Omo Ondo ni mi :D

Hi people!!!

So I’m on a weeklong Easter break from Law School and during this break, I plan to study and also blog so I’m just here sitting at my desk remembering all the stories I planned to share once I get out of my self-imposed hiatus.

Ondo Capital

I went to Ondo last weekend and it was quite the trip. We were in the car for hours but I thoroughly enjoyed it. That made it the second time I would be in Ondo state and I actually think I want to go more often. I saw a resort-esque place there. Not a bad getaway from all the busyness of Lagos at least a weekend a year or a weekend in 2 years. Lovely experience!


Yes, I’m from Ondo and as you can tell, I don’t come from a family where going home every holiday is mandated or even encouraged. But I felt this feeling of peace when I entered the place. I was like ‘so this is where daddy grew up. This is the state he went to primary and secondary school and would walk for miles on his bare feet etc’ (oh sorry, that was Jonathan not my dad, lol) I really enjoyed it. I guess as you get older you begin to appreciate all these little things more. Do you guys go to your hometown often? I don’t mean those of you from Ibadan or Abeokuta o :p. That one is not village. I mean far distances. Or you are discouraged from taking long trips ‘before something bad happens’?

I think it’s good to experience it once in a while. I’m actually from Ile-Oluji. I intend to visit one of these days and see how it is there.

Meanwhile enjoy these pictures of my beautiful state of origin…

Governor Mimiko
Governor Mimiko



  1. Lailai! That was my first reaction to the title when I saw it, then the tag Ile-Oluji mellowed me… I gotta Derin questions (Not JAMB :d) which area are you from?
    I am from Oke-Igbo.

    To answer your question, I’ve not been to Ondo state in almost nineteen years…

    Oya answer mine 🙂

    1. LOL!!! Im ashamed to say this but all I know is that I’m from Ile Oluji. I don’t know the compound or the exact LG. I’ll call popsy and ask him sha. I’m sure he’ll wonder why this new-found interest. I went to Ile-Oluji in 1998- first and only visit (so far)


      1. hehehe! Though it’s been decades, I still kinda know my compound sha. Ile-Oluji-Okeigbo is the LGA. From what I’ve heard, Ile-Oluji is the more popular sister, my towns people wouldn’t just allow her lead, hence the amalgamation of both towns as a LG.

        Good to know you are also kinda related to DO Fagunwa :d Nice to meet you again… 😉

  2. hehe! I think I’m from the more popular sister *wink*. Your townspeople should sit down ojere lol.

    Ejo tani DO Fagunwa and how am I related to him/her? **

  3. Welcome back Temi, been looking out for your blogs for ages. please make sure you make that call to Daddy (very important). i visit my home town once in a while when there is an occasion . i’m from a small village called Uzanu Etsako east LGA in Edo state.

    1. I am very proud of you for letting people know where you came from ” Uzanu, Estako East, Edo State, Nigeria ” Also join the Uzanu Nigeria Global community on

  4. Awwww we’re from the same state! I’m from Owo myself :), not too far from Akure either. I schooled in the University near by (Akungba and don’t ask!) which is the only reason why I got to ‘drive through’ my hometown much. Once I was done with school, that was it! Haven’t been back there since I left in 2005. And now that I’m married to someone from Ogun state, don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon either!

  5. Hurray she’s back *insert fanfare*
    Akure Olyemekun!!!
    Went to Primary and Secondary school in Akure and I can say it a peaceful place.
    Dad decided to build his house there so I’m more Yoruba than Ijaw 🙂
    Never been to my village tho, the closest i’ve been is when we went to neighbouring village for my late aunt’s burial. Considering my aquaphobia, going to the village is sorta out of the mix 🙂
    Welcome again 🙂

  6. welcome back. i visit my home town 3 times in a year compulsorily, my dad wants us to know d town very well. i’m from ilesa in osun state. .

  7. Hmmmm. Small world. My mum is from Ile-Oluji. Only been there once. That town everybody is either a cousin/relative or an in-law.

