irANT…Forty eight months, one week…

I am tayard!

Don’t dismiss my rant and become nonchalANT.

I understand I’m usually happy on this blog but I really want to moan this morning! Well, afternoon. God has been good too me, in fact, soooo good! He has been faithful, even in my unfaithfulness. So wassup with me?

Well, I have been away from home for 4 years and I really, really am extremely homesick. I see my mom every year but I have not seen my dad in 4 years. I was a teenager when last he saw me. Now, I am a grown lady! This feelings of homesickness have become more frequent these last few days. In short, they are now rampANT.

Sometimes, I just want to cry so I listen to this song to induce the tears and I feel much better afterwards:

It gets worse whenever I am speaking with my mom or brother or dad and I hear people laughing, conversing in the background. I just want to go home! For some reasons, I have been advised to chill but I really just want to go even for 3 days!!! As I am obedient and not recalcitrANT, I’ll stay at least till December and then go home for Christmas.

For now, I am an ant, living in another man’s land so I am an immigrANT (a very legal one though before they pull a Gamu on me!). Whilst I am here, I am eagerly waiting for great things this November (I’ll tell you about it soon), so I am expectANT…

I’m off to choir practice now, that should cheer me up (after my dose of frothy caramel latte)

That’s all folks (for now)


***Excuse the rANT…my twitter buddies will understand though…lol.  I am at least 3 days behind! Better late than never hehehe…


  1. Well, you know wot they say, no place like home. Makes me remember a song by Bebe Winans-coming back home.
    Its kul to have this feeling, once in a while, brings back memorys of pain, hapy moments, mischiefs,fight…… In d end u just smile cos its part of wot made u up 2day.
    Having somone or more to talk 2 helps in making the situation alil more relaxed. Funny to say but when a friend went back home afta a long stay here, he dashed back here in a say 2weeks dat he was tired.
    Woteva it is, keep family close, be happy, call at intervals….cheer up Darl it won’t b long again. 🙂

  2. If I were ur dad and read this article, I’llbe so proud of my self. My little girl is now a young lady.

    U lightened my mood today after some1 really pissed me off, thanks for that

    ALso where did u get this song from? I feel like a child hearing this song all over again….It was one of the soundtrack of my life as a boy…U know raised by a single sweet Mother, SHe will always tell me to listen to her at al cost, reciting this song

    1. Hi Oluwunmi, thanks for ur comment about my dad, I sure hope he is :D.

      All these songs are on YouTube…There is that ‘sweet mother, I no forget you’ one too. lol. I tried getting on your blog, I was given this message: The blog you were looking for was not found. wassup with it?

  3. OMG I totally i feel u, I’ve been so down the last few days cos i just wanna go back home to naij! It gets worse as autumn rolls into winter, as the nights become longer…the longing for home gets stronger. I also get told that nows not the best time to go home…as i have a job here…and God knows what Nigeria has in store for me..but most of my friends are there, plus family. It’s hard, but I guess it gets better…Hang in there 🙂

  4. I am totally feeling u…for the past couple of days i’ve been in this funk, where i just wanna pack it all in here, and move back home. It gets worse as autumn turns to winter, the nights get longer and the longing for home gets stronger. hopefully in a year I’ll be able to make the move back…Funny thing is after secondary school all I wanted was to come “abroad” to study. Now the case is reverse..sometimes I wonder what i really want…They say it gets better…I’m hoping it does.

    Hang in there…and thanks for stopping by my blog xx

  5. awwwwwww. that’s some pure sturvz dear. we all feel that way sometimes. hope ur singing therapy at choir practice helped. nice blog!!!

    1. 🙂 thanks dear…I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we left A Level college. I thank God for how far He’s seen us through. The best is yet to

  6. Awww, pele luv! Can’t believe you aint seen your dad in that long…..and i love all the ANTssss! Haha, I love the Gamu part

  7. I have been here for just 9 months, I came in February to start MSc but I totally am missing home like mad so I understand you.

    U’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine

  8. Awwww i feel you! I used to be home sick as well.. been away from home now going 8 years.. but to be fair i see my parents often, my dad comes at least twice a yr and my mum once a yr and i go once a year too, so not too bad. But still sad *hug*… it is well. feel free to cry whenever… i love crying too.. when i feel down because i feel somewhat better after. On a good note… staying away from home helps you become independent.

    1. You are soooo right! I have become so independent, it scares my mom. 😀 I hardly call home for urgent help and stuff. I’ve learned to stand on my own two skinny feet. God has been my all in all!

  9. I just sighed after reading your post……… in a very loooooooooooooong sigh!

    Naija is Home anyday, though my wife and I are yet to agree on that…………her definition of home is “my husband and the kids” 😉 For all she cares, we could all be on the moon and it would still be home to her.

    Obviously, I can’t make any drastic moves like packing my bags and going back to Naija, but I long for a chance to setup some sort of business that would take me back home regularly.

    One of my brothers who has been living in Canada for the past 10 years just moved back to Naija last month with his family…….definitely not an easy move if you ask me, but I guess it all works well when it’s “all expense paid” with all the “expatriate” perks he’s getting.

    Anyways, make sure you get me some Indomie and some Pepper-Soup spices when you go visiting……..:-)

    1. lol!!! Afi Indomie and peppersoup na lol…Well, I agree with your wife because if I were married with kids, ‘home’ would take on a new meaning but since I am still with an empty wedding finger, home is back in Naija with my family.:-I

      Your brother is enjoying oh! Me, I don’t mind that kind of job at all! lol

  10. I’m with you on this Temi.

    But thank God I am in Nigeria now. Although my family’s not in Nigeria but at least I can see my friends and Dad would be here soon…

    I know, I know… I’d soon go back but I’m just loving this while it lasts… lol

    PS: thanks for checking my blog out. Love urs too.

    – LDP

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