Hi all!!!

It has been a really long while. I trust we are all well. I gave this post a positive title because I feel like the phoenix who has sprung forth from the ashes. 2016 was a year of test for me and as part of my Restoration series, I shall be sharing with you how I was able to bounce back from different trials and tests that were experienced in that year.

In addition, I lost all my files on the blog for the latter part of 2015 and the entirety of 2016. When my website manager told me the news, I was broken, deeply. You see, I am not a curator. Everything I post is borne out of deep reflection, thought and inspiration. In sum, it was difficult to accept that my files were gone. My laptop had crashed in 2016 too and so all my back up files were all gone. Pain does not even begin to describe how I felt.

I was totally saddened. The idea of blogging at all became a reminder of everything I had gone through and I pretty much dropped it as though it were an old interest that I had now outgrown. But the truth is, blogging is not just a hobby for me. It is a lingering passion through which I express myself and help people too. I felt so empty. I felt like a person not living up to their full potential. I felt like a person who was burying their talent. After some deep reflection and soul searching, I called my website manager and told him, “I am ready”. So I decided to start again.

Thankfully, I was able to retrieve about 6 posts through comments in my email and I shall be posting them for all to read again. The comments on them were irretrievable but I am grateful l have something.

I started blogging on the 1st of October, 2010 and I am back. I feel restored and I am rearing to begin sowing my talents instead of burying them. I am so thankful for those who kept prodding and asking me why I was not blogging and for those who tagged me on posts of people who stated that they were inspired by my blog posts even as way back as my posts of Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict. Thank you guys!!!

For anyone who has gone through a setback in any form, you need to dust yourself up and carry on. The easy route to tow is to throw in the towel but that is pretty much an insult to the one who has invested and deposited so much in you. Whatever you are going through, I pray that the God of Restoration will pull you up and give you a new sense of purpose and drive and inspiration.

I am back!!!

Temiville. xoxo


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