’t have taken such advantage of the whole situation, considering the fact that its her best friend who was involved. I think she maybe should have discussed his advances with the writer before delving into the relationship. But realistically, she takes no much blame cos aside the fact that her friend wasn’t dating the guy, she just was being a normal rational lady who would put personal interest over friendship. I hope every lady learns to mind the friends you let lurk around a guy you truly love.
    Fimally, the guy did absolutely nothing wrong. Ok, lets not say I’m taking sides, I think his only flaw was switchn over to the writer’s best friend. He should have @ least searched elsewhere, giving the writer some respect. But on a second thought, maybe Omololu and the writer had become or were his closest female pals, considering the fact that Omololu was the writer’s best friend. So, maybe he had gotten to understand Omololu well enough and switch to her would save him the stress of starting from the friendship foundational stage with some other girl.

    Overall Lesson…
    Ladies be wise! Never bottle up your feelings or shut your heart to someone who really adores you. Accepted that guys could be funny but for heaven’s sake, no guy will endlessly hang on for 2yrs if his feelings weren’t genuine and I’m sure @ a point in life, we all should be mature enough to know sincere feelings when we meet such, having our wealth of experiences as the basis for our judgement.

  377. Kudos!! Adesina Ãήϑ Temi… Ʊ guyz ® on point…. Newaiz, i still feel very sowwy fO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я †ђξ writer, it sure Ȋ̝̊̅§̲̅ very painfal…buh, swell! She kept him waiting τǿo long! 😐

  378. There’s no specification for the right one(perfect lover). Love will grow even if planted on ‘air’, the issue is, plant it. She never planted the love, she was too concious of not being hurt or afraid to loose something, and you don’t get when you don’t give. It is painful, no doubt, but it shouldn’t because she never really invested that much except for the reception of gift, to me, she should forever remain quiet.

  379. I seriously blame Mololu for not informing her best friend before going into a relationship with Segun. It means Mololu kept somethings away from her friend & I put it to Mololu that she betrayed her best friend.

  380. i think d fault is hers, she was never into him so y bother? I like her friend s openness and sincerity. To me she did nothing wrong, she only followed her heart and she was lovin enough to let her best friend know her intentions

  381. Well 2yrs is way 2 long its obivious you didnt like the man just his gifts buh omololu is not ur friend infact ur enemy ani person who does that to a friend is heartless. She obiviously has been luking for the opportunity and am very sure she must have been making advances @ him for a long time. And segun will definately do the same to her. A man who doesnt understand how to be loyal will always consider himself first b4 ani1else

  382. Its such a painfulI story,but she has learnt her lesson in a very hard way.the only fear I have for her now is about her next relationship,I pray she won’t jump at any man that comes can check my website to get information about dating

  383. What are u guys talkin about…..she obviously felt xtremely comfortable tinkin no one couls take segun away…who does she tink she is…2 solid years toyin with a guys feelings. She was onli commfortable with the idea of him around her but neva loved me she was onli bin selfish..God bless omololu for takin the plunge…..‎​ pray their union last enough to tell their happy story to their grandchildren

  384. Re u kiddin mi?2yrs to answer ά̲̣̥ proposal??????d writer missed it all n kudos 2d smart frnd,d writer cldnt reciprocate segun’s feelins n is he suppose 2wait 4eva??dnt judge till u find ursef in dat condition

  385. D 2yrs of friendship or dating as d case maybe is highly inconsequential, y? From onset, omololu had been pressuring d writer to take things from Segun and never to always reject his kind gestures. With this, it is evident dat naturally omololu is an opportunist who can go any length in getting her desires. Besides, if d love Segun professed was real and genuine, he wouldn’t had hit on omololu. I think with all sense of apology dat both Segun and Omololu are betrayals. I ‎​Jʊ§† pray for d writer dat her pure and kind heart will pave ‎​Ǟ wonderful way for her. Note dat omololu was never ur friend neither did Segun really loved u, ‎​Jʊ§† thank ur God dat d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥y didn’t went to d extent of killing u and pls try to move away from them and find ‎​Ǟ real true sincere friend who will never do dat no matter how tempting it will be. God bless u my Sister and be sure of my fervent prayers for u. Segun and Omololu sucks.

