Yay!!! Law School is over!!!

Law School is over! I have my life back! Doing the running man….
Aloha people! I’m done with Law School!!!! On the 23rd of August at exactly 6pm, I dropped my pen, held my 2 papers and prayed to God to crown my efforts with success only He can give…
Guys, I’m back! For those who have forgotten me, I shall juggle your memory in the coming days and weeks. God bless you for all your prayers and well wishes.  Law School is not for the faint hearted o but God is your strength. For those that are embarking on this journey, I have plenty tips for you.
God bless you all. It feels soooo good to be back!!!


  1. Temi, I’m your biggest fan in Ghana. I thank God for seeing u thru the program sucessfuly. I remember after the NYSC, the job u get and when u finally left for school. Really missed you, looking forward to sa rejuvenated blog!!!

  2. Yipeeeee! Temi’s back! #hugs# I missed u. Congratulations on d completion of law school, I wish u greater achievements in the years ahead. Welcome back.

  3. Yay!!!!!
    Incidentally, I was just asking a friend of mine on sunday how long it takes to finish law school cos it seemed like you’d been gone forever! When he said ‘one year’ I said “this my friend has been gone for almost 2yrs º°˚ ” that’s when he told me abt Bar1 and Bar2 and how foreign students have to spend 1yr and half or sumthing like that sha… And that y’all dropped ur pens last week thursady or so…
    Anywaiz, I’m soooooooo glad you are back! The lord will crown all your efforts with Good success. God bless you real good.

  4. Welcome back, *dancing skelewu* One of my favourite bloggers is back. Hands you a duster, ngwa start cleaning. I was beginning to think they had banned you from blogging in law school, how was it..
    *grabs popcorn and coke*

  5. Welcome back Temi! May God grant you success in your exams. Was a lil worked up over your silence. I follow you on twitter too so when I saw how long you’ve been away there, I thought you’d lost your phone or something. The 2010 Bar part 2 exams I wrote ended on August 14th so I thought yours would end then too. Anyways, I’m thrilled to have you back.

  6. Yay!!!! She’s back! Been stalking this page forever!!! Lol! Thank GOD you are done and I pray that success is yours. Congrats dear!

  7. Congrats Temi may God crown your efforts with immense success. My sister also finished law school on that same day. I heard the law school Lagos contracted dr sid to sing for you guys afterwards and you guys had a blast….. All the best. God bless

  8. Crazy…Never missed anyone I have never met before, but I missed you a lot , I checked your page almost everyday and even got so upset with you one day (hubby must never know)

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