    As for going home, I think fathers suddenly woke up and have decided we all must go home. Went to my pops place too about 10 years ago (before our road trip last December) and oh boy, we went to his dad’s home town, his mum’s (Ilesha), Ada and passed other towns in Osun State. Wants to make it a yearly thing…. Me! Not sure.

    Glad you are back.

  8. The ‘marriage’ between Oke Igbo and Ile Oluji continues to baffle me. Those from Ile Oluji speak more of the Ondo dialect while those of us from Oke Igbo speak more of the Ife dialect (I speak neither of the two).
    However, none of these towns is more popular than the other as both places boast of several famous Nigerians who have served in many important positions in different countries.
    I do go ‘home’ ever so often, just to unwind from the vagaries of living in Lagos all this while. Let me know the next time you get ‘homesick’ so I can hook you up.
    D O Fagunwa was the author of ‘Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmale’ which was later translated to English. The Igbo Irunmale is in OKe Igbo, and you can visit when next you are in town. You should be proud to be related to such a great man.

  9. Ile Oluji…..hmmm, what readily comes to mind is their US Visa lottery success racket. sorry i mean success rate.
    They account for about 85% of Nigerian community in Indianapolis. Their Ile Oluji day is usually celebrated with much fun & pageantry with their Kabiyesi (King) from Nigeria usually in attendance.

    Nice set of people thou (at least the few i know)

    On the going home thingy, i didn’t visit my home town Iseyin in Oyo State for 26 yrs before i insisted on visiting last year. My Dad was shocked at my clamour for a visit and I was surprised that i could still remember some routes and houses even thou my prior visit was for 2 days in 1986. It was a nice feeling!

    I surprised myself more when i went back twice in the next couple of months and this time my Dad was so happy that i finally picked an interest in where both my parents hailed from.

    I hope to visit again whenever time permits even thou all my maternal & paternal grand parents are late.

  10. *Mandy* Temi, sincerely i got trapped 2 read more of ur articles online…I started with Nysc done and dusted….all in d process of searching 4 a suitable title 4 my post on facebook..luckly 4 me, i clicked on urs after searching thru google and that was how i became a reader of temiville’s post. I got charmed by d words u used in composing urs and ur story. I just completed my one year compulsory national service (nysc) at niger state. I finished with d batch A 2013 corps members. I was able 2 get a nice title 4 my post on fb courtesy you, cos i stole ur title ooo *smiles*, I went ahead in enjoying d cruz frm ur blog cos its like am already finding u interesting 2 my surprise I found out dat dis same temiville hails frm ma home town….my dad and mum are frm ile-oluji bankemo & odogbotuntun area in ile-oluji, though have only been there twice 1994 & 2013. buh believe me dah place ain’t village again oo…d last time i went there( 2013) wasn’t much fun 4 me cos i was just there wit my grandma & some cousins have never met b4….no friend 2 hang out wit at all…i left d place after spending 2 boring nights at my home town ile-oluji….I reside in lagos. I love adventures & visting places buh I enjoy doing adventure mostly with friends….*am ademola adunola* kindly add me up on FB…I’ll like 2 know u better *NO STRINGS ATTACHED*

  11. MANDY…….i wish we can go there 2gether, my parent hails frm ile-oluji….bankemo and odogbontuntun area…buh i visited there in
    1994 and 2013…temiville kindly add me up on facebook (ADEMOLA ADUNOLA) we get 2 talk better *NO STRINGS ATTACHED*

  12. I use to travel to ile-oluji a lot. That was when I still had both grandmoms. I was there last in January 2007…..gosh I miss that town with it’s quiet and serene air and the smell of cocoa too. It was a major part of my growing up. You should visit sometimes. I always wonder why it’s never just Ile-oluji local goverment. It use to make it difficult to fill applications. First it was ile-oluji ifesowapo local goverment. I was always asking questions, where is Okeigbo…got the answer right about 2002 when I started school in Ife. Funny thing is both towns aren’t together……they have ondo city in between and yet administrative are. Have you finally visited????

  13. Ile-Oluji is a really nice place, my fiance is from the town. I particularly love the fact that they are really warm and accomodating people, I am also from Ondo state but i love Ile-oluji town.

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