Hi people!

Thank God for the grace to see a new month! I’m really thankful for my friends, family, readers, my country. God has been faithful. One more month and 2012 is over! Woohoo! Yes, I might not have achieved every single thing I set out to do, but for those I have accomplished, I am grateful to God. I pray great things will keep happening to all of us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine who I believe God just blessed with the best body size in the world. She is tall, slim, fit, great body. I remember looking at her back then in Bwari and thinking to myself: Nawa o, shebi this is a human being. Eating and yet normal.

I was frustrated with myself for every little extra weight I put on. I went into all manners of diets in Bwari. In the month of August, I went on a no carbs diet, totally shunning rice yet no change. I would deprive myself and be upset at what I can’t have and then comfort myself that today’s deprivation is tomorrow’s body. Yet nothing. I would go jogging in the mornings, nothing. In fact, since I got back home a few weeks ago, a total of eleven people have said things along these lines: Temi, nawa o. You must have been really enjoying in that your village of Bwari. You’ve chopped up. I would smile sweetly in response and not even bother denying it. Inside, I was so upset. Those who were too polite to say it gave me the ‘you’re fat’ look. Either way, I got the message!

So yeah, I got chatting with this super slim, super fit friend and I asked her if she was on any diet half expecting her to give me the ‘oh no, I’m just naturally slim’ talk. To my shock, I got this response:

“Yes o. I’m on a diet. I don’t eat carbs at all. I have boiled egg in the morning and vegetables in the afternoon. All my meals end at 2pm. If I’m hungry later, I have a cracker and that’s it.”

I was speechless. Wow. So even this perfect looking girl was doing something to look so perfect. Now this brings me to my point…


It’s very easy to look at people that seem to have it right and credit it to their good fortune forgetting that a good chunk of people put in the work to get the results. Some people look like they have the perfect job that gives them all the nice perks. You don’t know how hard they pray and work. Some people seem like their marriage is just so amazing. You do not know how much the woman has to forgo her own desires and submit to her husband’s. You don’t know how hard it is for that man to love his wife in the way Christ commanded. You don’t know how much prayer has gone down. You don’t know how some people wake up at 4:30 am to command their mornings in order to have the perfect day you always think they have. You don’t know the struggles. You don’t know the sacrifices. You only see the result. And then you say: I wish I had that kind of marriage. I wish I had that job, the list is unending.

My point is this: nothing good comes easy-not for you and certainly not for the next guy that has things going good. Pray, put in the work and by God’s grace, you will achieve your goals.Now, I’m not sure I can do the no food after 2pm thingy, but I started a form of diet about 2 weeks ago that is more of a lifestyle change and I’m already seeing changes. I just cannot be fat mehn!

Have a lovely week ahead! God bless and keep us all. May the ills of the ‘…ember’ months not be ours nor our families’ in Jesus’ name.




  1. Yaaaayyyy! I’m improving on my leaving a comment goal, that extra effort of coming to the website itself and not just reading the email 🙂
    Anyways to my comment, I have come to the conclusion that I will give my self heart palpitations the size of Superstorm Sandy if I become bothered by what I see(people, situations etc)
    Most people know that they have to work at things but just choose to live a ‘I know a genie will pop outta a bottle and sort everything out’ life. We all get depressed and wonder why but holding on to God and working hard at the things we desire, we will definitely see results.
    Phew! I think I’m done 😀 P.S can you share the ‘I cannot just be fat mehn’ recipe *wink*

  2. Na waaoo if I hear stuff likee thiss I. Go whaat? But seriously there are certain nutritioons our body needs do one really have to. Shun eating just to look slim
    My point
    you need carbbs but u need to knw the right kind of cards and time to eat, starving urself aaint the ssolution except she takes supplemment

  3. Very very true. Sometimes when you hear how much effort goes into something you thought was perferct and achieved seemingly effortlessly, u’ll be frightened. God help us.
    Miss abeg tell us the new diet/life changing style *winks*

  4. Really true…
    Reminds me of the common saying, “the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence”…. which is not perfectly true.

    Great post!

  5. Haba Temi, dats not fair. Feel you could @ least shared ur recipe with us ,since you said you’ve noticed some changes.we could all benefit from it

  6. Every1 wants to shed of some fat…both d slim n d fat… Its a good thing tho,
    And true, from the outside someone else’s life z so perfect till you hear their story..
    1st heard dis commanding your morning message from a priest, during his homily… And I tried it, it works… And is a good habit we should try and include into our lives..
    Nyc 1 temiville

  7. The easiest thing to do is to let go of carbs. Carbs are addictive, so it’s hard to just do a little bit. Rice, oatmeal, bread…etc… best to only eat them once a week (on your cheat day)
    Water – no juices, no minerals…
    prevention is best
    And the good news is that eating healthy is also good for your teeth, your skin, your hair etc.
    Soon it becomes a habit, and you don’t have to think too much about it.
    Most importantly, let BEANS become your best friend!
    Hope that helps.
    Wishing you all the best!

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