Quite an interesting day…

Today, freshers came into Uni. It took me back memory lane. Two different lanes. The first is when I left Nigeria for the UK to begin my Undergraduate journey at the University of Sheffield. The other is when I moved from Sheffield to start Masters at Warwick. One both occasions, I was so excited. On more than the other (clearly). There is one incontrovertible truth however: going somewhere different is a very significant step in one’s life. It feels as though you have a chance to ‘start over’. You meet new people, you are faced with new challenges, you get excited about what the future holds. It’s all so new!

I saw that excitement in the youngsters’ eyes today. They all looked so eager and optimistic about the future. A few odd ones looked like they genuinely couldn’t be bothered. But there were in the great minority. Their excitement excited me. I felt so happy just to see them so happy and upbeat.

As I wandered about the block, it reminded me of the fact that life is indeed moving on and rapidly too. The average birth year of these kids is 1992. 1992?! In 1992, I believe I was already in Primary 3 or so and they were just born.

My point generally is that life is passing by so fast. We all need to take stock of what we are using our time to achieve or if it’s just wasting away. Am I just sitting doing nothing all day or reading books, applying for jobs and generally building myself through reading the Bible and praying etc? Am I sticking to a hopeless relationship simply because I am scared what people will say since I’ve been with him for so long?

Seeing these young adults move into the building just brought all these thoughts to my head. It was indeed quite an interesting day…if only in my thoughts.

That’s all folks (for now).



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