MONDAY: Learning to be Heaven-focussed

Hope you had a fab weekend people! Mine was good.

I spent 45% of my time studying. I don’t have any professional tests or examination to write but I just felt the need to familiarise myself with the financial world and so I got to reading.  As most of you know, I have a diverse background. Back in Secondary School, I was a science student with the hope of becoming a Neuro Surgeon. After much consideration, I decided Medicine was forced on me and not really my dream career so I studied Law and then I went on to my Postgrad in something else. This means I can pick up Ababio and get his drift. PN Okeke is not altogether alien either and I can easily analyse Julius Caesar. I love Law and politics is my thing. But now working in the Financial Services industry has brought the next challenge my way and I cannot carry last, no sireee! It has not been easy breezy but God has been my guide.

Nothing is impossible with God *straight face*


Very early on Saturday morning, I went to Ikoyi to join a jogging group. Good Lawd! My muscles have still not forgiven me. We jogged from Bourdillon and up Falomo Bridge into VI and then back. It was shame that kept me going. That was my fuel. If not, I would have called a cab to go back into Ikoyi. It’s really a nice feeling you get after a proper work out. You cannot endure miles of jogging and then eat stupidly. I’d like to say I’m jogging to be fit but that would be a big fat lie! I’m jogging and depriving myself of Coke to lose weight…just because.

Sunday service was interesting. Pastor Moses spoke about ‘Opening the Gate’ and that topic honestly deserves a blog post of its own. One thing that kept ringing in my head is how the focus on making heaven seems to be growing dimmer and dimmer. Don’t get me wrong. There is still that constant zeal to do good and live righteously but when I pondered on it, I realized that my goal was majorly because of the benefits to be derived HERE on earth. I think about staying righteous so that good things don’t elude me. I’m polite and courteous so that I receive it back- no one likes insult. Most of my motivations for doing the right things were due to what can be gained in this life through God’s grace. Though this in itself is not a bad thing, a higher level of thinking would be to stay focused on heaven and life after this. I pray God will help us to live a life that takes into constant consideration that LIFE IS JUST A PASSING PHASE.

Have a lovely week ahead and God bless you!



  1. to your prayer – Amen!

    however, i guess it’s how you look at it…because i spent a lot of time discussing with mates how a lot of people’s focus is on Heaven and you forget that you were put on Earth for a purpose. you might think that sounds strange – i.e. if you’re aiming for Heaven and are therefore loving (supposedly) and helpful and yada yada, then you’re doing what you should be on earth right?
    BUT … you’re probably not doing all (or as much as you otherwise would) you should be doing … you’re so bent on “making Heaven” and righting your wrongs and nipping your bad habits, you don’t see your “neighbour” hurting beside you, you miss an obvious opportunity to share the gospel … you’re basically so focused on the goal, you miss the journey. and both are important.

    my two cents. anyhoo – someone mentioned this yesterday and it got me remebering how true it is. “good people don’t go to Heaven, only saved people do”.

  2. At a church I attended earlier this year, the pastor spent 3 weeks preaching on heaven and hell. It was amazing to me how little time we spend thinking of the after life.

    Today, after reading Psalm 73 (which you have discussed in your blog), I realized that my goal in life truly should be to “seek first the kingdom of God.” With God, we have everything we need on Earth – salvation, security, hope, and love. That is true wealth, no matter what the world may say. All else may follow, but I should strive to move from being a “baby” that crawls in sin to “walking” with Christ. And when I master walking (perhaps after many stumbles or regressions while God patiently looks and waits), strive to walk even closer with Him.

    I hope that makes sense! It’s hard to explain clearly the insight I got but I feel joy and peace since the revelation. I’ve been going through your archives and it has pushed me to really think about what I’m reading in the Bible. Thank you for sharing the Word!

  3. i think its a great post… i guess focus for me now is how many people am I preaching the word of God to… my heart is heavy that souls are missing out on JESUS.. N What am I doing about that??? PRAYING BUT THERES MORE.


  4. People actually lose sight of why we were created. Everyone has a call to the body of Christ, ask God to reveal urs to you and He will. Cos at the end of the day we will not be judged based on how successful we were, but how we were able to use that success to influence God’s kingdom. I just hope a lot of people realize on time. Nice write up though, still amazed at the things u put up, so different from all the other blogs I have come across. Keep up the good job.

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