  386. I’m so pissed right now that I don’t even know what to say! What the heck was she praying about for 2years! She is the dull, and foolish! She shouldn’t blame her friend one bit. That one saw an opportunity and took it. Chai! Now she has to see at close proximity the life she would have lived and the beautiful things she would have had at the at her fingertips. She should continue praying. God will send her a RCCG pastor from mushin axis! Prayer warrior!

  387. Wow! Wot an interestn write up. If i must confess, i totally blame d writer. U met a guy dat is so desperate 4love,not jst mare love but absolute true love but u let him go bcus of ur churchous attitude. When he 2ld u he luvs u, ur reply ws its so soon,wen he suggestd u meet his mum,u objectd 2 dat. Rmba u neva loved him and if u claim 2,u neva let him kw. Probably,if Omololu was aware dat ur r/ship wit him was a deep 1,bliv me she wldnt hv done wot she did. Mayb she mst hv heard u complained occasionally on hw Segun is pestring ur life,dats y wen d opportunity called on her doorsteps,she grabed it. Pls, do not blame Segun or Omololu 4 anytin rather put d blame on u. And dis i bliv wil serve as a very gud lesson 2 other young girls around. If u must seek God’s face b4 acceptn a suitor, 6mths is enough 4 dat and not 2 whole yrs 2 a desperate man. Sometimes we dnt value wot we hv until we loose it n wen dat happens,we start shading crocodile tears. Life is an oppourtunity, grab it!

  388. This is touchy. I won’t blame any1 except the writer. Don’t waste your time on waiting. Follow your heart and do what it tells u. I so much feel for you,sincerely. And I want to tell u this,that there is no bestfriend no where. I am short of words here,but I know you are not meant to be together.

  389. I believe what is yours will always be yours. She and Segun were never meant for each other becos if they were, Segun would have waited, 2yrs is not a long time to wait for something you really want. I’ll say Omololu was lucky God brought what belonged to her through her friend. My advise for the writer is to let go of the hurt as hard as it may be and find comfort in the fact that Segun was not meant for her. She would have ended up in the wrong marriage and made so much efforts to make it work and there are no guarantees that it’ll work out. Better to stay happy and single than to me married and miserable. Divorce is not an option.

  390. I really felt for her and can’t imagine a lady can be as slow as these regarding the matters of the heart expecially when one hardly finds a good one that could fit in to that huge space.She should brace up,learn from her mistakes and apply corrections to the next man on line.Cheers. Veronica

  391. I’m so pissed right now that I don’t even know what to say! What the heck was she praying about for 2years! She is the dull, and foolish! She shouldn’t blame her friend one bit. That one saw an opportunity and took it. Chai! Now she has to see at close proximity the life she would have lived and the beautiful things she would have had at the at her fingertips. She should continue praying. God will send her a RCCG pastor from mushin axis! Prayer warrior! She should pray for Nigeria since she is very good at it.

  392. Dat babe was too slow can U̶̲̥̅̊ wait for 2years b4 saying yes to A̶̲̥̅ guy dt U̶̲̥̅̊ knw obviously luvs she maddddd?I wnt blame omololu ooooo.she wasn’t rlly into segun,she ws js enjoying d goodies cumn frm him,dts y she remaind his frnd for 2yrs nd dint wanna disappoint him by telln him she’s nt into she shd js tke heart nd move on.its nt js meant to be.

  393. I feel sad for the girl, I have been there before but I wouldn’t blame Mololu too much for being a smart girl. Only thing I don’t like is; there’s a girl code: don’t go for your girl’s man even a toaster. The writer however was too slow.. 2yrs? If the guy is as amazing as she wrote,then it wasn’t meant to be. Who thinks too much for such a guy? People should learn to take risks, opportunity lost might never be regained. Take a leap of faith and see where you land.. Dare to love.
    Great writing by the way.. Kudos!

