Hey my lovelies!

Long long time. I’m sure you are all thoroughly fed up of my apologies after each long hiatus. Please vex not. This time around, I have a very good excuse: I got married!!! Whoop whoop!!! lol!

Yes, on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in the wonderful month of April at about 9:45 am, yours truly became a Mrs. After all my blogging on relationship, dating, marriage, I finally became a wife and have to start practising all my epistles. Hehe.

I must confess, it has been interesting. I’ve been married for only 16 days so I’m not exactly an authority on the marriage topic but I thank God for how far He has seen us through and I am very hopeful of a great and beautiful tomorrow all by His grace.

I intend to start a series. In fact I have so many many beautiful plans for this blog. I intend to write about my relationship (which I never do) but in the form of a story. I intend to give practical tips to brides to be on planning a wedding. I intend to start a prayer series for newbies in marriage etc. I intend to publish some of my stories that are gathering dust in the folder. So many things on my mind. But for now, I just want to do a little dance.

Here is our picture as we were being prayed for.



Thank God for all His mercies. I am happy to be back blogging though I doubt I can manage more than 2 posts per week. I’ll try to stay consistent henceforth.

Thank you for all your beautiful messages to those that knew.

Have a wonderful week ahead and let’s remember to say a word of prayer for our Nation.


Loads of love,




  1. Oh wow, congratulations! God bless your home. .May you both find joy, peace and contentment in your union, always. I got married this April too, been married for 23days now and it was, and has been, beauitiful. Enjoy your new life, lady 🙂

  2. Congrats Temi!!! God bless you and your home. I am soooo happy for you. May the Lord bless you both and fill your home with peace, love, joy, happiness and all your heart’s desires.

  3. Wowieeee! Congratulations!! That’s such wonderful news!
    We look forward to reading your series, I’m sure it will be a delightful read.
    May God continue to bless your marriage and home in Jesus name xx

  4. Wow!!!.. Temilade, God bless your union. Wish you guys all the very best life has to offer.
    I’m very sure many people have missed you on here.

  5. Wow! Big Congratulations! May God’s overflowing blessings fill your marriage!
    Please write more. We’ve been missing you here.

  6. congratulationnsssssssssssss! May the good Lord bless u and ur family in Jesus’ name! Wish u all the very best 😀 and I miss u!

  7. wow! that’s a great reason for a hiatus. Congratulations. May God always be center of your union, strengthening you both and filling your lives with joy in Jesus name.

  8. Wooooow! You kept that so quiet! That’s awesome news…please please share the whole story soon. How you met to courtship and proposal…we want it all!!! I remember the days when you wrote about how everytime one goes out and you met someone, you’d be thinking could he be the one? I’m so happy for you though…I actually screamed when I read it! God bless your marriage and make it an example of a Christ-centred, love filled one IJN! xx

    1. I concur with Tolu oo..
      I recall them days so please you have no choice but to share.
      I must say your blog really helped me at a time when I needed healing.
      Please share it all oo.Testimonies really does encourage.
      I trust it was a grand wedding too.
      Lucky bobo I sure do hope he spoils you crazy and treats you like the special lady that you are. Infact he has no choice ke. lol.


  9. congrats….happy for u. God bless ur home muchos. meanwhile I missed u so much. haba! pls never do dat again.

  10. TEMI!!!!! See ojoro Ooooo! I’m pained! U didn’t tell ur avid MCLA readers that u’re getting married. #NotFair!
    Plus that picture is d biggest ojoro of all. y’all are so far away, I couldn’t distinguish ur features… lol.
    The ranting aside tho, I’m extremely, incredibly happy for you. Congratulations on becoming a Mrs. God will bless your home, bless ur marriage, and lift you and your husband beyond ur imaginations. He will make you friends forever and bless you,with a quiver of beautiful babies.
    Your home will not be part of the satanic divorce statistics I Jesus name.
    Congratulations once again Mrs…. we don’t even know sef lol.

  11. madam, CONGRATULATION to you. wishing you all the BEST in your marriage. it is once of the most interested institution in the world, may up you mind to enjoy it to the fullest. BEST OF LUCK.


  12. Woah! I am pleasantly surprised!Thank GOD for your life. Thank GOD for your home. And congratulations to you. May GOD bless your home, and provide insightful messages to all through you as HE did when you were single and had time for us. Lol. Your long silence is forgiven, as long as you can just pop in occasionally to show that you haven’t forgotten your avid blog readers. Stay blessed.

  13. Congratulations dear! I’m so happy for you. This post forced me to drop my very first comment on your blog…God bless your marriage in Jesus name, Amen!

  14. Congratulations!! I hadn’t check your blog in a while but for some reason of the last few weeks your blog had been on my mind. Now I read this and I’m truly astounded, I pray you have a successful marriage and that God’s wisdom guides you to make the right decisions every step of the way.

  15. Temi!! I’m so so happy for you… Been constantly checking your blog.. always hoping that maybe one day u’ll post something new.. and u hit me with this great news…!!!! U do well!! #MegaWatts Smile.. I wish u all the very very best!! – Its Adunola.. a one time intern at Citi.. hope u can recall.. anyway… Loads of Joy in this gracious journey!!

  16. Congratulations Temi.. Just checking on your blog again and then I find this! Yippee!!! And welcome back – you were dearly missed. God bless your union.

  17. Oh wow! for some strange reason I’m just seeing this! Congrats on your wedding and here’s praying it will be everything you two have prayed for it to be and better! Have a blessed union today & always… x

  18. congrats Temi.. you took us all by a real big surprise!!!…May God’s blessings fill your home..I trust God for a thing like this soon using yours as a point of contact.

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