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Hey guys,

How are you all doing? This muser has experienced something overwhelming in the last few weeks. The last blog post generated so many views and comments and has even inspired a few rejoinders on Blogsville. Thank guys!!! I read some really interesting comments such as:


Personally, I think we ladies miss the point. Just as Folu here has totally MISSED the point. Why does it have to be one or the other? Ehn tell me. Why does it have to be either he is ugly, short and rich or he is fine, tall and poor? Why does it have to be unattractive, boring and godly or hot, fun to be with and cheating? Some people, my dear Folu, have it all. Well, maybe not all but all the basic things they need which hun, include that mushiness, heart skipping beats and everyother thing you like about Tayo.

Babes, you ‘ve set your wedding date but I strongly urge you to postpone it. If not, I’m not cursing you oh, but you will end up CHEATING ON TAYO and running off to be with either Bode himself or his kind whenever the boredom and lack of excitement is getting to you.

A FUN DUDE…who’s pissed off:OMG!!! What the “latte” is this? She picked a boring dude? because the FUN dude wouldn’t return her calls? Maybe she’s ugly and scarred; maybe she’s BORING herself; maybe she FAT; maybe her thinking rivals a child with down’s syndrome…

Moby Sugar says: This one get as e be oh! I understand wanting a man after God, peace of mind and the rest. But what happens to compatibility, friendship, excitement and all that?

Bee A disagrees and says, ‘I actually don’t think she settled. I think she got the better deal…..he doesn’t have to make her heart skip a beat for him to be the one…the more you interact, the more the attraction will grow I think’. It is a very complex situation to be in. But what ‘uncomplicates’ matters is that sense of assurance that you heard God right.

The debate still goes on and the comments keep coming. Please drop a line on your thoughts if you haven’t done so already.


Personally, I need to feel LOVE. Like smack/bang/ in your face/goose bumps when you approach me kinda lovey dovey feeling. It just needs to be there but it is not the major consideration. Anything other than that, I will feel like I have settled and I don’t think God wants us to be settling in life. But I guess Folu understands her own priorities so I can’t over-establish my opinion here.  One thing is for sure, pity will wear off eventually and irritation will set in so never base a lifelong decision on pity. I have more to say on the issue and will do so shortly.

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me! This corper finally has no need to go to Eti Osa 1 again!!! Woohoo!!! It was Day 2 in my Final Clearance ordeal which started on Tuesday.  I have stopped working at my POP and had to rush there from where I am now to pick up my final discharge letter. I got the letter and glanced through hurriedly. They said nice things about me, thankfully.

The queues at Eti Osa 1 LG were an absolute nightmare. There were three queues: one for Aunty R to clear your CD card, another for Mrs. A to arrange your file and staple stuff together and then the last for the ZI to clear you properly.

The Aunty R queue went so peacefully. I paid up my gbese of N1800.00 and then went to join the Mrs A queue. As I walked there, I was like ‘wow, this is amazing!, no queue?’ It was then I was promptly cautioned that we put our names on a list, get a number and then you get called. Shoot! I was Number 194 or so and they were still on Number 90. So I went to the photocopying place opposite the LG to make copies of my now cleared CD card.

As I was about to get my document copied, a corper came and started begging that I should allow him make his copies first. I said ‘why?’. He said because he still had to go to Mrs A. I’m like dude we all have to go to Mrs A. Anyway, I gave him my spot and forgot all about it then proceeded to wait my turn in the Mrs A queue under the hot sun. By this time, they were on Number 101. Out of the blue, about 20 minutes after, the guy who took my photocopying slot told me to take his place in the queue and guess what? He was Number 113. I was elated! I said to him ‘are you sure?’ but I don’t think I waited for his response. Lol! I rushed there before he changed his mind. I then glanced around and couldn’t find him anymore. I think he had to rush off somewhere…

Moral of my tale: Give and it will come back to you. Be nice and people will be nice to you. Be generous and you will know no lack. Sometimes things happen for a reason. The speed with which I cleared was alarming to all around me. I left many people I met there behind. The guy I thought was depriving of 2 minutes ended up giving me 2 hours’ worth of time!

On another note, I have decided to focus on Law. I prayed about everything and decided to nurture the passion I have for the discipline. Thank God for direction. Doors have begun to open to me since I made this decision and I am so sure I’m operating in His will and His grace will see me through.

My lovely semi-touch screen/semi key pad BB got stolen over the weekend and that felt absolutely terrible! I am still hurting from the experience, lol. Life without BBM/ instant twitter/push email is lonely. Only very few people have noticed and asked after me by calling. Most people just don’t notice. I guess my regular updates and picture changes used to get me the messages I got. Anyway it’s all good. I’m so tempted not to replace my BB by my birthday just to see whether people will bother calling, hehehe.

Enough of this!

Have a lovely weekend all.


PS: is in the works and almost ready for launch.


  1. Haha its easy to get upset sometimes when things don’t go the way you want ’em. Like when God flips the script on you totally to test your faith. But I guess at the end of the day, as Christians, there is a little nudging and tugging at the strings of our souls our to be obedient, lol! Haha you couldn’t even wait for him to say yes…you jumped at the offer. Congrats on your decision to study law…and on temivilledotcom 😀

  2. I love your response on this, i have been waiting for it for a while. What took you so long? first and foremost, without insinuating that she didn’t truly hear from God, let me say that i have seen too many people who were sure that God led them into relationships who made a mess of it. And i think you are right, people don’t truly understand this lovely, beautiful God of ours and ascribe to Him a disposition that is not His. the attitude most of us have is that if it’s less than what we want, it must be God’s will. It’s like a sort of mindset we give ourselves in order go ahead with the mediocre. God gives the best and absolutely nothing but the best and if we are patient enough to wait for His timing and His hand, then we would have the best!
    Secondly, the fact that a man is godly does not make him automatically good for you. i agree totally with you that some form of cheating is bound to occur in the future or if she is disciplined enough not to engage in that, then some form of frustration. i agree that love grows but there has to be a seed and i don’t see that seed here.
    Thirdly, i know she might not see it this way but she should consider that she is being selfish. surely, a guy as wonderful as she described deserves to be loved by the woman he is marrying and not just to be chosen for his admirable qualities. surely, he deserves a woman that is excited to be with him and it is selfish to take without giving.
    on a lighter note, welcome to the practise of law. i was in your shoes about 4 months ago and i am assured if we serve the same Father you are in for a lovely ride. we need honest, godly women of integrity in this profession and surely it will be a more noble profession with you in it. (stole that last phrase from an episode of Harry’s Law but mean it.)

  3. Hey babes! Welcome back!!! I have religiously checked back everyday to see your comment on the new-found fame of! lol…Sorry this is my first time of commenting but I’ve been following you for so many months now! Well done…and thumbs up on completing your NYSC…that was me some 5years ago…God will continually guide your path and His voice shall remain audible to you EVERY single step of the way in your career and other areas of your life! Btw sorry about your BB…atimes it gives you the me-God time you know…hahaha 😉

    1. LOL!!! The only phone I can cheat on a BB with is an Iphone. I love all things Apple. Re: NYSC, you really should come oh. It’s good experience plus its compulsory if you see Nigeria in your future as per working here n all. Thanks for your comment.xoxo

  4. You said your website is on the way. Please you let us know when it is launched?
    I ran into your blog somedays ago. Be assured I like the way you write. Been reading too much of your writings…lol.
    Keep it up. Hope you are a lawyer now. *wink*

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