  394. 2 whole * freakin* yrs! Offcourse is a long time 2 keep a guy hanging!…welll… I jst think faith happened 2 them all…

  395. Wooooow! Dis tale is quite touchn. Welllll is obvious dt Omololu has alwys enveyd her freind over segun,havn seen hw he adored her n lavished gifts on her.Omololu,knew wht she wantd n went 4it,anchoring on d lame reasn dt thy were nt“ Dating”. Dts a very wrong thing Omololu did,u do not outsmart people n tk wht is theirs,is very wrong. Her freind was tkn her tym in studying Segun,cos she rily needed 2,consindring d way thy met n he’s quick lavishing of gifts n wantn her 2meet his family n allll dat. Alll dis was happening in a hurry n she was only being careful n tkn her tym so she does not make a huge mistke. Sad she lost her man 2a seemingly “smart” freind.ill advice ladies 2 kip far d 1 that 1 dt loves them 4rm so called girl freinds or best “freinds”,cos u nevr can tel how jealous thy can be. Trust not ur freinds bt ur ENEMY’s. Tanx

  396. Well,I feel d pain of d writer bt ΨΕ̲̣̣̣̥ ladies should av it at the bak of our mind dat ΨΕ̲̣̣̣̥ shuld stop playin hard †☺ get while other ladies keep getting married evry saturday…ΨђåƮ if dat is her last chance,is dat ♓øw she’s gonna loose it?on d other hand,maybe Segun is nt meant 4 her. S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ she should keep her fingers crossed den!also she should nt av any grudge towards her frnd bcos dat W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̊ƪƪ worsen d situation…

  397. Hmmm!So sorry dear. Am a lot like u, somewhat old fashioned. Not accepting gifts from guys, not coming on too strong-taking my time & waiting for one last tin to click b4 saying yes and talks about ‘I love u’, ‘I want to marry’ so early gets me scared. Believe me, I’ve done exactly what u did in two different relationships. I was considering him, not saying Yes to anyone else or evn ‘seeing’ any1 else, waiting for tht last tin to fall in place so I could say yes, each of the tym, it was so close to happening b4 the terrain suddenly changes and some1 else comes along.

    But for a guy tht professes tht kind of love, I believe he shld chase through to the end. Maybe we ladies shldnt be so uptight too doing the ‘red light’ tin all the tym. We shld let him no somehow tht u like him & really considering him. Its OK to want to be sure since marriage is not smtin any1 in his or her ryt senses would want to jump into esp.considering the alarmingly increasing rate of divorce in our country.

    I pray for ur friend Omololu tht her marriage will last since the foundation of any relationship goes a long way to determine the outcome.
    My Dear, try to start working Segun out of your system, sit down, think abt out everytin,talk to any of the both of them if u hv to, do not live in denial, strt unfolding everytin, sooner or later, u’ll get to the end of the road and u’ll just feel so light and see tht u r free. Free to live again, free to consider other relationships and oda guys, free to get on with your life

    One thing thou, I want u to wish Omololu well 4rm the bottom of you heart evn if it hurts u to do so,its part of your healing process, do not wish her marriage to break up & also do not ever imagine Segun coming back to u eva, I repeat eva, decide frm nw tht evn if smtin happens tht makes him decide he wants to come back & he realises his error, make up ur mind u r neva going to hv him bk, not doing so is putting ur life on line & I can almost assure u tht u wnt heal up if u do.

    Eeyah! I felt exactly the way u feel bur u gotta move-on so tht ur guy can come get u.*hugging you hard* Take care Love. It is well

  398. Well……d writer was too slow…..2 YRS!!!!!! That’s long o…. If she loved him she should have been giving him signs …….. Its a pity….I think the issue with her is that she is regreting and wishing “had I known” but the guy wasn’t going to be around 4eva….. She just has to deal with it…

  399. too much pride was invested and she lost as a result.
    Sure time waits for no man, in this situation time waiteth not even more for a woman. Hmnnn….

  400. My dear, I really won’t blame d guy. Men are easily manipulated. The girl’s friend is d cause of all this. She saw an innocent naïve man. With a free heart to love. And capitalised on the fact that her friend hadn’t gotten intimate with him (as a faithful christian normally would) and sneaked in-between. And she made the man to think in a way she wanted him to think; “You guys weren’t so intimate, so she has nothing to lose. We are all friends. I’m readily available. She never really liked you. Cos I know how she responds to guys she likes”. And the man has bn thinking that way, so far. And has seen her as his long awaited bride.
    My guess?? This couple would have issues very soon. Cos that ‘best friend’ is manipulative. And she would use the skill on her husband pertaining to other issues. He will now confide in the writer. And see his folly.
    Otherwise, he just might be his wife’s ‘mumu-button’ for the rest of their life together. And the writer will just keep wondering how it all happend.
    Writer should keep away from that friend. Damn what people might say/think. Friend should be handled with decorum.
    Besides, writer never knows what’s ahead. Who knows? Maybe a bigger fish. He who has money today, may not have money tommorow.

  401. In my opinion, all 3 parties are guilty. Let me explain:
    1. Segun: its not unusual in the Naija enviroment for a man to suddenly declare love to someone he deems a ‘suitable mate’ when he’s ready to settle down. Its all about the number of points she meets on his list of criteria. True love rarely, if ever, comes into play. He was only acting true to form. What’s slimey, but not unsual, is his making a play for her best friend. He just went for Plan B! With real love, there is no Plan B!

    2. Omolola: This individual has no concept of the word friendship. Once your friend is seeing a guy, he’s off limits! Period! Unless she ends up with someone else. And even then, as a friend, she should have told Temiville first once she noticed she and Segun had ‘chemistry’. She’s also clueless as to what makes a marriage strong. She said “friendship and respect are not solid foundation enough upon which to construct a marriage”. So what is it built on? Sex and money?! She’s obviously had her mind on bagging Segun or someone like him for a husband. Hence her encouraging you to accept gifts and favours in typical Naija girl fashion! All ill say for her is this, Karma’s a bitch!

    3. Temiville: I do not blame you for being cautious with Segun. It shows your upbringing and principles but 2yrs is a pretty long time for a Naija guy. As a Xtian, I know what it is to wait for guidance from God. Believe it or not, He gave it to you! Just not in the manner you expected. He showed you how ‘strong’ Segun’s ‘love’ was and the true nature of your friends affection for you. I also fault you in indulging these two selfish, underhanded individuals who obviously do not belong in your life! All they’ve done is appease their consciences at your expense and, like a sap, your going along with it! Grow a backbone o jare and tell them where to shove it!!

  402. I can only blame the writer cos she’s the architect of her own misfortune,like her friend rightly said,wot was not there in 2 yrs may not ever be there,d guy had to move on and who better than with the writers friend who saw what d writer did not see.I can only pray to God for her “mr right” to happen along.All in all,it was a nice write up,d stuff dat M $B is made of.

  403. Only time knows how great love is,even time has no time to be wasted that’s why it waits 4 no one mololu took her chance and made it worked 4 her but d writer played wt her chances,those who wait on d lord would rejoice,ye would one day, bur remember that d bible says tomorow might b to late,she lost her chance so she should accept it 4 good.

  404. Well my dear friend,u were playing hard to get so u got wat u deserved nd for ur friend omololu she didsnt betray u one bit cos u nd segun were nt in any relationship so dnt blame her nd for segun God will continue to bless him for moving on,gud men are nt easy to come by,so next time dnt play hard to get,serves u rite

  405. What’s d issue?
    Pls ansa these;
    Did Omolulu steal anyones husband?
    Did she steal anyones fiance?
    Did she even steal anyones boyfriend?
    NO. The writer has absolutely no case!
    Let’s see the writer as the link God used in connecting Segun and Omolulu. And in due time, God wld rememba d writer too.
    P.S – this wld’nt have been an issue if Segun had been a poor church rat, infact, d writer wld b grateful to Lolu, …. As in good ridance to bad rubbish.

  406. This is really touching!!! I think she delayed 4 too long. She feels bad cos its her friend. She had not said yes in 2 years knowing der r many gals who wud kill 2 be wit dat guy goes 2 show dat she was not interested. I don’t know if it is possible 4 her 2 feel “joy” 4 dem tho. I hope she has learnt n wil not kip d next suitable guy waiting 4 “2 years”? I wish her d best

  407. I hope he doesn’t regret his action in d near future cs I believe d wife he chose ws after him for his money …money ws her motivatin factor compared 2 d first girl….

  408. Wetin sef!!!!!!! Gals too de form… She’s not a child and knws quiet alrite d@ good guys are scarce nowadais.. She found 1 and messed up.. She shld put herself in d guys’ shoes.. Will she have waited d@ long??.. Which kind test??.. Na Waec abi na Jamb?? Abegie jor… We kant blame any1.. She messed up…

  409. I wldnt rilly blame d writer cos d guys we av nw r vry unpredictable. Ў☺ΰ dnt kno wen d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥y r real or wen d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥y r faking & ladies coming 4rm disciplined homes, find it vry diff 2 giv demselvs 2 a man xcept if d@ guy go d xtreme 4 her. All dis r enveloped in d fear of d unknown. As a lady, neva allow ur frend 2 b 2 close 2 ur hubby or cos d end may not b 2 swit @ all especially wen ur still dating. I pray God givs d riter a man better dan Segun wu will love & appreciate her 4 wu she is

  410. From my point of view i feel absolutely nothing for the writer. U don’t expect to ‘court’ a lady for two whole years without receiving an ‘incentive’…a loving touch of the hand, an inviting look (there’s a lot u can achieve with the eyes), and i also deciphered that the man in question did most if not all of the calling. Love is 50-50. 60-40, 70-30 can b managed and in the man’s case even 90-10 will b ok for him. She ought not to cry. There’s only so much a man can take. True, her best friend took advantage of the situation but life sucks, doesn’t it? She just has to dust off her behind and move on and and i pray that experience, truly, will be her teacher.

  411. Although she was wrong for keepin him waitin for too long,her best friend had no right watsoever to go into a relationship with segun without sorting things out with her first.segun can’t be blamed for anything,he paid his dues and got his reward.

  412. D three of them are 2 blame.1st d lady dat played hard 2 get,how long does she want 2 pray,she had said yes in her mind but was pretending by playin SUPER-HERO and went and gave a goat yam 2 kep,so datz d result.then mulo or wat eva she’s called is a boundle of betrayal infact she seduced d guy,she was jelous and new wat she’s capable of doin datz why she adviced her friend but she tok mulo 4 granted and she carried out her threat as d SHAP BEBE.As 4 segun he saw it comin durin his 1st chart wit mulo but cos he wanted it 4 reasons best known 2 him he allowed it maybe 2 teach d girl a life-time lesson incase of reincanation she will not delay 1sec

  413. I feels d writer’s pain, she wasted much time finding out if he is the true man for her,one year should have gvn u d answer.As for her friend she saw d opportunity and she embraced it. D guy segun is a loving and sincere guy, well God has is own way of doing tthings

  414. I don’t understand what fuse the writer is making. For crying out loud she was never in any relationship with this guy. What makes you think u can toy with someone’s emotions for almost 2 years without any form of commitment and still think of your self as his diva.
    Please grow up. U were only friends and friends do date their friend’s friend after all some people meet their spouses thru their friends. You would have had a case of you were actually dating this guy,were his girlfriend or engaged to b married but non of this was the case so wot is ur point.
    If u truely loved this guy it wouldn’t have taken forever to know he is the man for u and I don’t blame the guy,even the bible says expectation postponed makes the heart sick.. The guy was only human and wanted someone he could call his own and start a family with so I suggest u start looking out for whom to call your own and please be happy for your friend cause she did you no bad.

  415. ” ..To cut the very long tale short, my best friend Omololu and my 2 year old toaster are now together….” Is the narrator drunk?:/ 2years???? Smh

    She’s definitely not sure of what she wants.
    “… I would have married Segun. I just needed him to pass one more test and voila, I’d have said yes to him. I never thought he’d stop loving me. I never though I’d lose him and certainly not to my friend, my supposed best friend….” Na so….He’s a lab rat for numerous tests=D ……:O so bcos omololu is your best friend, that means She shouldn’t marry a man that Loves her who happened to be asking u out for 24months & you refused…yeah rite…ladies parlance & codes of conduct=)) (Don’t Marry A Man I once dated…smh…in dis case, no dating)

    scared of the past? O! We love the past so much!! She shouldn’t have built walls cos of her past, she should have built an underground steel fortress and hide herself there…at least, no one can reach her there.

    As for segun and his move on omololu, I don’t see anything wrong….the narrator clearly stampeded his every move….such moves suggest rejection to a guy especially when u’ve done it for 2years…na wa

    As for least she had the decency to ask the narrator about their status, and she clearly defined it as “not dating”…

    Am not saying the narrator shud have jumped into seguns arms at first sight abi at first crash…..but 2 years???? That’s not fair, ah ah considering he’s mature & doing well financially

    Maybe she was waiting for a dove to decend from heaven bodily & a thunderous voice piercing the atomsphere with “This Is My Beloved Son, Whom I’ve prepared as a husband for thee from eternity”…Super Yarns

    You are testing him for 2years…yeah right! No..keep TESTing…by the way He Has TESTicles

    Infact The Title of The Story Should Be: Why Shouldn’t She?

  416. D writer is 2 blame, cos i don’t hw else a man can show his love n affection tru sendin a hand written love letter 2 his supposed lover via DHL, hw many people does dat dis days? Well, she saw her blessings απδ neva made use of it. Bsides d mans mother can’t b on d waitin side 4 too long. Dis is africa nt yankee. Its always said “№ b who carry 1st b d most intelligent”. Dats all i can say, but body № b fire wood sha

  417. Segun & the writer’s friend ar 2 b blame cos no matter wat, since d friend knws dat both of dem(segun & d writer) ar aving somfin in common,she suppose not 2 say ‘yes’ & 4 segun, he is a stupid bastard dat want 2 spoil d relationship of 2 fwendz………..

  418. Mololu has d fault hia.DuH u call sum1 ur bestfriend y would u do such,besides if any guy really loves u as segun claims he will wait 10 years ,he will wait no matter wat hapens .definitely ur man will come but friends like mololu shud b avoided.

  419. Love comes from a Pure Heart and a Good Conscience and a Sincere Faith…. 1Tim 1vs 5 (NIV). Going by this, I would say none of the characters in the story displayed true love. They all acted selfishly.

    I think simple scriptures like this should guide our decisions and not allow us complicate matters. This way, we can always be sure of our decisions. God speaks to us through His Word.

  420. I don’t see anything wrong in what Mololu did. A guy has d right to move on if a girl isn’t interested in him. The writer was obviously not interested & she would have been nothing but thorns in Segun’s flesh if she eventually dated him because of Segun’s financial status. I mean, 2 years of waiting for a yes? Segun must be a very patient guy cos, a guy like that will attract almost every woman he meets. The writer was a confused slacker & she’s only hurt because of some form of ‘rejection.’ She mustn’t forget though, that she rejected Segun from day 1 for reasons best known to her. She should move on, there are a lot of great guys out there.

  421. Well, it is nobody’s fault, the fact is they are not just meant to be together. She should accept her fate and move on

  422. I wouldn,t blame d innocent lady,for keeping d guy waiting 4 just little longer tyme. She tot she had gotten everything under her control. Her only mistake is getting her friend freely involved n blieving dat life is dat simple witout any challenge. Her friend is a btrayer, a very gudfriend would have push her very very hard, but instead she went 4 who like better thing.

  423. Hummm my dear , you are God fearing but not wise .the bible say’s iN all thy getting get wisdom anD get it with with all understanding. The first thing to do is pray about any man showing intrest to uand not relying on your own understanding. Remember all that gilter Is not gold move on with your life and God will give u your own husband in jesus. Name

  424. Wow. This is a very sensitive one and probably also a lesson for we young ladies . You can’t keep a guy for too long when you know deep inside of you , you know u can’t spend d rest of your life with him. Had it been you had let him go or probably tell him yes, he might not have met with your friend. This is really a lesson for me and God bless for sharing this. Don’t worry u will find a better substitute by God’ grace. Forgive your friend and move on. Keep praying and d good Lord will give you the Bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh, your very own in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  425. Segun isn’t meant 4 her because if truly he’s destined for her, no matter the condition he will still adapt. I don’t really know what to say about because it was touching, i felt for her. This will serve as a lesson to all ladies that thinks keeping their feelings for a man instead of pouring out their mind is the best way to test a man because 2yrs is damn too long to test a man’s love. God will make her happy as He has done 4 Mololu through her, God’s time is the best, she should continue her friendship with the couple because the guy isn’t meant for her. I wish her the best in life

  426. Love comes from a Pure Heart and a Good Conscience and Sincere Faith…. 1Tim 1vs 5 (NIV). Going by this, I think none of the characters acted in Love. They were all selfish (well at some point).

    I think if we based our decisions on simple scriptures like this, things will not look so complicated. God gave us his Word to direct us.